Music Note Warrior of One Piece

Slim and Fat, the Music Note Warriors (jap. 音符の戦士), could be summoned by Uta in her world created by her devil powers and worked for her. In the process, she was able to create countless of them.

This article contains information unique to One Piece Film Red (2022).


Slim had a very slim figure with long arms and legs. He wore a purple full body costume with vertical white stripes and white shoes and gloves. Furthermore, he wore a purple cape, a lance and a shield. There was an eighth note on the front of his suit as well as on the shield. His face was also covered by the costume and on his head was the note flag of an eighth note.

Fat’s torso, on the other hand, was built wider, though his legs were still very narrow. He also wore a full body suit, but in blue. Furthermore he wore white shoes and gloves and also a lance and a shield. His arms were reinforced by metallic armor. While Slim had an eighth note on his front and his shield, Fat’s was a double eighth note.

Skills and strength

The Music Note Warriors weren’t particularly strong and they were taken out in droves by the Straw Hats and others, however the mass made all the difference as Uta could create countless of them. Furthermore, since they only seemed to exist in Uta’s imaginary world, they had other abilities. For example, they were able to fly and thus were not only fighters for Uta, but also scouts. They patrolled the entire island and so Uta quickly knew where the fleeing pirates were. Of the Slim warriors, Uta summoned considerably more and the Fat warriors seemed to be slightly stronger.


After Uta transported the consciousness of all who listened to her into her imaginary world through her singing, and she promoted the first Straw Hats to the giant staff, Zoro and others went on the offensive. By clapping, Uta then summoned countless Slim warriors, who were defeated by other Straw Hats with ease, though new ones kept appearing. When the pirates were finally trapped, Luffy was able to escape through the help of Bartolomeo and Trafalgar Law. Uta found them, but they were able to escape again. The Slim warriors then flew all over the island searching everything, so the ones they were looking for had to constantly take cover.

Then, after the Straw Hats and their allies figured out how to stop Uta and escape from her imaginary world, Luffy ran to her. He wouldn’t fight, however, and Uta positioned two Slim warriors at the kneeling Luffy, recreating the scene of Gol D. Roger’s execution. With Roger’s execution, the Great Pirate Age began, and with Luffy’s execution, it would end. However, Luffy’s allies appeared and battle ensued again, as a result of which Uta summoned the demon king Tot Musica. In the fight, she was once again supported by the Slim warriors, though now the slightly more robust and stronger Fat warriors also appeared. They blocked some attacks that were supposed to be on the Demon King, but otherwise they posed no threat to the pirates and their allies. After Uta’s defeat, the Music Note Warriors also disappeared again.

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