Mummy of One Piece

Mummy is a spellcaster competing in Doflamingo’s tournament for Ace’s Fire Fruit.


Mummy is a normal sized man with a wrinkled face, much of which is covered with bandages forming an “X” on it. His hands are also wrapped in bandages. For clothing, he wears a large piece of fur that he has attached to his torso. An orange triangle pattern can be seen on the fur. He also wears a blue ragged cloak and brown boots. His head is adorned with long feathers.


He seems to be well informed about his enemies. He was visibly startled when Cavendish fell asleep, as if he knew about Cavendish’s schizophrenia.

Skills and strength

As he takes part in the tournament in the Corrida Colosseum he must be very strong. There he made it to the last 20 participants in block D before he was eliminated from the tournament. In addition, it was mentioned that he is a magician. Thus, one can assume that his fighting style is largely based on magic. Whether or not he can actually use some sort of magic is unknown. As a weapon he uses an axe.


Hakuba attacks Mummy

Along with Cavendish, Orlumbus, Meadows, Fighting Lion, Rebecca, Damask, Rolling Logan, Acilia, Suleiman, as well as 128 other fighters, he was assigned to D Block…. As the fight began in D Block, Mummy also got ready to fight. When only 20 fighters remained, Cavendish’s second personality Hakuba suddenly awoke. The latter immediately began attacking all the remaining gladiators. During one of Damask’s attacks against him, Mummy was hit by a jet of flame from the Pyromaniac. Subsequently, he was also defeated by Hakuba.

Mummy, like all the other contestants, was turned into a toy by Sugar after the tournament and forced into slave labor. However, after she lost consciousness because of Usopp, the curse was broken. Shortly after, when Doflamingo created his birdcage and placed bounties on the perpetrators of his misery, Mummy was among the fighters who conspired against her saviors and hunted them down, believing they stood no chance against Doflamingo. However, after all members of the pirate gang except Doflamingo were defeated, and Doflamingo himself was already badly wounded by the Straw Hat, the gladiators who did not initially support the Straw Hat banded together under Gatz to help the Straw Hat. Luffy himself was currently suffering from the side effects of Gear 4 and needed ten minutes to be able to move again. The gladiators wanted to buy him that time and fight Doflamingo for him meanwhile. However, they were quickly taken out by the Samurai of the Seas. Their efforts paid off, however, as a short time later the regenerated Luffy defeated Doflamingo for good.

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