Muchigoro of One Piece

Muchigoro was a member of the Red Arrows pirate gang. He participated in the first contest of Baron Omatsuri’s “Infernal Test”, in which one had to capture his giant pet Baby Rosario.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005).


Muchigoro was a young man with short, black hair. He had large, round eyes and a large mouth. At points on his cheeks as well as his entire back, his skin color also seemed to have turned an ochre-like color. Muchigoro wore an open, long-sleeved vest that covered his body just barely to his chest and provided some sort of protection for his shoulders. He also dressed in a pair of short, black and red striped pants that were fastened with a belt. In addition, he appeared to be wearing blue and white underpants, which were visible under his pants. Furthermore, he possessed black shoes.
As a reincarnation of the true Muchigoro, he also had a leaf growing out of his head, just like the rest of Omatsuri’s gang.


Muchigoro thought very highly of his captain and even compared him to the pirate king Gol D. Roger. He literally worshipped Omatsuri, who was also quite fond of his comrade-in-arms himself and was even proud of him. He also said, in his last words to his captain, that the now dead crew wouldn’t mind if he started a new gang.
Moreover, he seemed to be quite gullible, having fallen for Usopp’s lie very quickly that he was the best in Kingyo Sukui. He was also easily wrapped around Nami and Robin’s finger, so as they filled him up with alcohol, he revealed a lot about Omatsuri and Omatsuri Island to them.

Skills & Strength

Muchigoro was one of Omatsuri’s most capable competitors, in whom he placed a great deal of trust and of whom he was very proud. He competed in the “Infernal Test” in the first competition, the Kingyo Sukui. The task was to transport Muchigoro’s bred pet Baby Rosario, a huge goldfish, into a bucket assigned to the respective team. However, since the opponents were tricked beforehand by Omatsuri into believing they were catching a normal-sized goldfish, they always competed with a catch net that was far too small. But since Muchigoro carried a huge specimen with him, he had an easy time catching his giant pet. In spite of everything, he then showed great strength, as he seemed to throw the huge animal into the bucket quite easily.


In the past, Muchigoro and the rest of the Red Arrows pirate gang made the Grand Line unsafe. One day, the crew loyal to their captain was caught in a heavy storm, killing all but Omatsuri himself. However, he later landed on Omatsuri Island, where he met Lilly, who made reincarnations of his crew members as long as he fed them with pirates arriving on the island. This also brought Muchigoro back to life, and he has since competed against the challengers in the first contest of the “Hellish Test”.


Defeat against the Straw Hat Pirates

Muchigoro is trying to get Baby Rosario into his bucket.

At the time the Straw Hat Pirates came to Omatsuri Island, Muchigoro was riding an elephant with Omatsuri. It was only when the Infernal Test, and thus Kingyo Sukui, finally began that he was announced by Omatsuri and made an imposing entrance. However, the pirates thought he was merely an idiot. He was now to compete against Usopp, whose lies he immediately fell for. Once the contest finally began, it became apparent that the Straw Hats didn’t seem to stand a chance, as the suddenly appearing Baby Rosario was far too big for their net. After a few failed attempts by their opponents, Muchigoro finally pulled out his large net and caught his pet, seemingly already managing to claim victory. Through her devilish powers, however, Robin spun a net of hands over its target bucket, which she used to bring Baby Rosario back onto the field, and Chopper delivered the goldfish into the Straw Hat Pirates’s goal after all. Muchigoro had thus suffered a defeat, which made him feel very ashamed.

Conversation with Robin

Muchigoro serves Robin.

Later that day, while some of the Straw Hats’ team members were participating in the second competition, Muchigoro served Nico Robin, since he had lost to her. He brought her some drinks, but the archaeologist asked him to join in. She got him drunk and asked him why there were no flowers on the island. However, he knew nothing and wanted to fall asleep. However, she forced him to say something else and he said that the Lilly Carnation grows on Omatsuri Island. After that, however, Muchigoro threw up, which Robin was able to prevent in time thanks to her skills. She closed his mouth, so that he could run away to defecate somewhere else.

Evening with Nami

Muchigoro talks to Nami about the Baron.

In the evening, while Sanji was dueling with the cook of the Red Arrows pirate gang, Nami started drinking wine with Muchigoro. They talked for a very long time, so he eventually got drunk again. The navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates finally asked him about Omatsuri, to which he started talking. Muchigoro said that the Baron was the best man ever and said that he was perfect. He also said that he gave his life to his captain. Likewise, he told Nami about the night of the fateful storm when he suddenly started to dry up because Lilly wasn’t fed for too long.

End of reincarnations

Muchigoro and Omatsuri’s last meeting.

When Omatsuri finally fed the entire Straw Hat Pirates, except for Luffy, to Lilly, Muchigoro stood back up regenerated, wondering what had happened to him. He then thought that it was a dream and, unaware that it was the last time, ran into his captain. They talked briefly and Muchigoro performed some somersaults for Omatsuri, which he noted with a smile. After that he sent him back to the rest of his gang, which he encouraged to cheer for the baron. When Lilly was destroyed and Omatsuri was defeated by Luffy, all reincarnations of the Red Arrows crew members turned into simple plants. In their minds, however, they told their captain that they wouldn’t mind if he found a new crew.


  • He was affectionately called “Muchi” by Nami and Nico Robin.
  • The Straw Hat Pirates misunderstood his name at first, so they thought he was a fish.
  • He didn’t know himself that he was only a copy and long since deceased.

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