Muchana of One Piece

Muchana is a doctor stationed at Impel Down.


Muchana is an average-sized man with black hair, but most of it is covered by a white doctor’s cap with the Impel Down logo on the front. Furthermore, he wears a mouth guard and gloves. His uniform consists of a white suit, under which he wears a shirt with Impel Down logos on the collar, and a tie.


Muchana is very nervous in the presence of Hannyabal. He is probably afraid of the consequences if he cannot meet his demands.

Skills & Strength

As a doctor stationed at Impel Down, he must have some skill in the field of medicine. He also seems to know the effects of Magellan’s poison, as he immediately ruled out curing Luffy without much investigation.


When Bentham, transformed as Hannyabal, visited Impel Down’s medical rooms, he asked the doctors to make a cure for Magellan’s poison for Luffy, but Muchana replied that it was simply not possible. Especially since Luffy had been poisoned several times, in his opinion, he was beyond saving.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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