Mt. Atama Thieves

The Atamayama Gang is a group of robbers from Wano Country, commanded by the member of the Nine Akazaya, Ashura Douji aka Shutenmaru. They have been roaming through towns and villages in the land of the samurai for quite some time, stealing food, whereupon they usually devastate the entire place.

In doing so, they don’t even shy away from the dreaded Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, due to the enormous strength of their leader. Since their leader refused to join the rebellion, Kinemon and Inuarashi came up with a plan and robbed supplies from the Beasts Pirates.

However, they always left behind notes that showed Shutenmaru and the Atamayama gang as the culprits.

As a result, Holdem, one of Kaidou’s headliners, had the forest on Mount Atamayama set ablaze, forcing the robbers to flee.

After their leader finally rejoined the rebellion against Kaidou and Shogun Orochi, the remaining members were also on fire for the fight.


  • The name of the band of robbers (or the mountain) is probably a reference to the rakugo play Mount Head (jp. 頭山, Atamayama).

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