Mr. Mellow of One Piece

Mister Mellow held the rank of Billion before the Baroque Works was dissolved. He was the leader of several other Billions in Nanohana. His real name is unknown.


He is an average sized man with a slim build and black semi-long hair. His skin is tanned. He wears black pants with a brown belt. His dark red shirt has the words “fully ripe” (jap. 完熟, kanjuku) on it. He also wears a white fur scarf and a green cap with a melon stem.

Two years before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived in Arabasta, he was not yet wearing a scarf and the inscription on his T-shirt was “half ripe” (jap. 半熟, Hanjuku).


A former member of the Baroque firm, he never shied away from a criminal act. He was driven by an overweening ambition to rise in the organization. For this goal, he even went so far as to take out a failed Frontier agent. On the other hand, his ambition made him overestimate himself and the abilities of his men beyond measure. Thus he believed to be able to kill the commander of the 2nd division of the Whitebeard pirate gang Portgas D. Ace.

Skills and strength

Mister Mellow held the rank of Billion, the second lowest in the organization. However, he was the leader of a few other Billions and saw himself as a candidate to succeed Mr. 11, so one can assume some strength at a low level.


Two years before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived in Arabasta, he and others loaded two large sacks of Nebelin from a ship onto a cart. While being transported through the city, the cart’s axle, which was probably rigged, broke. One sack fell off and opened. He then falsely claimed the cargo was destined for Nefertari Kobra and ran off with his helpers.


While the Straw Hats were in Nanohana, he boarded a Navy ship with two aides. On it, Mr. 11 was being held captive. Instead of freeing him, he shot him to free a place with the Frontier Agents.

Later he was informed of Ace’s presence by a subordinate Billion. He instructed them to board the ships and stop the wanted man at sea. By killing Ace, he hoped to become a Frontier agent. However, the five ships carrying the 50 Billions were sunk by the Fire Fist attack.


  • In SBS Volume 19, when asked about the different T-shirt inscriptions, Oda replied that Mister Mellow had matured.

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