Mr. 7 of One Piece

Mr. 7 was a frontier agent with the Baroque firm and Miss Father’s Day’s partner. The two were known as the“Sniper Couple„.


Mr. 7 wore a purple coat decorated with ruffles. A distinctive feature about him is probably that he has his eyes closed all the time. On his forehead, yellow glasses with red lenses could be seen and his hair is white. He was also wearing a tie. As with all the agents of the Baroque Company, one could tell his rank by looking at his clothes. In his case, the number 7 was often represented on his coat and the shirt underneath, even his eyebrows reflected his rank.


He took a lot of glee in firing the bomb into the middle of the city, which says a lot about his character. He also seems to be smiling all the time.

Skills and strength

Mr. 7, like his partner, enjoyed the reputation of being a good shot. Consequently, he fought with a pistol. This one was yellow and the ammunition was cubed.


He used to hold the rank of Mister 8, however the former Mr. 7 was defeated by Zoro. This allowed him to move up a rank and become Mr. 7.


Operation Utopia

Miss Father’s Day and Mr. 7 in front of the cannon

While some members of the Straw Hat Pirates were trying to prevent the bomb from being fired, Miss Father’s Day and Mr. 7 were in the bell tower at Arbana with it. The Straw Hats were just figuring out how to get up the tower as quickly as possible when suddenly the clock on the steeple opened to reveal the two frontier agents.

Zoro was about to transport Chopper and Vivi to the top when Miss Father’s Day and Mr. 7 started shooting at them. After hitting Zoro and Vivi joining them at the top, the Border Agents defended the cannon as best they could until they were defeated by Vivi, however, and fell down from the tower.


  • He, like many villains in One Piece, has a distinctive laugh. In the manga, it’s three ho’s in a row (“Hohoho”), but in the anime it’s more of a giggle (“Hihihi”).
  • Oda drew the design of Mr. 7 in an SBS when he would have been Mister 6, or Mr. 9.

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