Mr. 11 of One Piece

Mr. 11together with his partner Miss Thursday, formed the eleventh pair of agents of the Baroque firm. His real name is not known.


Mr. 11 had long, curly gray hair and two tattoos under his eyes in the shape of one, which when taken as a whole gave him the agent number 11. His clothing included a dark blue suit with large buttons, a purple shirt, and a tall hat, which was additionally decorated with leaf-like shapes all around.

Skills & Strength

Due to the fact that Mr. 11 was no ordinary Billion, he must have had some strength. However, he still lost out to Captain Smoker’s logi powers.


At an unknown date, Mr. 11 joined the Baroque Company. It is unclear both the rank he held at the time and the circumstances surrounding his promotion to Frontier Agent.

After Mr. 11 was defeated by Smoker, he was captured and tied to the mast of his navy ship. Mr. 11 vehemently denied having anything to do with a certain Baroque Mafia. Smoker tricked him, however, by claiming that the agent had found a written order from Mr. Zero in his pocket. When the latter now tried to talk his way out of it, the naval officer was confirmed in his suspicions and set course for Arabasta.

Later, the marines left the ship to search for the Straw Hat Pirates on land. Meanwhile, a group of Billions snuck onto the ship, where Mr. 11 was at first more than pleased with the support that appeared. However, the Billions had no interest in helping him. Instead, they felt Mr. 11’s death would give one of them the opportunity to take his high-ranking position. Eventually, Mister Mellow shot the defenseless agent, who was found by the Navy shortly thereafter.


  • Presumably, 11-san practiced swordplay. This is supported by the fact that after Smoker’s victory over him, Tashigi examined the confiscated master sword. Kashu and also wielded it from then on.

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