Mousse of One Piece

Mouse was the daughter of Kalgara. Along with the other Shandia, she lived on Jaya 400 years ago.


Mouse was a beautiful young woman, who, however, died about 400 years ago. She had fair skin and dark purple hair, which she wore long, part of it tied into two braids with two red hair ribbons. She also had dark eyes, which resembled her hair color.

On her head, she wore a large turban-like hat, its purple and white fabric decorated with golden buttons. Also, like all Shandia, she possessed two angel wings. On her ears she wore silver earrings, and on her body she wore a light blue dress with purple and yellow striped shoulders, which reached just above her hips.

During her planned sacrifice, she wore a white, sideless shirt that also reached just above her waist.


Mouse was a very smart young woman who was not afraid to sacrifice herself to the sun god to cure the tree fever that affected her tribe. Unlike her mother, she was unafraid of sacrifice, believing that she had to do everything she could for her people to survive the epidemic.


The tree fever – Mouse is to be sacrificed

Mouse’s mother is saddened by her decision.

About 400 years ago, Mont Blanc Noland and his expedition team visited the island of Jaya, whose inhabitants were suffering from the mysterious tree fever. Until then, there was no cure for the terrible disease. So the tribal elders decided to sacrifice the blood of a virgin to a god, hoping the gods could stop the disease. They chose young Mouse, who was not afraid to die to save her tribe. Her mother, on the other hand, was saddened by her imminent demise.

To the beat of drums, the boat with Mouse sailed to the sacrificial altar, which lay in the middle of a lake. Sun god, rain god, forest god and earth god were invoked to take the blood of the maiden and save the village. A giant boa swam to the sacrificial altar and was worshipped as a serpent god by the inhabitants. It emerged and was about to devour Mouse when Noland jumped into the water and, arriving at the sacrificial altar, cut off the boa’s head. The inhabitants became very angry as the intruder had killed their god. Mont Blanc Noland promised the rescued woman that she would not die here.

Mouse is to be sacrificed.

Kalgara, who had witnessed the scene, threw a dagger at Mouse’s feet and urged her to offer herself as a sacrifice, asking her how she could hang on to life as a sacrifice. With tears in her eyes, she tried to ram the dagger down her throat. Noland let his guard down and knocked the dagger out of Mouse’s hand. Kalgara took advantage of the situation and stabbed his spear into Noland’s right chest.

After the ceremony – Mouse is held captive

Mouse and Noland’s crew are held captive

Noland’s crew was locked in a large cage, with Mouse sitting next to them in a smaller one. She asked who Noland was. The crew then described him as a famous plant explorer and adventurer who was in search of unknown plants. Most of the men trusted their admiral and his promise to find a cure for the curse. Meanwhile, another warrior succumbed to the tree fever, so the Shandia grew angrier, wanting to sacrifice Mouse immediately. They charged towards the cage, but were stopped by Seto, who sat down in front of the cage, having already been healed by Noland.

Noland’s farewell – Mouse talks about the trees

Mouse seeks out thedeparting Noland.

The day before Mont Blanc Noland and his crew were to leave, Mouse stole out of the village and went to the beach, where she met the doctor from Noland’s ship, asking to speak to Noland again. Mouse told the doctor that the trees were sacred to them, as it was into them that their ancestors would return after centuries, guided by the sound of the bell. The ancestors would remain in the trees, protecting the people of Shandora. The forest would be as precious to them as their own lives. Due to the debt they were in for curing tree fever, the islanders did nothing, but Mouse wanted to know the reason the trees were cut down.

The next day Noland and his men left. The doctor told his captain about the sacred trees and understood the Shandia’s anger. Mouse ran back to the village to Kalgara. She asked those present what they would have done if a tree precious to them had been poisoned and through it the whole forest would die, and urged her father to stop his friend, for the Shandia had owed him much.

It is later learned that Mouse and Seto had become a couple, and eventually married.


  • Mouse was supposed to marry Mont Blanc Noland, but he refused.

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