Mouseman of One Piece

Mouseman is a pirate and subordinate of Emperor Kaidou. He belongs to the Gifters and is subordinate to the Headliner Holdem.


Mouseman is an average sized middle aged man. To match his elongated face, he has large teeth and a three-day beard to boot. His light and bushy hair is partially covered by a kind of aviator cap. He also wears a dark vest as well as dark gloves. His appearance has been severely affected by eating a Smile fruit, so the resulting large mouse ears are Mouseman’s biggest distinguishing feature.


Mouseman is a ruthless and cruel man who welcomes the social hierarchy within Wano Country. Thus, he persuades Urashima to take advantage of his social status to force the girl he is courting, Kiku, to marry him, if necessary by killing her relatives and destroying her belongings so that she has no other way but to become his wife. In doing so, he portrays Urashima as a fool, since he has done nothing of the sort so far.

Skills and strength

Mouseman ate from the Mouse Smile, which apparently changed his ears, among other things, but whether and what abilities he was able to develop as a result is currently unclear.


While little Tama was kidnapped by Gazelleman and the group of Luffy, Zoro and Kiku were on their way to Bakura, Mouseman was with the sumo wrestler Urashima in a restaurant in that city. After the latter told him about his fondness for Kiku, Mouseman called Urashima a fool and convinced him to take advantage of his status and simply take her as his wife, by force if necessary. Thus, he showed him the possibility of leaving Kiku no choice but to become his wife by killing her relatives as well as destroying her belongings.

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