Mororon of One Piece

Mororon is the queen of the kingdom of Tajine.


Mororon is a young attractive woman with long blonde hair that she wears in an updo. She has lipstick and nail polish on. She is wearing a blue tight fitting classy looking dress with a generous neckline. Furthermore, she wears gold earrings, a red necklace, a pink scarf and two bracelets on her left wrist.

Skills & Strength

As acting queen, Mororon rules over the kingdom of Tajine, making her many subjects subject to her. Because Tajine is a member state of the World Government, Mororon is also granted the right to attend the World Conference of Kings in Mary Geoise – the Levely.


Shortly before the upcoming Levely, Mororon and her subjects reached the Red Port. There they took a bondola up the Red Line to enter the holy land of Mary Geoise, where the Levely was to be held.


  • Mororon and her kingdom of Tajine seem to have borrowings from some real countries. On the one hand, Mororon’s name could derive from the dish Moron (note: needs link), a kind of rice cake from Philippine cuisine. Furthermore, the syllable Moro from their name could also come from Morocco (in English Morocco), a country in northwestern Africa. This assumption is further supported when one considers that Tajine is a dish of North African cuisine. In addition, Mororon’s subjects appear to wear a Djellaba, an overlong surplice and hooded cloak worn in Northwest African countries, particularly Morocco.

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