Morgan of One Piece

Morgan with the hatchet arm, Helmeppo’s father, was captain of the naval base in Shells Town, but was captured for abuse of office after fighting Luffy. He is currently on the run.


Morgan is a tall, muscular man with short blond hair. In his time as a captain, he wore a light blue navy coat, with a black sleeveless shirt underneath. His pants were dark blue and in the typical navy pattern, but he currently wears blue-striped prison garb. Morgan has had to wear an iron chin since Black’s attack, which broke his jaw. On it is an image of a seagull, under which is once again the word “seagull”. Another distinctive feature is his axe arm, which is in place of his right forearm. The axe was fixed with two screws and seems to be quite big and heavy. He also owes his nickname to it.


Morgan is a tyrant to the core. In his time as captain in Shells Town, he used his office only for his own good, anyone who disobeyed his idiosyncratic rules and orders was punished by death. He did not even stop at children or his own son. Because of this demeanor, Morgan was feared throughout the city. He also seems to have quite a bit of courage, as he attacked Vice Admiral Garp without hesitation. Therefore, he seems to have no respect for higher ranks.

Skills and strength

As captain, Morgan ran the naval base in Shells Town and thus gave the orders in the city. Combat-wise, his brawn and hatchet arm are a dangerous combination, so he could smash an entire fence and part of a stone wall with one blow. However, he could not seriously injure Garp with it. Most of the time, however, Morgan let his subordinates do the fighting, as he was apparently too good for it himself.


Morgan and Black

Morgan without his iron chin

Three years before the actual plot begins, the naval ship Morgan was on was attacked by Kuro. He left the chief petty officer alive so that Jango could hypnotize him into believing that he had captured Black, who was really Nugire Yainu. This incident gave him the iron chin and a new post as a corvette captain.

He was later made captain for unknown reasons.


Fight against Luffy & Zoro

Morgan fighting Straw Hat Luffy & Pirate Hunter Zoro

After Zoro was captured for killing Helmeppo’s Wolf Solo, Luffy came to Shells Town with Koby to recruit the bounty hunter for his crew. However, before the Straw Hat made a first, failed attempt, Rika, a girl from the village, appeared to bring rice balls to the starving Zoro. Suddenly, Helmeppo came and stopped the girl, saying that the “pirate hunter” would only be released if he lasted a month without food. After Rika told Luffy & Koby that Zoro was only imprisoned because he saved her, Helmeppo told them that the bet was just a “joke” after all and that he wanted Zoro executed. Prompted by his rage, the pirate captain-to-be struck out at the naval captain’s son. Morgan was having his Morgan statue erected by his servants at this point, when suddenly Helmeppo rushed over to convince his father that Luffy deserved the death penalty.

Morgan is finally defeated

This, however, interested him very little, but caused the killing of Rika, because she wanted to help a prisoner. The soldier Hexagon, who had received this cruel order, resisted, so Morgan attacked him. Meanwhile, Luffy and Koby tried to rescue Zoro, who mentioned that he needed his swords. So Luffy used the Gomu Gomu no Missile to get to the roof of the naval base, destroying Morgan’s statue, which greatly angered the naval captain. While Helmeppo was being kidnapped by Luffy, the marines spotted Koby trying to untie Zoro’s bonds. The latter was hit by a bullet, but was soon able to get up. Morgan, however, soon confronted the two and had his entourage shoot at them. At that moment, Luffy appeared with Zoro’s swords and saved the two, causing the swordsman to finally decide to become a part of the rubber man’s crew. After both finally defeated the soldiers, Morgan forced them to give themselves the bullet. While the subordinates held their guns to their heads, Luffy attacked the commander-in-chief, telling him that he was his opponent. Morgan now attacked him, but failed to hit. He himself had to take severe blows until Helmeppo appeared and threatened to kill Koby. But Koby got over himself, he didn’t want to stand in Luffy’s way and cheered the straw hat on to fight on. So while the rubber man tried to put Helmeppo out of action, Morgan rose for one last attack. But just before he could split Luffy down the middle, Zoro defeated the Marine captain and the fight was over. This defeat was subsequently celebrated by the local population and the navy. Morgan was captured and Luffy sailed on with his newly acquired crewman. Koby remained in Shells Town and signed on with the navy.This information comes from an anime filler.

Morgan was also shown Luffy’s first profile later in his cell, to which he reacted very shocked.

Morgan’s Escape

Morgan is to be handed over to Garp.

Later, Morgan was to be handed over to Vice Admiral Garp somewhere in the ocean. Koby and Helmeppo, who was very sad about his father’s fate, were also on board. However, just before Morgan could be taken to Garp’s ship, he attacked the Vice Admiral and fled to sea with his son as a hostage in a lifeboat. The navy wanted to sink the two, but Koby would not allow this due to his developing friendship with Helmeppo. Bogard stopped the boy, but Garp again stopped the cannon with his bare hands. Meanwhile, Helmeppo decided not to follow his father. Thus Morgan escaped, while Koby and his son, with dreams of capturing him, were taken into the wing of Garp.

Later, Morgan was seen sleeping again as he sailed past Jango, who was also asleep.


Captain Chop
  • Oda was going to call Morgan Captain Chop at first, but changed his mind because he didn’t like the name.
  • Morgan is likely based on the pirate Henry Morganbut the hairstyle and brutality are also reminiscent of the villain from the movie “Pirate Bride”. More information about Morgan’s naming
  • Morgan’s favorite food is Haute cuisine.

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