Mont Blanc Cricket of One Piece

Mont Blanc Cricket (originally Mont Blanc Cricket) is a descendant of Mont Blanc Noland and is known as the man who talks about dreams.


Cricket before the time jump

Mont Blanc Cricket is a muscular middle-aged man with blond hair. Just like his ancestor Mont Blanc Noland, he has a chestnut on his head. He wears only purple pants with white stripes down the sides. On his left upper arm he has a tattoo of what looks like a chestnut with the last name Maron written on it. He also wears a thick rope around his waist. Most of the time you can see him smoking a cigarette.

After the two-year time jump he has grown a beard. Furthermore, he can be seen with an open white shirt and a captain’s coat hanging over his shoulders.


His personality is a bit like Luffy’s: he is a dreamer and he thinks very highly of friendship. In order to have a quiet life, he tries to prove by all means that his ancestor did not lie. For this, he also accepts insults and daily dives, which led to an illness.

Skills and strength

Cricket is a very good diver, which allows him to reach the depths of the ocean. However, he was punished by diving too deep with the diver’s disease, which was already very advanced in him.

Noland also seems to be a talented fighter. For example, he was able to take on Sanji despite his illness and was able to block one of his kicks with his bare hands. He also seems to be able to fight with his legs. Furthermore, members of Noland’s family are known to be able to take on sea kings.

As leader of the Saruyama Alliance, he commands two pirate gangs through Masira and Shoujou.


The search for the Golden City

Cricket leaves his gang

Due to the fact that his ancestor Noland was known as a liar, Cricket was always laughed at since childhood. One day he ran away from home and became the captain of a pirate gang, even though he never really wanted to be a pirate. He just wanted to escape the curse that was on the name Maron. Ten years before the main plot begins, his crew reached Jaya Island – the island where his ancestor supposedly found the Golden City. Everyone from the Noland family set out on a journey to find this island and clear the family name, but their search was in vain. And now they found Cricket, the one of the family who hated the curse and his ancestor the most. Cricket believed it was fate, and decided to stay on the island. However, his gang objected and left him alone on Jaya. From that point on, he lived on the other side of Jaya in an unusual house made to look like the royal castle from the book Noland the Liar by a dummy, and dove in the deep ocean day in and day out to find the Golden City. He found the clue on the last page of the storybook. But he wasn’t looking for the Golden City to prove it existed. For him, it was a fight against the person who ruined his life.

The foundation of the Saruyama Alliance

Cricket gets to know Shoujou and Masira

About five or six years before the plot begins, Masira and Shoujou showed up at Mont Blanc Cricket’s house because they had heard he was the descendant of Mont Blanc Noland, the character from their favorite book. They believed that the gold really existed, and commandeered themselves as Cricket’s followers. So they rescued him from his loneliness and together they pursued a plan to find the Golden City. The Saruyama Alliance was born.


Meet the Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Piratesbang at Mont Blanc Cricket’s House

While returning to the surface from one of his daily dives to catch his breath, he noticed Luffy peering into the water. He thought the rubber boy and the people who were with him were trying to rob his gold. So out of the water he grabbed Luffy and pulled him into the water. After hoisting himself out of the water, he very irritably attacked Sanji to protect his gold. Before the fight fully escalated, he collapsed due to an illness he got from diving so much, and was taken to his home by the Straw Hat Pirates. There he was treated by Chopper, who determined that Cricket was suffering from the diver’s disease, which was already very advanced.

After he had recovered to some extent and regained consciousness, he thanked the Straw Hat Pirates and apologized to them for the inconvenience earlier. He was told by the pirates that they sought him out to learn how they would get to Skypiea. Cricket burst out laughing. He told them about his past and showed them Noland’s log. There was nothing in the log about Sky Island. However, he thought he knew how they could get to Sky Island, if there even was such a thing as Sky Islands. Thus, he explained to them that they could reach Sky through a knock-up stream. While everyone was celebrating hilariously in his house, he suddenly remembered that they still needed a Southbird for the journey and sent them to the forest as soon as possible to look for such a bird.

Raid on the Monkey Gang – Upgrading the The Going Merry

Cricket, Shoujou and Masira were defeated

When the Straw Hat Pirates was searching, he, along with Masira and Shoujou, stood in the way of the Bellamy Pirates, who had come to rob Cricket’s gold. Cricket and his comrades didn’t stand a chance and lost the fight. Bellamy robbed the gold and left the wounded behind. While the Straw Hat Pirates successfully returned from their hunt, they found the injured and a damaged The Going Merry. Enraged by this, Luffy set out alone to return the gold to its rightful owner. Although Mont Blanc Cricket was badly injured, he and the monkey gangs repaired and refitted the The Going Merry so that Luffy and company could take to the skies, while Luffy himself was still on his way to give Bellamy his just deserts.

The confirmation of his dream

Then when he heard the Golden Bell, he was very happy and finally knew that his ancestor had not lied and that the Golden City is in heaven. He decided to search for a new dream with Masira and Shoujou. Currently, they are looking for a legendary island called Nakrowa.


  • His favorite dish is chestnut paste.

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