Monster of One Piece

Monster is a monkey and a member of the redhead pirate gang.


Monster is a relatively large monkey with brown fur and a topknot on his head. He can usually be seen on Bonk Punch’s shoulder.

Twelve years ago, Monster was much more petite and his fur was shorter.


Monster seems to like to pose.


Twelve years ago, Monster was in attendance at Makino’s bar, partying with the redhead pirate gang.


Along with Shanks and the other commanders of the Redshirt Pirates, Monster appeared at the Summit Battle on Marine Ford and was seen on Bonk Punch’s shoulder. The redshirt pirates ensured that the battle would end with the threat that anyone who wanted to continue fighting would have to deal with them.

After the two-year time jump, Monster was present with Bonk Punch and other red-shirted pirates in the ruins on a certain island, rejoicing at Luffy’s renewed bounty.


  • His membership to the Red Hair Pirates, or rather that Monster is the monkey on Bonk Punch’s shoulder, was only revealed in the SBS to Volume 101.

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