Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy (in the original Monkey D. Luffy), also known as Straw hat Luffy (jap. 麦わらのルフィ, Mugiwara no Rufi or simply Straw hat), is the protagonist of the manga and anime series, One Piece. His big dream is to become the king of the pirates, because after that he would have the greatest possible freedom, according to his own opinion. To do this, he must find the legendary treasure “One Piece”, which is believed to have once been hidden on the Grand Line by pirate king Gol D. Roger. That’s why he began his career as a pirate at the age of 17. His trademarks include the straw hat he once got from his mentor Shanks, and his devil powers, with which he can stretch his body like rubber.

He is the son of Monkey D. Dragon, the most wanted man in the world and leader of a worldwide revolution, the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, the “Hero of the Navy”, the foster child of the mountain bandit Dadan and the self-proclaimed brother of “Fire Fist” Portgas D. Ace as well as of Sabo, the “Number Two” of Dragon’s revolutionary army. On his journey, the pirate from East Blue meets many new companions, some of whom join him, and so his pirate gang grows into a small but powerful force. On their long journey together, they defeat one enemy after another, gain worldwide fame through their deeds, and become a problem for the world government that it can no longer ignore. On their first visit to the Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy is one of the eleven Supernovae, promising newcomers with a bounty of over 100 million. Two years later, Luffy is one of the Worst Generation, who have made a name for themselves through their sensational deeds. The ever-increasing global attention finally culminates in Luffy being named the Fifth Emperor by the World Economic Newspaper after the events in Totto Land.


Luffy’s facial expressions

Luffy is 19 years young and 1.74 meters tall. At the age of 17 he still measured 1.72 meters. He has short black hair and wears shorts and sandals like his role model Shanks. His shorts are mostly blue and his vest is red. In the course of his adventure, however, he changes his clothes every now and then. His trademark is his straw hat, which earns him the nicknames “Straw Hat Luffy”, “Straw Hat Boy” or “Straw Hat Pirate” early on and also serves as a template for the Jolly Roger and the name of his crew. He got the hat from Shanks twelve years ago, which is why it is Luffy’s personal and most valuable property. Therefore, Luffy gets very angry if someone foreign or an opponent touches the hat, soils it or even damages it. When Silvers Rayleigh sees the hat on Sabaody Archipelago, he remarks that this straw hat would suit a fearless man like Luffy is.

For a while, after the events on Thriller Bark, he also wears a bangle made of glass, which, however, he gives to Buggy in Impel Down.

Furthermore, Luffy has a scar directly under his left eye, which he self-inflicted when he was seven years old to prove himself to Shanks and his men. After the time jump, Luffy also has a large X-shaped scar on his chest, which is a remnant of Akainu’s attack.

From the beginning of his journey until now, other changes in him can be seen.



In general, Luffy’s personality can be compared to that of a child. He often exhibits flamboyant and silly behavior. For example, when he is excited about something, he often shares it out loud. This can also be said of his actions, as he is often the center of attention very quickly. Therefore, he is often underestimated by his opponents at first. In addition, he usually says things directly without ulterior motives and without thinking much about it, thus creating a sense of honesty and sincerity in those around him. This is also accompanied by his ability to lie badly, which is quickly recognized by his facial expressions. In the SBS for Volume 54, Eiichiro Oda confirms that he designed Luffy as someone who always wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t stand out because of complex thoughts. This includes Luffy’s emotions, which he always shows openly without thinking, without holding back or pretending in any way. In addition, Luffy has a strong sense of justice, despising unscrupulous cruelty and tyranny, especially towards his own friends or comrades. Unlike most other pirate gangs, Luffy and his gang do not go on raids during their journey across the Grand Line, but are basically nice pirates who just want to realize their dreams and have adventures. That’s why they help the people they encounter on their journey, usually freeing them from the tyrannical prevailing power structures and threats on the various islands.

One disadvantage of his simple-minded personality is that, like Chopper, Luffy can be quite gullible, so he is usually easy to fool. Unlike his other comrades-in-arms like Sanji or Nami, Luffy didn’t see through the disguise of Sogeking, who was actually Usopp. Luffy also fell for the poor disguises of Foxy during the Davy Back Fight or those of the fake Straw Hat Pirates on the Sabaody Archipelago. On the other hand, Luffy knew immediately that the mysterious warrior Nazoms was really Pekoms in disguise. With Caesar Clown’s disguise as gangster Gastino, on the other hand, it took Luffy a brief moment to identify the scientist. Caesar, however, was almost able to convince him that he was someone else if Nami hadn’t confirmed his assumption. This gullibility also makes him vulnerable to betrayal and entrapment. On Punk Hazard, he simply brushed aside Robin’s concerns that alliances can also involve betrayal, trusting Trafalgar Law. On the other hand, Luffy easily fell into Kelly Funk’s trap when he lured him into a dead-end well on Dress Rosa.

Luffy is quite a modest guy who, for example, never brags about his victories and deeds. He also doesn’t want to be considered a hero by others, because in his opinion, as a hero, he has to share his food with other people. Also, when Franky said he couldn’t believe that the Straw Hat Pirates had declared war on the world government, he replied that they had merely brought back a friend. Although he says that he doesn’t want to be a hero, he still seems to be interested in heroic figures, like on Dress Rosa with the statue of Kyros.

Dream and freedom

Luffy wants to become the pirate king.

I will make it!!
Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy to Silvers Rayleigh

Monkey D. Luffy’s big dream is to find the One Piece to become king of the pirates. Contrary to other pirates who believe they have to rule the entire ocean to become pirate king, Luffy doesn’t want to rule anything. In fact, he believes that the one who holds the title of pirate king is the one with the most freedom. Therefore, he condemns and hates everything that restricts his freedom and the freedom of his fellow men. He is a pirate who, unlike many of today’s pirates, still believes in destiny and dreams. For this reason, he is not taken seriously by many pirates and is called a dreamer. However, this does not deter him from pursuing his dreams or proclaiming it publicly over and over again during his voyage. He is a very adventurous pirate, but wants to pass the adventure alone with his friends and without outside help. So, on Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy stopped the conversation between Usopp and Rayleigh about the One Piece. He made it clear to everyone that they were not to ask Rayleigh about the One Piece under any circumstances, not even whether it existed. If they did dare, he would immediately quit being a pirate, because he had no desire to go on such a boring adventure. If Luffy were to die on the way to reach his destination, that would be fine with him.

In addition to his goal of becoming king of the pirates, Luffy harbors another unknown dream. The first time this dream came up in front of Ace and Sabo was when they shouted their ambitions to the sea. Luffy’s dream, however, remained hidden from the reader. Ace and Sabo appeared perplexed in the face of Luffy’s words. Sabo laughed afterwards and said he was curious to see what Luffy would be like in the future.

No matter how much he hates his opponent, he still lets him live. Because in the era of One Piece, everyone lives for their dreams and beliefs and fights for them. Thus, when Luffy defeats an opponent, he shatters his beliefs and everything he stands for. This experience is almost as painful for them as death.


Luffy likes to party with his friends.

The rubber man is a very playful and cheerful fellow most of the time. The fact that he also likes to party on his ship, forms the fun squad with Usopp and Chopper, and was constantly on the lookout for a musician for his gang, backs it up. But as soon as his crew or other friends get hurt, whether mentally or physically, his character can change within seconds. He proves to be a very loyal friend and risks everything to help his comrades, even if he has to break his promises to do so or even risk losing his life. Therefore, after the events on Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy tearfully reproached himself for not being able to protect his friends from Bartholomew Kuma. When Ace died, Luffy fell into even greater despair, which is why he wanted to use the two years of training to ensure that from now on he would always protect his friends and never lose anyone again. To do this, he sometimes takes on the burden of an entire country to free it from the prevailing tyranny that oppresses his friends, as he showed on Onigashima. On Fish Man Island, on the other hand, he took on the wrath of Big Mom and picked a fight with the empress to avert her revenge from the island. He also hates anything that symbolizes the suffering and sorrow of his friends. For this reason, he destroyed Nami’s former study and declared war on the world government by burning the flag on the justice tower of Enie’s lobby. His sense of loyalty, or even his own justice, goes so far as to not forgive his enemies for not being loyal to their own comrades. This is probably partly because, as a pirate captain, he treats his crew as friends, not subordinates. The same goes for his alliance partners, whom he also considers equal friends. He also knows how to assert himself as captain at crucial moments and is respected by his crew. This also means that Luffy sometimes lets his friends reprimand or beat him up when he has done something stupid – especially Nami. But he doesn’t hold this against them at all. No matter how strong the opponent or how hopeless the situation, Luffy trusts not only in his own abilities, but also in those of his comrades-in-arms. He says of himself that he would die without his comrades-in-arms.

Of course, I have no idea how to use swords.
And I don’t know anything about navigation either.
I don’t know the first thing about cooking either.
I can’t even tell a fib.
Without my comrades I would die out there!
East Blue, Luffy to Arlong

Will and self-confidence

His courage and iron will are undoubtedly among his character strengths. This also includes his great will to survive. He showed this especially in the fight against Magellan’s poison. After Luffy was confronted with vast amounts of poison, his survival depended on Emporio Ivankov’s treatment, where it was mainly his will to survive that determined whether Luffy was allowed to remain among the living or not. Ivankov was visibly surprised when Luffy recovered after less than a day, although he himself had believed that he would last at least two days. This left Luffy with only a 2 or 3 % chance of survival. During his regeneration, he was subjected to many torments.

In addition to these qualities, Luffy’s great self-confidence also stands out, which he regularly displays to the outside world. No matter how strong his opponents are or how big the hurdles he has to overcome are, Luffy clearly knows that he can reach his goal if he only makes enough effort. That’s why he never loses heart when he loses a fight. He usually returns stronger from his defeats, always with the clear claim that he can defeat his enemy. He proves this in his fights against Crocodile, Rob Lucci or Donquixote Doflamingo, among others. After the death of his brother Ace, however, his self-confidence was shaken to the core. During his regeneration on Amazon Lily, Luffy was convinced he was too weak to become pirate king because he couldn’t save Ace. However, Jinbe was able to rebuild him and reminded him that he had not lost everything, but still had his crew. Thus, Luffy gained new confidence for his further journey, which also convinced him that he could defeat the Four Emperors. Even after his crushing defeat at the hands of Kaidou in Kuri on Wano Country, where Luffy was defeated in a single blow, Luffy promised to defeat him, knowing full well the monstrous strength of the Emperor.

Sometimes his stubbornness goes hand in hand with stubbornness. He demonstrates this especially with his crew members, whom he often has to convince to join him. After Nami’s betrayal on the Baratié, Luffy sailed after her because he desperately wanted her as a navigator for his crew. On Water 7, Luffy stole Franky’s underpants to convince him to join him, even though he had already refused. With Sanji, on the other hand, he went on a hunger strike on Whole Cake Island and wouldn’t eat again until Sanji cooked it. He also promised his ship’s cook to stay put in case Sanji returned. Despite Nami’s misgivings, Luffy did everything in his power to fulfill his promise to Sanji, even in the face of Big Mom’s Army of Wrath.

No matter how crazy Luffy and his dream seem at first glance, he always manages to inspire and surprise people. For this reason, most of his comrades joined him. In the course of his journey, it becomes apparent that his crew members are absolutely convinced that Luffy will succeed in achieving his dream of becoming a pirate king. In the fight against the Baroque agents, Usopp became furious when Miss Merry Christmas announced Luffy’s death at the hands of Crocodile. On Thriller Bark, everyone present vehemently refused to hand over the unconscious Luffy to Bartholomew Kuma. Zoro and Sanji were even willing to sacrifice themselves and their own dreams for Luffy. Sanji reaffirmed Luffy’s ambitions once again on Zou that in any case Luffy would be the future pirate king. Even Nami could not bring herself to doubt Luffy in the face of death against Ulti. Last but not least, his whole crew worked hard during the time jump to become stronger for Luffy. It’s also not exactly uncommon for opponents to side with him, including some of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Boa Hancock, who is considered the most beautiful woman in the world, has even fallen in love with Luffy.


Often Luffy does not seem very intelligent. Among other things, he is easily influenced by hypnosis, which speaks for a simple mind. He does not act particularly tactically, but rather intuitively and from the gut, so that he instinctively makes many right decisions. In addition, he has a great carelessness. In this respect, you could also say that Luffy simply ignores many consequences when he thinks he is doing the right thing. That’s why he usually doesn’t worry about the consequences of his actions, much to the chagrin of his crew, who often have to intervene. Usually, however, Luffy is quicker in his actions and immediately maneuvers himself into situations that upset his friends. On the Sabaody Archipelago, he knocked out the world aristocrat Saint Charlos, regardless of the fact that this brought a navy admiral on the scene. He first demonstrated another example of his lack of foresight on Enies Lobby, where he tried to cross the sea between the Justice Tower and the Gate of Justice with a raft he had assembled himself. However, he promptly failed and was shipwrecked, so he had to be rescued by Chimney and Gonbe. A similar scenario played out on Amazon Lily, where Luffy tried to paddle a poorly constructed raft to the Sabaody Archipelago, despite his lack of navigational skills. Again, his raft sank and he had to be rescued by Marguerite.

Furthermore, making plans with him doesn’t make much sense either, because he either doesn’t understand them properly, ignores them or forgets them. In the Dress Rosa tournament, for example, he first wanted to register with his real name, although the plan was to remain incognito. He often tunes out or misunderstands lengthy explanations. Often this leads to him then going off on his own. This is especially disadvantageous in cases where the plan is to act inconspicuously, which is rather less in line with Luffy’s natural behavior. Without giving it much thought, Luffy often acts on impulse, as on Onigashima, where he attacked the Beast pirates for unsuspectingly wasting the sweet bean soup while laughing. On Wano Country, too, Luffy stormed off blind with rage to protect the residents of the alms village of Okobore from Kaidou, even though Law still warned him of the consequences. Luffy also often does not understand more complex relationships and explanations. According to his own statement, too much thinking stresses him out.

Nevertheless, Luffy is capable of seeing right through the basic facts of a situation. In the fight against Arlong on Kokos, he destroyed Nami’s room with the sea charts she had to draw for Arlong because he knew it made her unhappy. On Drum, when Wapol attacked Doc Hiriluk’s Jolly Roger on top of the castle, Luffy defended the flag even though he didn’t know whose it was. On Arabasta, it was Luffy who made Vivi aware that the only way they could stop the rebellion in Arabasta was to defeat Crocodile. On Zou, Luffy refused Kinemon’s request for help and instead urged Momonosuke to speak for himself since, after all, he was the leader of the samurai. Contrary to everyone else, Luffy did not treat Momonosuke like a child. During his confrontation with Sanji on Whole Cake Island, Luffy realized that the latter was only pretending to join his family and that in truth it pained him to attack his own captain.


Eat and sleep

Luffy has a voracious appetite, which seems to be a very typical character trait from the stereotype of the Japanese hero: a (often somewhat simple-minded) young hero with a heart of gold, like for example Son Goku from Dragon Ballwhich is one of Oda’s favorite series. His favorite food is meat, which he considers an energy provider and panacea. For this reason, on the way to Enie’s lobby, he was pleased that his new pants offered a pocket to store meat. Also, after Nami became seriously ill, he suggested to Sanji that he cook her a steak to improve her health. After the events on Thriller Bark, he wanted to pour sake over the unconscious and stricken Zoro because he liked the drink so much. Luffy has also developed a technique that allows him to eat even in his sleep. The more merciless the fight with an opponent was, the more he eats to get back on his feet. When it comes to eating, the glutton can seem very intelligent. When he slept through three days after the fight against Crocodile, it didn’t take him long to calculate that he had missed fifteen meals. This shows that instead of eating three meals, he eats five meals a day. The first thing Luffy does when he sees a large animal, whether it’s a giant seagull on the high seas or a dinosaur on Little Garden, is to knock it unconscious so Sanji can make it into something for him to eat.

Fun and adventurous

Luffy wants to head for the most dangerous island.

Luffy’s imitations

Luffy likes to fool around and have fun. Sometimes he comes up with the craziest ideas. On the way to Fish-Man Island he tried to tame the giant octopus, and on Punk Hazard he transformed himself into a centaur with the help of Kinemon’s abdomen. When Luffy participated in the Corrida Colosseum tournament on Dress Rosa, he tamed the bull Ucy and happily plowed through the other participants with it. In the waters off Wano Country, he used his devil powers to grab one of the giant koi carp and rode it around. After his fight against Aokiji, he took a bag of flour and pretended to be frozen. On his travels, Luffy is always looking for the greatest adventure. For this reason, on Skypiea, Luffy immediately decided to take the test of the balls, because it sounded the funniest of all four tests. He also happily boarded the ghost ship where they met Brook. When he saw the new log port on Fish Man Island, he was eager to sail to the island where the needle pointed with the biggest deflections, as he hoped to have the most fun there, much to the shock of Nami and Usopp, as this would mean the most dangerous route. On Zou, Usopp suggested secretly stealing the road Poneglyphs from Kaidou and Big Mom so that Luffy would become Pirate King without a fight. However, the Straw Hat Captain made a very unsatisfied expression on his face since it would not be manly and he will have to face the emperors sooner or later anyway. One of his favorite pastimes is partying with his friends. After almost every hard battle, a party is held.

He also sometimes gets a kick out of imitating some of his crew members and caricaturing his friends’ behaviors. He seems to be talented at depicting the facial features of his victims, such as Sanji’s crinkled eyebrow. Thus, among other things, he alludes to Zoro’s sleepiness or Sanji’s penchant for beautiful women, which especially pleases Usopp and Chopper, while the others are usually less enthusiastic about it. Therefore, he often gets the receipt in the form of a beating when he has made fun of someone.

Interests and passion

Luffy is usually very impressed by new and unknown things. He shows this by dropping his lower jaw almost to the floor and his eyes are wide open, sometimes even flashing stars in them. He also thinks robots and their laser beams are great. In this respect, he is also fascinated by the combat suits developed by Germa 66, the Raid Suits. After Sanji was secretly given a Raid Suit by his brother, Luffy and Chopper begged Sanji to give it to them instead of throwing it into the sea. Luffy and Chopper hoped to use the Raid Suit to shoot laser beams. He also has an interest in knight armor. To Franky, he says that it is every man’s dream to put on an old suit of armor found on the ground.

This can be applied to people as well. Because as soon as he meets strange-looking characters, he wants to hire them. He wanted Chopper in his team before he knew that he was a doctor, and he asked Brook before he knew that he was a musician. He had reached the full extent on Thriller Bark when he wanted to recruit a zombie tree, for example.

Furthermore, Luffy is very interested in Atlas Beetle and Hercules Beetle, with Chopper asking him about the former if it was more important to him than One Piece. Luffy could not answer this question.


Just as he cannot remember paths or routes, he cannot remember the names of many people. People he meets only briefly, he usually calls by their trademark or similar. For example, he calls Genzo the Windmill Man because he had a small windmill attached to his cap. The same applies to Paulie alias rope man or Rob Lucci, the pigeon Heini.

Luffy always names strange animals that have characteristics of two animals after the animal whose characteristic is illogically not very dominant. For example, on the Lost Island, he called an animal that had characteristics of a rabbit and a snake a rabbit, even though it looked more like a snake. An animal made of a pig and a lion he called a lion, although most of the animal looked like a pig. When he encountered the banana crocodiles, he said that a banana would grow into a crocodile, although it was the reverse.

Similarity to Gol D. Roger

Luffy smiles at his supposed execution

The most striking matching feature between Luffy and the Pirate King is, on the one hand, the straw hat that Luffy got as a child from Shanks, who in turn was entrusted to him by Gol D. Roger. On the other hand, both bear the Will of D. in their names. But the two seem to be connected by much more than just the straw hat and the name. Often, people who knew the Pirate King and met Luffy compare their two personalities. Crocus spoke in his mind to Roger that they have been waiting a long time for perhaps this band of pirates and there is something mysterious surrounding the boy. In connection with Roger, Dr. Kureha speaks about Luffy that the will of the “D.” survived. Gan Fall mentioned that Luffy would remind him of Roger. On Enie’s lobby, Grandma Kokoro speaks to Tom in her mind about how similar Luffy is to Roger. Likewise, Luffy seems to be absolutely fearless just like Roger. The two of them smiled even in their darkest hour. In Loguetown, the rubber man had already finished with his life when Buggy tried to execute him. Yet he did not turn pale, but smiled, just as Gol D. Roger did at his execution. Shanks also noted to Rayleigh that Luffy said the same words that Roger had once said. Accordingly, Roger also had another unknown dream, which may have coincided with Luffy’s. The way Luffy and Roger announced this to Oden and Whitebeard and Ace and Sabo, respectively, was almost identical. The corresponding reactions were also strikingly similar. From this it can be concluded that Luffy is pursuing the same dream or at least a similar one, even if a final confirmation of this is still pending.


Just like Garp, Luffy seems to suffer from narcolepsy, as he often just falls asleep in the most inappropriate situations. When an attack against him fails, Luffy has a habit of sucking his lips inward and tilting his head to the side.

Luffy is not interested in women. While Boa Hancock pines for him nonstop, he doesn’t respond to her advances. He also refused her marriage proposal without hesitation. He also did not accept Lola’s marriage proposal on the Thriller Bark. Unlike Sanji, Luffy also shows no interest in the presence of naked women, as in the example of Boa Hancock, who exposed herself before him. This romantic disinterest in the female sex also makes him immune to Hancock’s devil power. The only time Luffy was seemingly aroused by Nami’s naked body was after the battles on Arabasta. Like the other guys, he was knocked out by Nami’s Shiawase Punch, but Oda explained that this was due to the presence of Usopp, who is a bad influence on Luffy.

Skills and strength


As captain of his pirate gang, he is one of the strongest fighters, along with Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe. He possesses superhuman strength, which is due to his irrepressible will and hard training in his early childhood, which he received from his grandfather Garp. As a young boy, Luffy was abandoned by him in the jungle, where he had to fend for himself. After his acquaintance with Ace and Sabo, Luffy trained with them on Mt. Corbo and repeatedly got into small fights with criminals. Here, Luffy still fought with a metal pipe just like Ace and Sabo, possibly because he didn’t have his devil powers under perfect control at that time. These years of training paid off, because after ten years Luffy set sail to become a pirate. Then, with few exceptions, he fought without weapons, using all parts of his body, so to speak, mainly his fists and feet. He is also not above biting his opponents or using them as living shields. In general, he is now strong enough to drag a huge gold ball behind him with just one arm, or to push apart two houses in Water 7 with sheer muscle power. With his teeth he is able to bite through steel bars. Although Luffy seems quite lanky at first, his physique improves as his adventure progresses and he also gains some muscles. That’s why he can take out bigger and more muscular opponents with ease, like the gladiator Spartan. He also has very good reflexes. This allowed him to miss the decisive hit to Bellamy at just the right moment or dodge Kuro’s strongest attack, grab him and defeat him afterwards. Even when Luffy’s arms and legs are tied up, he can still fight back, which speaks for a high agility.

First, he attracted the attention of the Navy with the victories over various famous pirates on the East Blue, after which he received his first bounty of 30.000.000 Berry was laid out. Thus, he was the pirate with the highest bounty in the East Blue. He also managed to eliminate two samurai of the seas, Crocodile and Gecko Moria, although Moria’s defeat was covered up by the world government and the victory against Crocodile was attributed to former Navy Captain Smoker. After the former samurai there was a bounty increase to 100.000.000 Berry. By storming the Justice Island Enies Lobby and defeating Rob Lucci, Luffy received another raise to 300.000.000 Berry. Also, by ordering the flag of the world government to be set on fire, he declared war on the most influential and powerful government. The order for Bartholomew Kuma, another samurai of the seas, to eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates also failed. He then made a name for himself on the Sabaody Archipelago, where he appeared as part of the eleven Supernovae and dared to physically attack one of the world’s aristocrats. Likewise, he faced increasingly superior opponents of the Navy and is still among the living and at large. Among them are Smoker, Hina Blackcage, Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp and also Admirals Aokiji, Kizaru and Akainu. As if this was not enough, Luffy surprisingly appeared in the Impel Down. He simply broke into the largest and most secure prison in the world, where no pirate would actually go voluntarily, and caused great chaos there. He managed to master all six hells of Impel Down, get to the last level and from there back to freedom. Thus, Luffy was the first person in history to ever break into the maximum security prison. As a result, he also managed to break out again. According to the government’s knowledge, Luffy and Buggy in particular were the masterminds behind this action. As if all this wasn’t enough, while the battle with the Whitebeard gang was going on, he arrived directly at the battlefield of Marine Ford. These events gave the then-active Grand Admiral Sengoku a headache. Luffy thus morphed into a real threat. What the world government and also the Navy do not know is that he has befriended Boa Hancock. Also, both organizations are unaware that Luffy defeated a powerful logia user named Enel, whose bounty would be about 500,000,000 berry, according to Oda’s information, in the Sky Islands.

In the meantime, Luffy has left the first half of the Grand Line behind and entered the next stage of the Grand Line, the New World, with his gang. Due to his participation in the great event two years ago, he is now known to the whole world and feared among ordinary pirates. Since that time, the considerable sum of 400,000,000 Berry written on his head. Two years later, just a short time after the resurgence of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy is described as part of the “worst generation”. A short time later, Luffy defeated the samurai of the seas Donquixote Doflamingo, which is why a bounty of 500,000,000 Berry was put on him. He also became the leader of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, consisting of a total of 5,600 men. After the events in Totto Land and his appointment as the fifth emperor by the World Economic Newspaper, his bounty even increased to 1.5 Billion Berry and he was named as one of the masterminds behind the assassination of Big Mom.

His gang is smaller than other pirate gangs, but every member that Luffy hired himself as captain is a master in his field. This increases the danger to the world government. Also, his mugshot initially gives Luffy a small advantage before each battle. Because of Luffy’s photo, where he actually doesn’t look very dangerous and smiles into the camera, his opponents often underestimate him and are all the more surprised when Luffy gets serious. This is also true of the emperors Big Mom and Kaidou, who faced the straw hat confidently and saw him as having no chance against them, even after his previous deeds. Luffy also now has a different status in the perception of the civilian population. His evil deeds usually precede Luffy and he is recognized by civilians.

Devil forces

Luffy’s rubber power

After eating a Paramecia fruit, the gum-gum fruit, Luffy’s entire body turned to rubber.

Luffy received from the fruit the ability to stretch his body enormously, especially his limbs. This allows him to fight opponents both in close combat and at a distance. Just as he can use his limbs as a whip, for example, through his devil power, he can also use them to defend himself by inflating his body like a balloon. However, there is an equally great disadvantage associated with stretching. When the stretching of the body parts reaches the limit, his opponents can hurt him with ease. However, this disadvantage no longer remains in Gear 2. As a rubber man, no firearms or pistol bullets can harm him, and physical blows also have less effect than on normal people. However, he is all the more vulnerable to stabbing weapons. Because rubber is insulating, electricity can’t harm him either. Thus, Luffy is the natural enemy of Enel.

Luffy can stretch his body many times over, but even he reaches his limits at some point, as was shown in Charlotte Mont d’Or’s book prison. To escape from the book prison, Luffy twisted his arms so much that they were already starting to tear. He wanted to save Sanji at any cost and was willing to tear his arms off to do so. Jinbe freed him and Nami, however, so that Luffy was spared this fate.

Unlike most other devil fruit users, its rubber powers are permanent and do not need to be consciously activated. For this reason, he can be stretched by others in the water, for example, even though he is unable to do so himself. The same is true when he is not conscious. In addition, he was able to absorb 100 shadows for a period of ten minutes through the abilities of an enemy devil fruit, the Shadow Fruit, to become many times stronger.

As is common with all devil fruit users, Luffy also lost the ability to swim. But even before he ate his devil fruit, Luffy was a bad swimmer and had been given the nickname “Anchor” by Shanks’ gang. Moreover, he wore a T-shirt with the word “anchor” written on it. Another disadvantage is his weakness against sea stone. However, Luffy has become so strong that after the time jump on Wano Country, he showed no signs of fatigue and was able to haul around large stones non-stop, even though he was wearing sea stone handcuffs there. The other inmates were very impressed with him.

Gear shapes

Gear 2

Gear 2

While training his devil power, Luffy found many ways to expand his techniques. For example, he developed the Gears after encountering the CP9 on Water 7. In Gear 2, he uses his legs (or optionally his arms) as a pump to increase his blood pressure enormously. His muscles and brain are supplied with blood and oxygen faster this way, allowing him to react faster and attack harder. In a normal person, this technique would cause the heart to explode from the enormous pressure, but Luffy’s rubber body withstands this pressure. Externally, Luffy begins to steam in the process. This secondary effect is due to the heating of his body, caused by the faster circulating blood in his veins. In this state, Luffy applies his familiar attacks with a “jet” in front of the designation, with greatly increased punching speed, achieving enormous punching power. One drawback, however, is that the technique drains Luffy’s life.

As a result of training with Rayleigh, he is eventually able to use Gear 2 with ease. This progress borders so close to perfection that he even manages to activate and use Gear 2 selectively, partially acting on an extremity (only in the manga). Most of the time, Luffy then no longer uses Gear 2 for long periods of time, but only activates it briefly for single attacks. This, of course, reduces the risks Gear 2 poses to Luffy’s body. In addition, he can strengthen his attacks with armor persimmons.

Gear 3

Luffy blows air into his bones

In addition to Gear 2, Luffy also developed Gear 3. In the so-called “bone balloon”, the rubber man bites his thumb and blows an extreme amount of air into his bones, whereupon they are inflated. His Torso he uses as a connection to conduct the air from one limb to the other. When he accumulates all the air blown into the bones in just one limb, it increases enormously in size, which is why it resembles that of a giant. That’s why the attacks used in Gear 3 all have the word “giant” in their names. After this procedure, Luffy is able to attack a larger area than usual. In addition, his penetrating power takes on just as huge proportions as the size of his extremities. However, the mass he has to move slows him down a lot. In addition, the fact that the bones are the focus in this form increases his degree of hardness.

Through two years of training, Luffy has managed to eradicate the weakness around shrinking after using Gear 3. From now on, he can apparently use even larger volumes of air and still no longer has to fear the former risk factor. In addition, Luffy now also combines his Gear 3 attacks with the armor haki more often, making the hits even more devastating.

Gear 4
→ more information under Monkey D. Luffy’s attacks

Gear 4: Boundman

The next stage of his Gear presents Luffy after the time jump on Dress Rosa. Once again, thanks to his Devil Fruit and elasticity, he achieves a state that is technically impossible for any other character when he enters Gear 4 mode. Unlike his previous Gears, Luffy has three different forms of Gear 4 in his repertoire so far. Activation is similar to Gear 3, but this time he bites his forearm and blows air into his muscles. He then calls out “muscle balloon” as he does so. Crucially, he also uses up a lot of Armor Persimmon to boost his attacks and maintain the forms.

The first form is the Boundman. In this state, his muscles inflate and his upper body, arms and hands also gain size and volume. Furthermore, Luffy gains jumping power and can move through the air similar to Geppou or Sky Walk. In addition, he spreads his arms like wings and can perform an aerial attack with his feet. Due to the increased elasticity, he can only move in a bouncing manner and cannot stand still. When he wants to strike or kick, he first retracts his arms or legs like a spring, reminiscent of Bellamy’s fighting technique, and fires his fists or his feet cannon-like towards his opponent. A second form of Gear 4 is the Tankman. In the fight against the Sweet General Charlotte Cracker, he has previously eaten countless of Cracker’s cookie knights, making him enormously fat. This form serves Luffy primarily as a defense. The third form of Gear 4 shown is the so-called Snakeman. In this Luffy looks much slimmer than in the Bound- or Tankman and has an enormously increased speed and a very flexible attack behavior, so that his arms can, for example, chase the opponent or he can launch surprise attacks with them, for example, by deflecting his arms several times in the air.


While Luffy showed early signs of this latent power during his journey through the first half of the Grand Line, Luffy didn’t really learn Haki until the time jump on Rusukaina. Within 1.5 years, Silvers Rayleigh taught him the basics of all three forms of Haki. As a result, he is one of the few people in the world who has mastered the king’s haki (haoshoku) in addition to the observation haki (kenbunshoku) and armor haki (busoshoku). As Rayleigh explained to him, the power of the haki increases especially when fighting strong opponents. This is exactly what Luffy shows, constantly pushing his limits and really developing his haki against Big Mom and Kaidou.

Observation haki

After training with Rayleigh, Luffy can use the Observation Shaki. It allows him to anticipate the attacks before they are executed and dodge them. Luffy can also evade pistol bullets and other firearms with ease. In the fight against PX-5, for example, he was able to dodge its laser beams with ease. Another ability of the Observation Shaki is sensing a presence. Although Luffy cannot see his enemies, he is able to sense their presence. This includes the number and position of his enemies. On Fish-Man Island, he learned about Caribou, who was about to capture Shirahoshi.

On Totto Land, Luffy was able to improve his Observation Shaki even further. With Charlotte Katakuri, he had to deal with an opponent who had raised his observation haki to a level that allowed him to catch a glimpse of the future. Due to the exhausting fight, Luffy’s Haki was so much irritated that he also began to slowly but surely look into the future himself. This gave him the advantage in battle to dodge some of Katakuri’s attacks and land some hits himself. On Wano Country, Luffy had already sharpened his observation shaki so that he could see a few seconds into the future, just like Katakuri. So he gave some precise instructions to Grandpa Hyo on how to avoid the attacks of Alpacaman and Madilloman. Against Babanuki, on the other hand, he reacted so quickly that he couldn’t even perform his Excite Shot attack, because Luffy thought he had seen a terrible future.

Armor Khaki

Luffy uses armor khaki.

Luffy can damage the tree from the inside with his haki.

Next to the Observation Haki, the Armor Haki is probably the most important and common combat tool in the New World. It amplifies Luffy’s attacks and defense many times over, and can thus also grab or attack Logia Devil Fruit users like Caesar Clown or Smoker, who were previously considered invincible, even without knowing a specific weakness. But Luffy has also been able to defeat strong opponents like the Pacifista PX-5 or the elvish giant Hajrudin with just one blow using the armor haki. He has trained the armor haki in such a way that his extremities harden strongly as soon as he applies it to them. This hardening eventually turns the corresponding body part a shiny black. This gives his attacks even more penetrating power, but can also protect him from hits himself. The physical strength of the opponent thus practically loses its significance if he does not master the armor haki himself. Immediately after the time jump, Luffy had not yet mastered his haki perfectly, because Hody Jones was still able to hurt him with his teeth on Fish Man Island.

Armor Haki has become something of a norm for Luffy in the New World, as he uses it to boost many of his basic attacks. Because many of his opponents are also proficient in Haki, Luffy is usually dependent on it, especially in his Gear 4 forms, which use up a lot of Haki. Should he use this up completely, Luffy will need ten minutes to regenerate before he can use Haki again. This is a crucial disadvantage, because especially against stronger opponents Luffy then falls behind. On Nuts, Luffy couldn’t even destroy Perospero’s Candy Wall without reinforcing armor haki for his Gear 3. Even against Doflamingo and Katakuri, Luffy had no choice but to flee and survive the ten minutes until his Haki recovered.

On Wano Country, Luffy learned about an enhanced form of armor haki. Luffy remembered earlier situations with Rayleigh and Sentomaru, who could hit their opponents without touching. In order to use it to break through Kaidou’s resistant dragon scales, Luffy tried to apply this haki as well. Hyogoro then demonstrated to him how to make his Haki flow from his body over a short distance to attack his opponent. The first time Luffy used this form of haki unconsciously was to free himself and Hyogoro from exploding neck rings. Additionally, a more profound form of attack is to let the haki flow into other objects or opponents after flowing out of his own body. This allows him to attack someone from the inside out. Under Hyogoro’s training, Luffy was able to slowly but surely consciously use and control this type of haki. Regardless, Luffy has not yet fully mastered this haki, as he felt it was still too superficial in the fight against Kaidou.

Luffy’s attacks prove particularly effective when he combines his armor haki with his gears. For example, when he applies Hardening while in Gear 2, the high speed of the strike and the friction in the outer medium generate so much heat that his opponent seems to literally explode when hit. In the case of the fight against Hody Jones, he even applied the Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk technique underwater and still made the attack go up in flames.

King Shaki

Luffy strengthens his attacks with king shaki.

Luffy is one of the few chosen people in the world of One Piece who are able to use the King’s Shaki. The King Shaki is also known as Disposition of a king and is very rare. The first time he used it uncontrolled and unconsciously against Duval’s Bison Motobaro. In this way he released it a few more times, like on Amazon Lily, Impel Down and Marine Ford. It was only after training with Rayleigh on Rusukaina that Luffy learned to use the King’s Shaki in a purposeful and controlled manner. The Straw Hat captain demonstrated the extent of this power directly on Fishmen Island, where he was able to knock out 50,000 enemy Fishmen at once with his King Shaki. Initially, however, the King Shaki was not known to have any further use on stronger enemies aside from this. It has only been observed to have a lightning effect when two king shaki users clash in battle, such as Donquixote Doflamingo, Don Chinjao, and Charlotte Katakuri. Also, it is important to mention that Luffy can activate the king shaki even when unconscious, as he showed after the first fight against Kaidou.

It wasn’t until the Raid on Onigashima against Kaidou that Luffy finally realized why the emperor’s attacks were so devastatingly powerful. Luffy had noticed that Kaidou can strengthen his mace not only with armor shaki, but also with king shaki. Since this realization, Luffy has also been able to incorporate King Shaki into his attacks, but he is only accomplishing this on a very crude and unpolished level so far, as he has only just discovered the mechanism. As a visible effect, lightning also appears with the attacks. Thus, Luffy once again proves his talent to adapt to get one step closer to the top fighters of the New World, because besides Kaidou, Whitebeard and Roger also mastered this advanced form of haki. Nevertheless, Luffy lost to Kaidou, who had already refined this technique over a longer period of time.

Voice of all things

Luffy seems to hear the “voice of all things” just like Gol D. Roger and Momonosuke. This ability was hinted at on Fish Man Island when Luffy tried to destroy the Noah and was told by the Sea Kings to stop. Likewise, he was able to perceive the voice of Zunesha. Unlike Momonosuke, however, Luffy could not communicate with the giant elephant.

Constitution and endurance

Unlike other humans, Luffy has an advantage due to his devil powers. Thanks to his rubber body, Luffy usually does not feel pain when he is hit. This gives him an advantage in fights. Coupled with his irrepressible will and tenacity, Luffy possesses an extraordinary amount of stamina, which he demonstrates time and again in his battles. While he usually has to back down at the first opponent confrontation, he usually comes back stronger after one or more defeats. This can be illustrated by the example of Crocodile, whom Luffy challenged a total of three times before finally defeating him. Luffy also initially lost to Enel and Rob Lucci. In the case of the latter, Luffy continued to fight until he defeated him, only to collapse afterwards, completely exhausted and unable to move any further. On Marine Ford, he demanded that Emporio Ivankov inject him with more Tension hormones so that he could continue fighting in order to be able to save Ace. However, this fact was most evident in the fight against Charlotte Katakuri, in which Luffy took many more hits than the Sweet general. After Luffy finally managed to improve his Observation Shaki and get a glimpse of the future himself to dodge more of Katakuri’s attacks, he ultimately brought Katakuri to her knees. This is all the more impressive considering that Luffy had previously fought an eleven hour battle against Charlotte Cracker, been beaten up by Sanji, and then fought his way through Chateau Whole Cake as well as the tea party, but barely had any breathers throughout his stay in Totto Land.

He also has a superhumanly high constitution, without which, combined with his willpower, he could never have survived many physical stresses on his journey, such as the freezing temperatures of Kingdom Drum and the fifth level of Impel Down. This also includes poisonings inflicted on him by opponents such as Crocodile and Magellan. However, he has the latter to thank for the fact that his body has formed antibodies against most of the world’s poisons. Thanks to his supernatural body, Luffy was also able to overcome Ivankov’s painful hormone treatment in only about 20 hours, which greatly surprised the Tranny King himself, who had rather expected two days. In view of his formed antibodies, the endogenous poisons of Hyouzou or Caesar Clown showed no effect on Luffy. However, Luffy was not immune to the poison of the armored stonefish of Totto Land. Unlike normal humans, however, who would have been killed instantly by the poison, Luffy first became seriously ill and fainted. Although Luffy would have died sooner or later as well if Reiju had not saved him, his poison immunity at least bought him some time. Luffy was also not immune to Queen’s mummy virus. Furthermore, Luffy’s body can withstand a lot of pain.

Improvisational talent

Despite Luffy’s lack of understanding of complex relationships, his improvisational talent and a certain ingenuity often shine through in his fights. Many of his attacks are situational and sometimes occur only once. In the fight against Arlong, for example, Luffy used the latter’s dentures to counter him with something equally sharp. Against Crocodile, on the other hand, Luffy figured out how to neutralize his Logia Fruit and equipped himself with a water barrel accordingly. On Skypiea, he used his Gomu Gomu no Tako Fireworks and Gomu Gomu no Ha? attacks, which he had specially devised against Enel, to counter his Mantora. Later, he brought the golden orb on his arm, which was supposed to hinder him, into an attack that defeated Enel. Foxy’s lame attacks threw Luffy back with a mirror. And he was also able to acquire the CP9’s shave. Against Hawkeye, Luffy pulled Buggy into the fight as an assist, who is immune to cutting weapons, and Magellan he fought with a specially made wax armor by Galdino to avoid touching the poison directly. In the fight against Charlotte Cracker, Luffy came up with the idea of simply eating the latter’s produced cookie knights to defeat him. Against his brother Katakuri, he cleverly used Charlotte Brûlée to gain advantage and pull Katakuri into the mirror world or escape from it.


Luffy is always gaining new allies.

A special ability of Luffy’s is to gain allies quite easily. Hawkeye noted this on Marine Ford, calling it the most dangerous ability in the world. Most of the time Luffy doesn’t even have to do much to do this, he just acts like he is. With his honest and direct nature, as well as his strong will, it often happens that people believe in him and they put their trust in the Straw Hat Captain. For example, in Impel Down, Jinbe was initially reluctant to comply with Ace’s request to look after his little brother Luffy, but after the events in Deep Sea Prison and the Battle of Marine Ford, Jinbe quickly developed a great sympathy and deep respect for Luffy. Whitebeard and his gang also supported Luffy on Marine Ford with all their might, as he tried to save Ace by all means and without fear. Even people once hostile to him changed their minds towards Luffy, like Boa Hancock and Rebecca. Last but not least, Luffy eventually brought a whole fleet of pirates and other criminals under his patronage, even though he didn’t really want to.


No one can hold a candle to Luffy when it comes to food.

Luffy has an almost unrestrained appetite and the almost unique ability to eat a lot. Due to his devilish powers, his stomach can stretch very much. This gave him an enormous advantage on Whole Cake Island in the fight against Charlotte Cracker, who produced an infinite number of cookie knights with his devil power. Because of this, Luffy was unable to attack Cracker’s real body, as he always sent his Cookie Knights forward to attack. However, after Nami softened the Cookie Knights with her rain, Luffy was able to simply eat the Cookie Knights. The battle turned into an eleven-hour endurance fight, as producing the Cookie Knights for Cracker drained Cracker’s strength as much as eating the Cookie Knights drained Luffy’s. In the end, Luffy was able to win the battle. In the end, Luffy’s appetite allowed him to gain the upper hand and win the battle. Any other opponent would not have been able to fight that way given Cracker’s ability. This ability also saved Luffy’s life in the fight against Charlotte Katakuri. The Sweet general buried him under a mountain of mochi that nearly suffocated Luffy. Because Luffy simply ate the mochi, he was able to free himself from this trap.

Then, once Luffy has gorged himself and become fat, he usually doesn’t stay in that state. Since Luffy’s body requires a tremendous amount of energy consumption, he must either simply wait it out or exercise a bit to work off the excess calories. After the fight against Cracker, it was enough for him to rest. Since Gear 4 consumes a lot of energy, Luffy slowly shrank back to his original body afterwards while sleeping, which is why Nami was already doubting his humanity. In the fight against Katakuri, Luffy only needed to complete a short sprint before he could continue fighting normally. It should also be mentioned that Luffy can regenerate well with the help of a lot of food. He regrew a lost tooth by simply drinking a glass of milk.

Drawing Arts

Luffy’s drawings

The rubber man tries his hand at drawings and the like from time to time, but these creative outpourings are usually anything but breathtaking. When Yosaku told Sanji and Luffy about the fish people during their trip to Arlong Park, Luffy tried to put his idea of fish people on paper, but with little success. When Sanji said that Nami must be a mermaid then, Luffy tried to draw that too, but again with little response from his friends. When it came to creating a Jolly Roger for the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy drew his conception, which was eventually made into the completed version by Usopp. Luffy promised Laboon that he would be back and drew the Straw Hat Pirates’s Jolly Roger on Laboon’s forehead so that he would stop banging his head against the massive rocks of the Redline, otherwise the image would blur. When the Straw Hats realized they needed a shipwright, Luffy drew a wishful image of a shipwright. When the Straw Hat Pirates won the Davy Back Fight against the Foxy Pirates, he took their flag as a prize, but wanted to leave them the sails. But since their sails also carried their crew’s Jolly Roger, Luffy drew a different motif on the sails. In the third movie, on the other hand, Chopper got lost, and in order to find him faster, Luffy drew a picture of him that he showed to the animals on Crown Island.

Cooking skills

Cooking is also not a talent of Luffy. As was shown during the crossing to Totto Land, he has no flair for choosing the right ingredients for a dish, let alone preparing them properly. This caused his crew several agonizing days of famine, as Luffy not only cooked inedible food, but also used up all their supplies at the same time. Only in the simplest form can Luffy provide for himself if necessary, as he demonstrated on Amazon Lily. There he killed a wild boar and prepared it over a small fire. He also knows something about edible mushrooms. This is thanks to the training of his grandfather Garp, who often left him alone in the jungle during his childhood.


Luffy’s meeting with Shanks

Master Rayleigh, I was visibly amazed! There in the East Blue…!
There was a child who said the same things as Captain Roger…!
Those words that the captain once said…!
The red shanks twelve years ago

As a young boy, Luffy met a group of pirates who had settled on his home island. The crew was led by a very nice and warm captain, red Shanks. Luffy and the crew got along very well and soon became good friends, and so it happened that Luffy also wanted to become a pirate one day. But even more, he even wanted to become king of the pirates and find the One Piece one day. But no one ever really wanted to take him seriously and Luffy was only smiled at by everyone. To prove how serious he was, Luffy rammed a dagger into his cheek, for example. Today, a scar under his left eye remains from this action. But all his attempts were in vain. Shanks did not want to take Luffy with him, because he could not swim and especially because Luffy was still too young.

Shanks discovers Luffy’s devil power

While Shanks and his gang were once again partying in Makino’s bar, they were interrupted by a bandit from the mountains, Grizzly. The bandits wanted ten kegs of beer, but this had run out as the pirates had already drunk it all away. The situation came to a head and Shanks was roughed up a bit by Grizzly, but he didn’t fight back. During all the commotion, Luffy ate a devil fruit, the gum-gum fruit to be exact, but he didn’t know about the powers of the fruit and thought it was just normal fruit.

After Grizzly and the bandits left the bar and Shanks sat in a pool of sake and started laughing too, Luffy got angry. In his eyes, Shanks was neither a real man nor a brave pirate. In this scene, it also turned out that Luffy had now become a rubber man, as Shanks grabbed him by the arm to prevent Luffy from leaving the bar. In the process, he stretched himself out. Luffy would never be able to swim again.

Shanks and his crew left the windmill village once again, but Luffy was not a bit sad about it. He still hadn’t forgiven Shanks for the incident with the mountain bandits. Just as he was sitting with Makino in their bar, Grizzly walked in the door with the rest of the bandits. Luffy wanted him to apologize for what he said about pirates and what he had done to Shanks. Just as Grizzly was about to kill him, Shanks and his crew showed up and roughed up the mountain bandits. At that point Shanks said something that was very formative for the rest of Luffy’s life. They could throw food at him, pour beer on him, even spit on him. He would just laugh. But he would never forgive them if they harmed his friends.

Luffy is killed by the red
Shanks saved.

In the end, only Grizzly was left, but he managed to escape to the sea with Luffy as a hostage. Once there, he saw no more use in Luffy and threw him overboard. Suddenly, a sea king appeared and swallowed the mountain bandit along with his boat. Just as he was about to attack Luffy, he was saved by Shanks, who managed to drive the beast away with a mere glance. But he lost his left arm in the process.

Luffy now understood Shanks’ decision not to want to take him along and nagged him not to want to go either. He wholeheartedly decided to one day become as great a man as his role model had been. As Shanks’ crew was about to set sail again, Luffy told his friend about his newfound plans to become a pirate on his own.

Luffy has received the straw hat

I will!
One day I will find a crew better than yours!
I will find the most amazing treasure in the whole world!!!
And then I will be the king of the pirates!!!
Luffy twelve years ago

Shanks then gave Luffy his straw hat and the two made a promise to each other. When Luffy is a great pirate, he should give Shanks his straw hat back.

Luffy also had to endure rigorous training from his grandfather. He made the little boy jump over cliffs, go into the deep jungle alone or tied him to balloons so that he would fly into the sky. One day Luffy was given by Garp to an acquaintance to train together with Ace.

First time with Ace

Luffy’s first meeting with Ace

Garp brought young Luffy to Dadan, a mountain robber who also raised Ace on his behalf. The two boys did not get along very well at the beginning, Luffy was even spat on by Ace. Luffy didn’t feel very comfortable with the mountain robbers at the beginning, because he had to work a lot and in his opinion he didn’t get enough to eat. To get meat, he had to get it himself, which Luffy, when he learned this, immediately tried to implement by running into the forest. There, however, he pursued Ace, who was roaming around there and against whom Luffy no longer held a grudge. Ace, however, ignored Luffy and attacked him. Luffy, however, remained persistent, but could never pursue Ace to the end of his goal. After months, however, he did manage to follow Ace to his lair and learned that Ace, along with his friend Sabo, was stealing money to buy a pirate ship. Luffy wanted to make friends with them, but since they didn’t trust him, they tied him up and even wanted to kill him, but they didn’t dare to do so. This scene brought the boys to the attention of a pirate from the Bluejam pirate gang, Porchemy, who also had money stolen from him. Ace and Sabo were able to hide, but Luffy was captured by him. When asked where the money that Ace and Sabo had stolen from him was, Luffy replied that he knew nothing about it. Finally Ace and Sabo appeared and freed Luffy. Luffy now revealed to Ace in tears that he hates to be alone and therefore did not reveal the hiding place of the treasure, because thus the friendship between Ace and him would not have been saved. From then on, Sabo lived with Luffy and Ace at Dadan’s, because otherwise they could have suffered the revenge of the Bluejam pirate gang. Luffy fought Sabo and Ace many times during this time, but he couldn’t win a single battle because he didn’t have his devilish powers under control yet. After some time, one day the three friends became brothers: Ace told of a ritual that would make them all brothers, to which Luffy and Sabo immediately agreed. For a long time the three were together and grew bigger and stronger.

Three brothers

Ace, Luffy and Sabo exchange sac shells

The brothers make a pact

However, Luffy and Ace were caught one day by Bluejam, who was acting on behalf of Sabo’s father. He turned out to be a nobleman and forced Luffy and Ace to work for him. Since Bluejam was privy to the plan to burn Gray Terminal, he tied up Luffy and Ace just before the fire broke out and wanted to know from them the whereabouts of their treasure. Shortly after, the fire was started. Rescue came through Dadan, who showed up to rescue her charge from Bluejam’s clutches. Luffy fled, while Ace stayed behind with Dadan to fight Bluejam. Ace and Dadan survived this fight as well as the fire, however Sabo was shot down by a world aristocrat on the high seas a short time later. Believing Sabo had died, Luffy wept bitterly.

Eventually, Luffy made a pact with Ace: they would set sail and become pirates when they reached their respective seventeenth years. Ace then also promised Luffy that he would not die like Sabo, and from then on they grew up together and continued to train until they were both finally old enough to set sail.


East Blue

Luffy’s first bounty

Ten years after this oath, Luffy set out on his great adventure, with the intention of hiring ten members for his crew. In the meantime, he had also learned to control his devilish powers. In East Blue, he first made friends with Koby and was able to win over the swordsman Zoro, the gunner Usopp, the cook Sanji and last but not least the navigator Nami. In the process, he was able to defeat the plagues of East Blue – Alvida, Buggy, Krieg, Arlong and Black included. As a consequence, he received his first bounty of 30,000,000 . From then on, he was no longer a dark horse with the highest bounty currently in the East Blue. Shanks also finally got word through the wanted poster that Luffy was on his way. Shortly before entering the Grand Line, he and his crew visited Loguetown, where the pirate king Gol D. Roger was executed. There he narrowly escaped his own execution, orchestrated by Buggy and Alvida. Escaping to his ship, he was held by Smoker, though rescued by his father, whom he did not recognize. Reuniting with his crew on the ship, they entered the Grand Line over Reverse Mountain on the same stormy night.

Cape of the Twins

Hardly arrived on the most dangerous ocean in the world, the Straw Hat Pirates also immediately met the giant whale Laboon and the lighthouse keeper Crocus at the Cape of Twins. They also made acquaintance with two strange people – Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday. Luffy and his friends learned the reason why Laboon rammed his head against the redline over and over again. The whale was waiting for a band of pirates to pick him up after sailing around the Grand Line, but Laboon had been waiting in vain for 50 years, so he wanted to break through the redline and find his friends himself. Impressed by Laboon’s loyalty, Luffy started a fight against the same, but broke it off early. He then drew his Jolly Roger on the whale’s head as a promise that they would continue their fight after the Grand Line was sailed around. By doing this, he gave the giant whale hope once again that he would see someone again so that he would not hurt his head again. Meanwhile, Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 had reappeared and asked Luffy to take them to Whisky Peak, since he and his gang had the only log port that could be used to find their way around the Grand Line. Eventually they set off, promising to visit Laboon again someday.

Baroque Works

Luffy receives a blank sheet of paper

Once on Whisky Peak, they were ambushed by bounty hunters and learned about the Baroque Company, whose boss, to Luffy’s delight, was one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea – Crocodile. Furthermore, Miss Wednesday and Mister 8 turned out to be Princess Vivi and Igaram from Arabasta. Luffy as well as Nami and Zoro also ended up on the wanted list of the Baroque Works. Of course, the captain couldn’t miss this adventure and decided to bring the princess back to Arabasta. Shortly before their departure, they made the acquaintance of Miss Bloody Sunday. However, there was no fight. She even warned the captain and his crew about the next island – Little Garden – and offered him an Eternal Port for Arabasta, but Luffy crushed it. As captain, he would set the course, not an enemy.

Shortly after arriving at Little Garden, they met the giants Brogy and Dorry, with Luffy especially befriending Dorry. From him, he learned more about the giants and their homeland of Elbaf, which visibly excited him and Usopp. Under the influence of the Baroque agents, the events literally rolled over. So Luffy had a small confrontation with Dorry and a fight between Rubber Man and Wax Man ensued, which Luffy decided in his favor. Usopp and Luffy decided to visit Elbaf one day when they left.

On their further journey, Nami suddenly fell ill and so they had to visit a doctor on the next island. There, Luffy managed to hire a ship’s doctor – Tony Tony Chopper – for his crew before they set off on their further journey. A brief encounter with Bon Curry followed, with whom they quickly became friends, especially Luffy. To everyone’s dismay, they learned that he was an officer agent of the Baroque Company known as Mister 2.

As soon as he arrived in Arabasta, Luffy hurriedly went in search of an inn and met Smoker there again. However, before he was caught by the navy captain, his older brother Portgas D. Ace got in the way of the navy and helped Luffy and his gang to escape. After a brief conversation with Ace, wherein Luffy refused to join Whitebeard’s crew with his friends, he received a blank piece of paper from the Fire Fist. Without knowing what it was, he had Nami sew it into his straw hat. The two brothers parted ways and the straw hat captain decided to travel on. After a long and arduous journey through the desert, there were numerous battles in Arbana, in which each crew member had to fight a battle. In the Tomb of Kings, Luffy won his final battle against Crocodile, after losing twice to the Samurai of the Seas. Exhausted, he then rescued the king and Miss Bloody Sunday from the collapsing tomb and then fell into a three-day sleep. After a very emotional farewell to Vivi, the Straw Hat Pirates escaped from the Navy. They owed their escape to Bon Curry, who sacrificed himself for them. During their escape, the gang noticed a stowaway on board – Miss Bloody Sunday aka Nico Robin. She demanded that Luffy join the crew, to which he immediately agreed.


Luffy and Blackbeard separate

In order to get to a sky island, Luffy, together with Nami and Zoro, tried to get information in Mocktown on Jaya. However, they were mocked there in a bar by Bellamy and his band of pirates as dreamers. In this situation, one can definitely draw a parallel to Shanks ten years earlier in Windmill Village. Just as Shanks was mocked by Grizzly back then, Luffy and his friends got into a similar situation. The rubber boy acted like his role model. The three pirates were thrown out of the pub and met Blackbeard, who encouraged the trio to never give up on their dreams. Luffy and Blackbeard then parted ways, not knowing that fate would bring them together again under different circumstances. His further journey led him to Maron Cricket, for whom Luffy intended to ring Shandora’s golden bell. Before he shot off into the sky with his ship and crew, the Straw Hat captain learned that his bounty had risen to 100,000,000.

The journey above the clouds inevitably led to a new adventure in which he and his crew fought for the existence of Skypiea. High above the clouds, the rubber boy, after defeating the self-proclaimed god Enel there, was able to shine the light of Shandora, thus proving to Maron Cricket that the Sky Islands existed and that his ancestor was not an imposter.

Water 7

Luffy argues with Usopp

Luffy is deeply upset about what happened

In order to exchange the gold they had captured on Skypiea for berries and have their Going Merry, damaged by the long voyage, repaired in a shipyard, the Straw Hat Pirates went to Water 7. But the guys from the shipbuilding company Galley-La had very bad news: The Lamb had suffered keel breakage and was beyond saving. After a hard fight with himself, Luffy decided to abandon the Lamb and buy a new ship. However, Usopp was against it and questioned Luffy’s decision. A serious argument broke out between the two, with Luffy remarking that Usopp could leave the crew if he didn’t like the move. Usopp eventually left the crew and challenged his captain to a duel for the Going Merry. The winner would become the final owner of the Going Merry and decide the fate of the ship. Luffy accepted the challenge. At the appointed time, Monkey D. Luffy engaged in one of his most bitter and emotional battles to date. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates finally managed to win, striking down Usopp with a hard blow. Despite the victory, he left Usopp in charge of the ship and ordered the other members to vacate the Going Merry. Saying that it had been a fun time together, Luffy bid him farewell and grew more and more distant from his former friend, never looking back, yet completely in tears. As captain, Luffy was not allowed to doubt his own decision, no matter how hard it might be. If he did, his crew would have no one to believe in or respect. Painfully and in tears, the crew left their Going Merry, leaving Usopp behind.

But the Straw Hat Pirates had more problems. Luffy learned that Nico Robin followed the CP9 to Enie’s lobby to protect the Straw Hat Pirates. He decided to follow her with a sea train to Justice Island to get her back.

Enies Lobby

The Straw Hat Pirates faces the CP9

Together with his gang, the Franky Family and some shipwrights from the Galley-La, Luffy decided to storm Justice Island. However, the Straw Hat Boy attacked the island single-handedly at first. In the course of the full-scale assault, the Straw Hat Pirates eventually made it to the roof of the courthouse, where they came face to face with CP9 agents. Luffy declared war on the World Government by ordering Sogeking to shoot down the World Government flag. Shortly after, the agents in the Justice Tower were finished off one by one by the pirates. It finally came down to a final battle between Luffy and Rob Lucci, in which the captain had to pull out all the stops to emerge victorious. During the fight, Usopp showed himself unmasked to Luffy and cheered the downed Luffy to keep fighting.

In the wake of the Buster Call, things looked tight for the gang after Luffy’s victory, until suddenly they heard a voice. The Going Merry had come to make its final voyage on the sea. She saved the pirates from their certain doom and enabled them to escape from Enie’s lobby.

The Thousand Sunny

Farewell to the little lamb

On their way back, the pirates encountered the Galley-La ship just before the Going Merry finally broke in two. Luffy decided to finally give the little lamb a rest. In an emotional cremation, Luffy said goodbye to his ship on behalf of his crew and thanked them for the great times they had with her. As the Going Merry said her final words to the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy completely broke down in tears. Over the next few days, the Straw Hat Captain hired Franky as a shipwright for his crew and received a new ship from him – the Thousand Sunny. Furthermore, Luffy received a new bounty of 300,000,000 . Shortly before their escape from Garp, Usopp decided to rejoin the crew. However, Luffy had to stand firm as captain. He could not let his friend back into the gang until he apologized first. If he let Usopp join the gang anyway, it would undermine his authority as captain, because his friend would be a danger to everyone. He would no longer have respect for him as captain and believe he could do whatever he wanted without facing consequences. Finally, Usopp apologized for his behavior and Luffy tearfully brought Usopp back to their new ship.

Thriller Bark

Luffy after he merged with 100 shadows

With his next destination in mind – Fish Man Island – Luffy and his crew sailed through a dense fog, where he met Brook. Immediately, he was so excited about the talking skeleton that he asked if he would join the Straw Hat Pirates. To everyone’s dismay, Brook initially agreed, but quickly rejected the gesture before disappearing again. Luffy, however, kept his promise in the back of his mind the entire time he was on Thriller Bark. During his adventure, Luffy had to master and endure all sorts of things. For example, he and his comrades had their shadows deceitfully stolen and he decided to get all the shadows back and help Brook. Furthermore, he had to merge with 100 shadows to face the special zombie Oz, which held Luffy’s shadow. Last but not least, he defeated the leader of the zombie army, the Samurai of the Seas Gecko Moria, thus redeeming all the captured shadows. After his victory, Luffy fainted, exhausted. However, another samurai, Bartholomew Kuma, suddenly appeared out of the blue. This one demanded from Luffy’s crew the head of their captain. In return, he would let everyone present go unharmed. However, the entire gang stood behind their captain and did not hesitate one bit to defend the unconscious Luffy. Thus, every member of his gang showed their loyalty, especially Zoro. Shortly before their departure from the Thriller Bark, Luffy was told by Lola that the blank piece of paper he received from Ace at that time would be a Vivre Card. He noticed that the card was burning and thus Ace could not be in the best shape. Nevertheless, Luffy decided not to check on Ace because his brother had his own adventure to go on.


After the events on the Thriller Bark, the Thousand Sunny sailed across the sea following the log port towards Fishmen Island. They reached the redline and were directly above Fishmen Island. With that, the first half of the Grand Line was done and Luffy was glad not to have lost anyone until there. The next time he came across the Redline, he would be the Pirate King. During an exploration trip, the gang made the acquaintance of the mermaid Camie and her starfish Pappag. Because of her fondness for Takoyakis, the captain befriended Camie on the spot. To thank her for her rescue, she offered some Takoyaki to the Straw Hat Pirates, so she called her partner Hatchan. However, the latter had been kidnapped by the Macro Gang and Duval, the boss of the Tobiuo Riders. Luffy & Co. promised their new friend to free Hatchan.

Arriving at the kidnappers’ hideout, it turned out that Camie’s friend was their old enemy, the octopus fish-man Hatchan. However, to all appearances, he had rehabilitated himself. The gang decided to continue helping Camie and to free Hatchan from the clutches of his captors. Without further ado, the captain gave Zoro the order to free the fish-man from the cage. In the course of the fight, Luffy confronted Motobaro. During this confrontation, he unconsciously released his haki for the first time in his life. After the bison fearfully backed away from Luffy and fainted, everyone present was utterly bewildered by this action. Luffy’s action was very similar to that of ten years ago when Shanks saved Luffy from the Stink Fish. After Sanji gave Duval a nicer face, his attitude towards the Straw Hat Pirates changed. The fight was over and Duval gave them the number of his Den-den Mushi, while Hatchan, Camie and Pappag thanked the pirates for their help with Takoyakis.

Sabaody Archipelago

Enraged Luffy…

knocks down Saint Charlos

Through Hatchan as their guide, they received a lot of information, especially about their temporary next destination – the Sabaody Archipelago. There they would be guided by Hatchan to his friend – a coating craftsman – so that the Sunny could get to Fish-Man Island. Also, they were all to promise Hatchan something: Never to attack a world aristocrat, even if he shot someone right in front of them. On their journey on the archipelago, Luffy and his friends had a great time. A short time later, Luffy and his comrades reached the Bottakuri Bar, where they encountered Shakuyaku, the bartender. In the course of conversation, she warned Luffy about nine other pirates whose bounties had each exceeded 100,000,000 berries. Together with Zoro, he would be among the so-called supernovae. While searching for the coating artisan Silvers Rayleigh in Sabaody Park, Camie was kidnapped by Peterman and offered for auction as an “object” at the Human Auctioning House. Luffy’s arrival at the auction escalated the situation and Hatchan was shot by Saint Charlos. Completely enraged, Luffy wanted to go to the “nobleman”, but was stopped by the badly injured octopus fish man and reminded of the promise he made to him upon arrival. When the world aristocrat spoke condescendingly about the fish man and threatened to shoot him again, Luffy struck him down anyway. Trafalgar Law and the Kid were also present at the time, as was their wanted coater Silvers Rayleigh, also known as the former right-hand man Gol D. Rogers. To make a quick escape from the ensuing chaos and avoid an encounter with an admiral, the rival three pirate captains formed a brief alliance and fought side-by-side against the Navy. Before the captains parted ways again, Luffy announced that he would become the pirate king, at which Law and Kid bristled. Until now, they were always laughed at for such statements. They promised each other that they would meet again in the New World. But then again as opponents.

The end of the straw hat gang

Luffy is desperate

After a conversation with Rayleigh, the Straw Hat gang decided to split up for the next three days – due to the duration of the coating – so as to attract less attention and avoid the Admiral. So that they could find Rayleigh and her ship after that time, each Straw Hat was given a Vivre Card by the coater. Before the pirates could split up, however, a strange figure stood in their way. It was one of the Pacifista who, along with Admiral Kizaru, had been sent to the archipelago for the World Aristocrat incident. However, after the gang had destroyed the Pacifista with difficulty, they were not granted a break. For on the spot appeared other opponents – Sentomaru and another Pacifista. Unfortunately for them, they were also discovered by the naval admiral Kizaru. In the battle, Luffy realized that they were facing a superior force and ordered all his friends to retreat. But now the Samurai of the Seas Bartholomew Kuma himself showed up and made one pirate after another disappear until the captain was the only one left. Luffy tried to help each of his friends, but it was futile and in tears he broke down. Speaking to Luffy that the two would never see each other again, the samurai also made the Straw Hat captain disappear.On this day, the pirate gang led by Captain Monkey D. Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates, has suffered a total defeat…
The Grand Line, Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 12

Amazon Lily

Luffy’s fight with the
Boa sisters…

…and with yourself

Bartholomew Kuma had scattered the Straw Hat Pirates in all directions. Luffy landed on an island where there were only women – Amazons. There he decided to return to the archipelago. The only thing he could do was to follow Rayleigh’s Vivre Card. After he was attacked by a poisonous fungus, a young Amazon named Marguerite saved him. However, Luffy was locked in a cage because he was a man. However, this did not stop him from escaping after he awoke and taking Marguerite with him. Meanwhile, the leader of the Amazons, Boa Hancock, arrived on the island. In order to escape from the island to the archipelago, he unceremoniously built a raft. However, it disintegrated shortly after Luffy tried to leave on it. Marguerite had to rescue the drowning Straw Hat Boy again. Fleeing from the rest of the Kuja, Luffy crashed through the roof of Kuja Castle and into the bathroom. There he only met Boa Hancock, the ruler of the Kuja, who after initial shock told him about the “Gorgon eyes” on her back. The rubber boy learned that she would rather die than show it to anyone. So that Luffy would not tell anyone either, Hancock tried to turn him into stone, but failed. She petrified Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea. Luffy’s subsequent escape failed and he was taken to the arena for execution, where he first had to fight Bacura, a giant panther.

After the clear victory over the Beast, Hancock sent her sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold, to execute Luffy for good. Through a trick, Luffy made the clothes of the former catch fire, whereupon Hancock had the arena evacuated, as her two sisters also had the seal on their backs. Hancock stoned the three women again and began to fall for Luffy due to his surprising decision when asked if he wanted a ship or if the three women should be stoned. Hancock invited Luffy to the palace, where Luffy told her about the events with the world aristocrats. Since Hancock was once a slave to them, she was even more impressed with him, so she lent him a ship. That very evening Marguerite rescued the rubber man from the kuja who forced themselves on him and took him to Gloriosa. There he learned something unbelievable to him: his brother Ace was to be publicly executed and was currently stuck in Impel Down. Luffy decided to save his brother and left the island with Hancock for the prison. Hancock, meanwhile, was contacted to join the war between Whitebeard and the Navy over Ace on the latter’s side.

Impel Down

Luffy gets crushed by Magellan

The alliance

Four and a half days had passed since Amazon Lily’s departure when Luffy was successfully infiltrated into Impel Down by Boa Hancock. From then on, Luffy had 33 hours until Ace’s execution. Although he made Hancock promise that he would not cause a riot, he began to cause a stir as early as Level 1 when he freed Buggy. Together, they charged to Level 2, where Luffy met and freed Galdino, the former Mr. 3. Advancing to Level 3 together, the Straw Hat Boy found his first real ally: Bentham. On the way to level 4, the group parted ways: while Luffy and Bentham rushed to level 4 further down, Galdino and Buggy ran back to level 1 to escape. However, their paths briefly led them back together when they were all chased by the Minotaur. On level 4, Luffy and Bentham parted ways. While Luffy had to fight the prison warden Magellan, Bentham fled from him. Luffy was defeated by Magellan after a short fight and was covered in poison before being locked up by the guards in the central tower in level 5, the icy hell. Luffy was near death when Bentham freed him from his cell and dragged him through Level 5. As he too collapsed, a figure appeared: Inazuma. This figure took the badly injured friends to level 5.5, where every prisoner was free. There, tranny king Emporio Ivankov ruled. Luffy had to undergo painful therapy, which shortened his life by about ten years. After Luffy’s recovery, he was determined to save Ace. Together with Ivankov, Inazuma and Bentham, the Straw Hat Boy rushed to the lowest level to free Ace: But Ace had already been picked up and was now on his way to Marine Ford.

Now Luffy wanted to break out of prison and fight for his brother on the battlefield. Luffy freed Crocodile and Jinbe, the Knight of the Seas, who were also stuck in Level 6. Together, the alliance stormed back up. Ivankov motioned his trannies from level 5.5 to come along. At level 4, Jazz Bonez joined the movement. A short time later, the alliance ran into Marshall D. Teach. Luffy immediately attacked him as well, as he was to blame for Ace being executed. After a short fight, which was interrupted by Jinbe, the alliance stormed on to level 1, but Sady and her guardian beasts stood in their way, along with vice-leader Hannyabal. After they were eliminated, Magellan pursued the alliance. Despite his fierce resistance, the guard could not stop the alliance from successfully breaking out. Jinbe and Crocodile now captured a naval ship on which the alliance, which consisted of 241 men, headed for Marine Ford. Bentham stayed behind and opened the Gate of Justice. Luffy tearfully thanked his friend for his sacrifice.

On this day, the world’s best underwater prison, Impel Down, was destroyed!
The number of prisoners who managed to escape the walls was 241!
This was the greatest disgrace Impel Down ever suffered!
The Grand Line, Calm Belt, Impel Down

The fight for Ace

Luffy in the fight against the admirals

Ace dies in front of Luffy

The Alliance now headed toward Marine Ford to prevent the execution. When they arrived there, the war was already in full swing. The entire force of the Navy was facing Whitebeard’s powerful alliance, consisting of the Emperor’s crew and 42 allied captains and their crews. Once there, the Straw Hat Boy spoke to Whitebeard about Ace and his imminent execution. Whitebeard replied to the boy that he should not stand in his way. Luffy now charged toward the scaffold, but was stopped in the meantime by Smoker. Hancock freed him from the awkward situation so that the Straw Hat could continue on his way. While Ivankov also had Luffy’s back, the latter was again targeted: This time it was Hawkeye who put Luffy in distress. He was saved from this fight as well, this time Whitebeard’s commander Flower Sword Vista had stepped in for the Straw Hat Boy. Luffy continued to try to get on the scaffold, however, his attempt failed because of the protective walls, which were raised to encircle the pirates. Jinbe, meanwhile, had a plan: he hurled Luffy over the wall, where he faced the admirals. However, he had no chance against the Navy’s “Supreme War Power.” While Whitebeard and his gang continued to advance, Ivankov took care of the injured Luffy. The latter asked him to inject him with hormones once again, which he did after some objections. Luffy was able to fight again and immediately ran to save Ace. While the Whitebeard pirate gang was slowly being driven into a tight spot, the execution was to be carried out. Luffy screamed for Ace one last time. At this cry, not only some marines fell unconscious, but also the executioners could not withstand Luffy’s tyrannical haki. In fact, Luffy then managed to get onto the scaffold and free Ace from his handcuffs. But the joy was not to last long: Akainu provoked Ace into attacking the admiral. Despite his logia, he was fatally hit by the admiral. In his last words, he thanked Luffy and his crew. Luffy was hit hard by Ace’s death and lost consciousness, so he had to be saved from Akainu by Jinbe. After Shanks appeared to put an end to the war, Trafalgar Law fled the battlefield with Luffy and Jinbe aboard and was intercepted at sea by Boa Hancock. The latter suggested to Law that he take Luffy to Amazon Lily, as it would be safe there.

After the war

Luffy begins his training

It took two weeks for Luffy to wake up from his sleep. Now he realized what had happened: his brother had died in his arms. Completely horrified, he flailed around in the forest. Only when Jinbe spoke to him did he calm down. Luffy then remembered his past with Ace. Horrified, Luffy realized that he was too weak to be a pirate king. Rayleigh then reached Amazon Lily, where he made Luffy an offer. Jinbe, Rayleigh and Luffy went to Marine Ford once again and caused a ruckus there, which was of course recorded by photographers. Luffy had drawn a tattoo on his right upper arm, which told his gang to wait two more years for the reunion. Luffy also now began his training. Together with Rayleigh, he traveled to a feral island called Rusukaina, where the latter taught him the basics of haki. Together they trained for 1.5 years before Rayleigh left his protégé alone. Luffy remained on the island for another six months and then returned to the archipelago.

Two years later – The reunification

The Thousand Sunny dives

Luffy had previously received her cloak from Hancock for camouflage. When he arrived on the island, he bumped into a big man, his double. Although Luffy apologized, Fake Luffy held a gun to his head and tried to kill him. Luffy, however, was instantly superior to his double, dodged the attack and defeated the entire gang with his haki. He later encountered Fake Zoro and Fake Sanji again, which he thought were the real ones. To his horror, they didn’t act like Luffy’s real friends. Luffy quickly found out the truth, however, when Sentomaru revealed Luffy’s double to be DeMaro Black and thus knew about the Fake Straw Hat Pirates. Sentomaru had two Pacifista with him, one of which Luffy destroyed with one blow, the other was destroyed by Zoro and Sanji, who were on their way to Sunny. During these events, the new bounty on Luffy was also announced, which was 400,000,000. They now made their way to the Sunny. The Sunny left the Sabaody Archipelago and dived a short time later with the destination Fishmen Island. On the journey there, they were ambushed by Caribou and his band of pirates, but the gang quickly defeated the attackers. Caribou was tied up and remained on the Thousand Sunny. Later, the Straw Hats encountered Captain Vander Decken and his gang. A short time later, the underwater volcano they were above erupted, but the Straw Hat gang managed to escape in time. They sank to 10,000 meters below sea level and saw before them something they had been waiting two years for: Fish-Man Island.

The fish man island

Luffy secures the island
his help to

Luffy explains the island
to its territory

The first problems with the currently active New Fishmen Pirates came right away. Hammond got in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, while trying to escape with the help of the Sunny, the crew got separated. Luffy, Sanji, Chopper and Usopp were rescued by Camie, after which they celebrated their reunion after two years. Shortly after, the Straw Hat Pirates were invited by Neptune to the royal palace. There Luffy met the mermaid princess Shirahoshi and persuaded her to finally leave the palace again after ten years. In the sea forest, the team met the lost Sunny, the rest of the crew and the wanted Jinbe. After the latter finished his story about the past between humans and fishmen, plus the declaration of war announced by the captain of the New Fishmen pirate gang Hody Jones, all the Straw Hats went to Gyoncorde Plaza. The battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the New Fishmen Pirates came to an end when Luffy defeated Hody Jones on the Noah, saving Fishmen Island. However, Hody Jones caused Luffy to lose quite a bit of blood in the fight, so he needed a blood donation from Jinbe. The captain of the Straw Hat then invited the Fish Man to join his crew, but the Fish Man postponed the invitation indefinitely.

After the banquet, during which the crew was brought up to date on the world situation, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji met with envoys from Big Mom. The empress threatened to destroy the island because of a failed candy delivery, whereupon Luffy declared war on the empress and Fishmen Island as his territory. Afterwards, the Straw Hat Pirates said goodbye to the island and finally showed up in the New World after two years and were greeted accordingly to their reputation. They emerged in a stormy sea surrounded by lightning and flames. Their eyes fell on the next island through a distress call: Punk Hazard.

Punk Hazard

Luffy forms an alliance with Trafalgar Law

A cry for help, transmitted via Den-den Mushi, made Luffy give the command to enter the island. Luffy, Zoro, Robin and Usopp set off to explore the burning island, while the rest stayed on the ship. Meanwhile, the land troop had arrived at the center of the island at a huge lake. After crossing it, they found themselves in an icy wasteland. Shortly after, they met Trafalgar Law, who had joined the Seven Samurai, at a huge building. Luffy reunited with the rest of his crew, who had in the meantime been stunned, captured and escaped again. The gang, through tales told by Brownbeard and investigations by Chopper on a group of giant children, found out what was going on on the island and, above all, who the mastermind was: Caesar Clown. To survive in the New World, Trafalgar Law offered Luffy an alliance to overthrow one of the Four Emperors. To do this, Law had worked out a plan, the first step of which was to kidnap Caesar Clown.

After a dangerous battle, due to Caesar’s penchant for poison gas, which was lethal or petrifying on contact, Luffy managed to defeat the scientist. Together with Law, the Straw Hat Pirates managed to escape from Punk Hazard. The second stage of Law’s plan, to overthrow Kaidou, involved invading Donquixote Doflamingo’s kingdom: Dress Rosa.


Luffy meets his brother who was believed dead

Doflamingo succumbs to Luffy’s new technique

On the way to Dress Rosa, Law relayed the details regarding Caesar’s surrender to Doflamingo. After the conversation, the Straw Hat Pirates consulted with Law about destroying their real target: the Smile factory. After splitting into three groups at a landing place, each squad set about completing their tasks. Luffy’s path led him to the capital of Dress Rosa. As they passed the Corrida Colosseum, where preparations were being made for a tournament, news reached him of what the prize was for the winner: the Fire Fruit. Luffy could not leave this fruit to anyone else, which he made clear to his companions and asked them to complete their project alone.

In the first round, which was a four-block battle royal, Luffy won, demonstrating the progress he had made in controlling his king shaki. While he waited for the final round to begin, events began to unfold. Law’s group was lured into a trap and shot down several times by Doflamingo in front of Luffy. As he was about to leave the Colosseum to defeat Doflamingo, he was stopped by a man who wanted to fight for him in the final round: Sabo, who was thought to be dead.

Luffy now made his way to the palace to Doflamingo. There he managed to defeat Doflamingo after a long and hard fight, in which both Luffy and Law were close to death several times, and with the help of his latest technology Gear 4. After escaping from the Navy, many well-known fighters who were on Dress Rosa and had fought alongside the Straw Hat Pirates against the Donquixote Gang, told him that in the future they would go to sea under the flag of the Straw Hats and a now 500,000,000 pirate. During the fighting, part of the Straw Hat crew had to flee with the Sunny and thus Luffy’s next destination was set: Zou.


The alliance is expanded to include the Samurai and the Minks

Luffy and the part of the Straw Hats left behind by the Sunny reached the phantom island of Zou after a week on the high seas, on the back of a huge elephant. On the way, they were hit for the first time with all the harshness of the weather conditions of the New World. On Zou, the group met up with some of the Straw Hats who had gone ahead and had them tell them what had happened in the meantime. The Mink tribe was attacked by the pirate Jack, a subordinate of Kaidou, with the aim of learning the whereabouts of Raizo. Chopper, with the help of Caesar, managed to rescue the inhabitants and give them medical attention. Meanwhile, Sanji was forced by Big Mom to attend a tea party and thus his own wedding. After Luffy was brought up to speed on what was happening, he and the rest of the crew encountered Raizo and with him the secret of Zou: the red Poneglyph. Having found additional help in the fight against Kaidou in the formation of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink Alliance, he also wanted to leave immediately. However, he had to take care of rescuing Sanji first, so he wanted to sail alone with Pekoms to Big Mom and get him back. However, nothing came of the duo’s solo mission. After another incident with Jack, part of the gang and two other Minks joined them to invade Big Mom’s territory.

Totto Land

Luffy meets Big Mom

Katakuri is a challenging opponent for Luffy

At the border, the group met some of Sanji’s siblings for the first time. They unexpectedly helped Luffy, who had contracted poisoning, and then let them pass. On the first island that Luffy and his friends came across, they met Pudding, Sanji’s future bride, who wanted to help them free Sanji. She showed them the path that would take them to the main Whole Cake Island the fastest and undetected way to get there in time for the wedding. After some difficulties with the weather conditions, he finally reached the main island and after a short time there also met another obstacle, the candy commander Cracker. With the last of his strength he managed to win, but then found himself in a direct confrontation with his ship’s cook Sanji, who was just heading towards the castle with his family. Sanji stood up to his friends and Luffy had to let him go. Shortly after, he was captured by Big Mom. This promised him to let him go after the wedding, provided he behaves and gives his blessing for the wedding ceremony. Before he could free himself and Nami, however, Jinbe showed up unexpectedly. He freed the prisoners and offered Luffy the opportunity to ally with Capone Bege, who was also after Big Mom’s head. Together, the alliance blew up the wedding, but could not carry out the planned assassination and had to flee. In the process, however, they realized that the Big Mom pirate gang in assembled strength was of an entirely different caliber, and only by a stroke of luck did they make it to the island’s shore. There, Luffy confronted Charlotte Katakuri, the supreme commander of Big Mom with a bounty of 1,057,000,000 , in the mirror world to allow his comrades to escape for the time being. The battle presented an enormous challenge to the Straw Hat and Luffy was only able to narrowly as well as losing victory over his equal opponent by using a new Gear 4 form. It subsequently took the help of Pekoms, Sanji, the Germa 66 and the Sun Pirates to escape the waters of Deadland and the vengeful Big Mom. After escaping from Totto Land, his bounty increased to 1,500,000,000 . Because of his deeds, Morgans proclaimed him the fifth emperor of the seas.

Wano Country

Luffy is devastatingly beaten.

A few days later, Luffy landed, with some difficulty, in the land of the samurai. After saving O-Tama from Kaidou’s subordinates, he was taken to a secret village and met a Komainu there. In the course of further events, Luffy met Zoro again. With him, he confronted Basil Hawkins, who had been subdued by Kaidou. They escaped Hawkins’ straw doll and, thanks to O-Tsuru’s help, ended up in the alpine village of Okobore. From there, they and O-Kiku made their way to the city of Bakura, as O-Tama had been kidnapped there. After a few short battles, Luffy defeated the Star Holdem, who was holding O-Tama captive. After their release, Luffy gave O-Tama into Speed’s care. Before O-Tama said goodbye to Luffy, he promised her that she and the other residents would never have to go hungry again if they defeated Kaidou and left the country. Law then led Luffy and Zoro to the ruins of Kozuki Oden’s castle, where Kinemon and some others of the alliance were hiding. Once there, Kinemon opened up to those present that he, Kanjuro, Raizo, O-Kiku, and Momonosuke came from the past of 20 years ago and were sent to the future. Kinemon then touched on some aspects of their past with Oden and their time travel. Suddenly, the sky over Kuri darkened and a large dragon appeared on the horizon. Shocked, Law explained that it was Kaidou. Blind with rage, Luffy rushed down the mountain toward the village of Almos. Because Kaidou suddenly destroyed the ruins of Oden’s castle with his destructive fire breath, where Luffy’s friends were still, Luffy angrily attacked the emperor with Gear 3. Several volleys of blows hit Kaidou, but he was unimpressed and only changed back into his human form. Virtually unwounded by the latter’s attacks, Kaidou knocked Luffy out with a single blow as a result. Kaidou ordered Luffy to be taken to the convict mine of Udon. He was to do hard labor here and be tortured to break his will so that he would join Kaidou’s gang.

However, it quickly became apparent that the conditions were not much of a problem for Luffy, despite the sea stone handcuffs. Among the prisoners was the former yakuza boss of Wano Country, Hyogoro, who was now literally emaciated by the labor camp. Luffy, on the other hand, used his imprisonment to train and to find a method to defeat Kaidou. For this, Luffy remembered his training with Rayleigh, who once used a special armor haki. Little by little, Luffy defeated the guards, but Luffy could not release the Haki he was aiming for. When main representative Queen visited the prisoner mines, he held a competition and put exploding collars on Luffy and Hyogoro. During the tournament, Hyogoro demonstrated the very form of haki that Luffy had been working toward all along. Hyogoro now took on the role of Luffy’s teacher. However, their training was interrupted after a short time by Big Mom, who was suffering from amnesia and had been lured to prison by Chopper and O-Kiku. Because Luffy messed with Big Mom, Luffy and Hyogoro were thrown out of the ring, activating their exploding collars. Unknowingly, Luffy managed to use the enhanced armor haki and free himself and Hyogoro from the collars. After Queen was able to temporarily disable and tie up Big Mom, he left Udon with her for Onigashima. This opened up the chance to free Udon and the rest of the prisoners. However, the inmates were still unsure if their rebellion would really change anything about their situation. Furthermore, Daifugo also shot Queen’s developed mummy virus among the prisoners. However, Luffy gave the prisoners hope for improvement, so that the remaining guards were also defeated and the prison was freed. Luffy then used the remaining days until the Fire Festival intensively to improve his armor haki, so that he could counter Kaidou’s hard scales.


Luffy opens the rematch against Kaidou.

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the Heart and Kid Piratess, sailed toward Onigashima, where the Alliance planned to attack Kaidou and his Beast Pirates. On the high seas, they encountered the Red Sword Sheaths, who were on a confrontation course with ships belonging to the Beasts Pirates. Kanjuro turned out to be Orochi’s spy here, who kidnapped Momonosuke. When the Beast Pirates attacked the alliance with their long-range cannons, Jinbe emerged and sank the enemy ship. With a new comrade at their side, the Straw Hat Pirates also took out the enemy sentries at the entrance to Onigashima. In order to blend in with the beast pirates, Kinemon, using his devil powers, equipped the rebels with camouflage after landing on the island. Luffy wanted to prevent the Kid from acting conspicuously in the banquet hall and followed him on his own, much to the displeasure of his crew members. In the process, the Straw Hat captain betrayed himself very quickly and became the center of attention at the celebration. Amidst the chaos, Luffy encountered Ulti and Page One. Before a serious fight broke out, Kaidou’s daughter Yamato knocked Ulti out and dragged Luffy away. To him, however, Yamato introduced herself as a man and self-proclaimed Kozuki Oden. Her goal, like Oden, was to open the borders of Wano Country and also rebel against Kaidou. Luffy then trusted Yamato and removed for her the exploding handcuffs that had kept her from escaping the island until now. Together they now fought their way through the beast pirates to the Live Stage. Kaidou was announcing his New Onigashima project when suddenly the Samurai burst out of ambush and attacked the Emperor. In order to be undisturbed, Kaidou brought himself and the samurai to the roof with his dragon form, where a fierce battle broke out. Luffy wanted to follow them, but King and Queen blocked the way to the roof. Therefore, with Sanji and Jinbe at his side, he first had to laboriously make his way up. Finally, Luffy reached the roof together with Zoro, and Kid, Killer and Law had also arrived. Meanwhile, Kaidou had received support from Big Mom. However, the samurai had already been finished off by Kaidou, so the badly injured Kinemon put his trust in Luffy’s hands. In a group fight, the old and new era of pirates now faced each other.

Much to the astonishment of the emperors, at the start of the fight Luffy landed a hit on Kaidou, who went down bleeding. As the fight progressed, the former rookies held their own against the seasoned emperors for a while. A short time later, however, the combatants were separated from each other and the cards were reshuffled. Only Luffy, who in the meantime had discovered how to further strengthen his attacks with King Shaki, continued the fight against Kaidou alone. Kaidou took advantage of Luffy’s still inexperienced use of the king shaki, defeated the straw hat and threw it into the open sea. While Kaidou was proclaiming his victory over Luffy on the island to weaken the fighting morale of his opponents, Luffy spoke to Momonosuke through the voice of all things that he was still alive and would defeat Kaidou no matter what. Fortunately for him, he was then fished out of the sea by the Heart pirates and taken to Wano Country. Because Momonosuke had Shinobu’s devil powers make him 20 years older, Luffy was able to fly back to Onigashima on his dragon form. On the roof, Yamato was holding Kaidou at bay, in whose fight Luffy was now interfering again.


Romance Dawn

Luffy previously appeared as the main character in two prequels to One Piece, Romance Dawn 1 and 2, which were printed in the Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1996. These were conceived as one-shots and served as a template for One Piece in many ways. In Romance Dawn, he went to sea to become a pirate. There he was a peace-main, basically what Luffy is in One Piece as well, a nice pirate. He also has his devil powers in the original, though in neither version does he have his trademark scar under his left eye. In Romance Dawn 1, Luffy is also seen in the future as the captain of a crew on a ship. His appearance there as an adult looks quite similar to Shanks.

Both one-shots were adapted as anime. However, the adaptations deviate more or less from their original. In the Romance Dawn story, which adapts Romance Dawn 1, the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates was also integrated and Luffy has his scar under his left eye. Thus, the anime version deviates quite a bit from its original. The anime TV special for Romance Dawn 2, on the other hand, is much closer to the manga. Luffy’s scar is also missing here.


Akira Toriyamas
Drawing of Luffy.

Luffy on the cover of Men’s Non-no magazine

Luffy’s bronze statue in front of the
Prefectural Government Office, Kumamoto (picture 2)

  • His birthday (the 05.05.) is derived from his devil powers, the gomu gomu forces. One possible meaning of the word go is 5, gogo so consequently 5-5.
    • Now it is also the case that May 5 in Japan is a very important holiday during the so-called Golden Week is, namely the Kodomo no Hi (こどもの日, in English. “Children’s Day”). This complements wonderfully with Luffy’s mostly exuberant and, if you will, “childish” manner.
  • The syllables go and mu as in gomu can be read as 56. Oda picks up on this more often.
    • As a child, Luffy wears a blue T-shirt with these numbers.
    • When Luffy competes in the Corrida Colosseum disguised as Lucy (Ruby), he wears the number 0556 on his back.
    • The color spread of Chapter 872, which shows the Straw Hat Pirates with Raid Suits, says “Mugiwara56.”
    • The number of members of the Barto Club, who adore Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to the utmost, is 56 people.
    • The membership of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is reported to be about 5,600 people.
    • Coincidentally, the Weekly Shōnen Jump issue in which the 1000th chapter appeared is numbered #05-06.
  • Luffy is the most frequently appearing character in the manga and anime.
    • Within the first 1000 chapters (as of 01/04/2021), he appeared in about 864 chapters. Nami is in second place with 700 chapters.
  • Luffy is Oda’s favorite character. In the interview OVER 100 Miracle Talk between Eiichiro Oda and the mangaka of Detective Conan, Gosho Aoyama, revealed to Oda that of all the characters, Luffy is the easiest for him to draw. In addition, in his opinion, many scriptwriters find it difficult to write the character Luffy, which is why Oda always has to correct the lines of dialogue, because otherwise “it just wouldn’t be the Luffy that everyone expects”. Only he himself can “breathe life into him”.
  • You can say that Luffy’s Devil Fruit is the opposite of Buggy’s Devil Fruit: while bullets can’t harm Luffy, he is vulnerable to swords. With Buggy, it’s the other way around.
  • In One Piece 10th Treasures, a special volume released to celebrate the 10th anniversary, numerous famous mangaka have interpreted the characters from One Piece themselves and put them on paper. Luffy, for example, was also drawn many times. Also by Akira Toriyama.
  • For the first time in One Para Vol. 4 (April 2007) and later again in the Secret Log of One Piece Green, Oda comments on the origin of Luffy’s name. There he confirms that the name Luffy or Luffy derives from the sailor’s language from the English word “luff”, which means “to turn the bow to the wind”.
  • Luffy had quite a few alternative name suggestions for the Thousand Sunny, all of which consisted of a string of three animal names.
  • In the January 2010 issue of the men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine Men’s Non-no Luffy was the first manga character ever to appear on the cover. Like Weekly Shōnen Jump, the magazine is distributed by Shueisha.
  • In Chapter 801, Bartolomeo shows the autographs of the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy has been working with the Hiragana-character for “I” (jap. おれ, Ore) signed.
  • One Piece was part of Nissin Foods‘ advertising campaign called Hungry Days, which was to promote Cup Noodles. The ad features the Straw Hat Pirates and many other characters from the One Piece universe in a high school setting. The characters were created by the mangaka Eisaku Kubonouchi designed. (Show Luffy’s Character Design hide)
  • On November 30, 2018, a bronze statue of Luffy was erected in front of the Kumamoto Prefectural Government Office as part of the One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project. On the base of the statue is Eiichiro Oda’s handprint with his signature immortalized in bronze.
  • In an interview between Luffy’s seiyuu Mayumi Tanaka and Masako Nozawa (the seiyuu of Dr. Kureha or Son-Goku from Dragonball, among others), Tanaka worried what would become of Monkey D. Luffy when she’s gone one day. Nozawa dryly joked that she would then take over her role (although she is actually much older).
  • Luffy, along with other popular and well-known manga and anime characters such as Sailor Moon and Son Goku, was one of the ambassadors of the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.
  • During the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, there were two Olympians who imitated Luffy.
    • The Greek long jumper Miltiadis Tendoglou took Luffy’s signature Gear 2 pose for a mental power up before his jump. Tendoglou went on to win a gold medal with 8.41m. The official Twitter channel @Eiichiro_Staff then congratulated the Greek on Twitter for his performance in his national language.
    • The Italian walker Massimo Stano is also a fan of One Piece. He bit his thumb just before crossing the finish line in reference to Luffy’s Gear 3. He also won a gold medal, in the 20km walk. @Eiichiro_Staff congratulated him in a Twitter post in Italian.

Information from the SBS

  • SBS Volume 8: Since Luffy is completely made of rubber, his penis can also stretch.
  • SBS Volume 20: If Luffy were an animal, Oda said, he would probably be a monkey.
  • SBS Volume 38: Luffys does not have a specific favorite island or season like the other Straw Hats, but is fond of any island that has meat.
  • SBS Volume 40: Oda associates Luffy with the color red, he smells like meat, and he assigns him the numbers 01 and 56 (5 = Go, 6= Mu).
  • SBS Volume 45: All kinds of meat are among Luffy’s favorite foods.
  • SBS Volume 48: If the Straw Hat Pirates were a family, Luffy would be the fourth son.
  • SBS Volume 54: When asked by a reader why Luffy hardly has any thought bubbles with inner monologue in the manga, Oda replies that he always wants to portray Luffy openly and honestly. So when he thinks something, he speaks it directly or acts on it.

Luffy as woman

Luffy aged; above as a pirate,
down at alternative runway, if something went wrong

  • SBS Volume 56: Oda shows us what Luffy would look like if he were female.
  • SBS Volume 56: If Luffy were from the real world, he would be from Brazil.
  • SBS Volume 59: In response to a question about what was going through Luffy’s head, Oda responded with “Meat, meat, meat, (pirate) king” and as with all Straw Hats, “Friendship.”
  • SBS Volume 60: If each straw hat were assigned a flower that looked most like her/him, Luffy would bear the closest resemblance to a jewel basket, according to Nico Robin’s Seiyuu Yuriko Yamaguchi.
    • SBS Volume 95: Here Oda assigns the sunflower to Luffy (but he admits himself that he doesn’t know plants well).
  • SBS Volume 65: Oda explains why he chose the gum-gum power for Luffy. He simply chose the one that seemed the funniest to him so that he could always make jokes and he probably wouldn’t have lasted as long with him otherwise.
  • SBS Volume 67: Like Zoro and Brook, Luffy bathes once a week.
  • SBS Volume 72: Trafalgar Law’s nickname for Luffy is. Straw hat-ya.
  • SBS Volume 72: If Luffy were a prefecture of Japan, he would be Okinawa.
  • SBS Volume 73: When asked what the Straw Hats dislike about food, Oda answered for Luffy: cherry pie from a certain store for unknown reasons. (This is a reference to the cherry pies from Mocktown, Jaya).
  • SBS Volume 74: Luffy goes to sleep when he is tired and gets up when he is awake. His sleeping time is about five hours a day.
  • SBS Volume 76: If Luffy hadn’t become a pirate, he’d probably be a firefighter.
  • SBS Volume 79: The dish that Luffy can cook best is a raw meat platter.
  • SBS Volume 82: Luffy’s hobbies are adventures and banquets.
  • SBS Volume 84: Like Usopp, Chopper, Robin and Brook, Luffy also likes to eat ice cream.
  • SBS Volume 85: In a 50 meter Straw Hats race, Luffy would come in third.
  • SBS Volume 89: Oda draws Luffy at 40 and 60.
  • SBS Volume 94: If Luffy was allowed to give O-Soba Mask another name, it would be “Black! Mask! Mane”.
  • SBS Volume 99: Luffy prefers to eat his fried egg fried on one side, quite raw and with mayonnaise.

Differences between manga and anime

  • The scene where Luffy stabs himself in the cheek with a dagger was removed in the anime. It was feared that children might imitate Luffy and act out this scene. Thus, it is never explained where he got that scar. Show
    • The scene is hinted at in the TV special Episode of Luffy, where Luffy puts the knife lightly to the skin and the camera pans off-screen. After that, all you hear is Luffy’s scream. The TV Special Episode of East Blue is the first time the scene is seen uncut in the anime.
  • In the manga, Shanks noticed that Luffy had eaten the gum-gum fruit when he held it by the arm and then pulled it long. In the anime, however, Shanks noticed it while Luffy was eating the devil fruit. He lifted Luffy upside down by his feet above the ground. These stretched long and Luffy hit the ground with his head. Show
  • The scene where Luffy took revenge on the stinkfish did not exist in the anime. The anime only began when Luffy was already swallowed by the whirlpool. However, this was made up for in episode 504.
  • In the manga, Luffy emerged from a barrel on an Alvida base, while in the anime he emerged from a barrel on a passenger ship.
  • The scene where Jango tried to stop Nami with his Razor Disk and accidentally hit Luffy took place differently in the anime. In the manga, he hit Luffy in the back of the head, while in the anime, Luffy stopped the Razor Disk with his teeth. Show

Guest appearances

Luffy has made several guest appearances in other popular manga and anime, including the following:

  • Yakitate!! Japan
    • In episode 56, Luffy is parodied. To defeat his opponent in the cooking duel, one of the characters uses a style with which he can win. Thus, he puts on a straw hat and puts on a red T-shirt and blue shorts. Additionally, he has the ability to stretch.
  • Midoris Days
    • During the anime and manga convention, someone is seen dressed up as Luffy.
  • Inu Yasha
    • In episode 128, Luffy makes a brief appearance.
  • Bakuman
    • In Chapter 11, you can discover Luffy’s 100,000,000 berry wanted poster.
  • Cross Epoch
    • In Cross Epoch, Luffy personally acts with well-known characters from Dragon Ball Z, especially Son Goku.

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