Monet of One Piece

Mone was the assistant of Caesar Clown, who made her mischief on Punk Hazard. She had the appearance of a Harpywhich she owed to Trafalgar Law. As it turned out later, Mone was secretly working for Donquixote Doflamingo. Furthermore, she was the older sister of Sugar. She was accidentally killed by Caesar.


Mone a year earlier as a normal human being

Mone was an attractive young woman and had long green hair. She wore a green top with “HAPPY” written on it and yellow and orange striped pants. Noticeably, she had large wings instead of arms and bird legs instead of normal legs. When writing, she was seen wearing glasses, suggesting low vision. Her glasses lenses had a swirl pattern indicating strong lenses.


Caesar describes Mone as extremely diligent, as soon after she found out they were dealing with the Straw Hats, she gathered all the information she could about the gang. She did the same with Trafalgar Law when she first met him. She seemed to place a lot of emphasis on being well-informed as a result. Mone was quite resourceful, so she advised Caesar to reconsider partnering with Law, as they could use his ability for the ex-prisoners to walk again.

In addition, she was humorous. This is shown, among other things, when she jokingly called a meeting with Trafalgar Law a date. Otherwise, the Harpy woman seemed quite opaque and unpredictable. For instance, she also kept the information to herself for a while that it was the Straw Hat Pirates that came to the island, later explaining to herself that she simply forgot to mention it. She also didn’t tell her master that she noticed Chopper’s presence in Caesar’s lab. Despite everything, she is not immune to compliments. When marine soldiers called her cute despite her harpy form, she blushed and held her wings in front of her face, embarrassed.

Mone seemed mostly calm, but also possessed a sadistic streak. She simply lied to the children when they landed on Punk Hazard back then, and also gave them a highly addictive drug in the form of candy, even though she knew about the exact consequences. She taunted Mocha to share the candy with the others. Furthermore, Mone could transform into a giant snow monster. In this form, she bit a marine’s shoulder without hesitation and ripped out a chunk. When Vergo attacked Law, she visibly enjoyed his pain.

In battle, Mones’ tactical skills showed. Despite making it clear to Luffy that she would be outmatched in a straight fight, she managed to trap him in a ten-layer snow hut and stall for time. She also largely avoided a real fight against Zoro, whom she mentioned the same thing about, and went after Nami, Robin, and Chopper first.

Moreover, she was unconditionally loyal to Doflamingo. In order to be of help to his goals, she even accepted death. Here, on the one hand, the thought resonates that she would die by Doflamingo’s hand if she could not be of help to him. On the other hand, there is also the respect that is shown in a smile shortly before the attempted suicide.

Skills & Strength

Mones’ snow hut withstood Luffy’s attack.

Mone possessed the devil powers of the Snow Fruit, type Logia, which she can use to produce and/or transform into snow. When she interfered in the battle between Luffy and Caesar, she created a hard barrier of snow that protected Caesar from Luffy’s Jet Gatling. Although Luffy was able to break through the wall after all, Caesar escaped as a result. At this, Mone mentioned that ordinary pirates would not have been able to destroy their snow hut. Mone admitted that she wouldn’t stand a chance in a direct fight against Luffy, yet she managed to capture him in a snow hut with ten layers. Furthermore, she can weaken her opponents with cold. To do this, Mone embraces them with her harpy body to render the opponent unconscious. During the fight against Zoro and Robin, it was shown that Mone also knew how to use slashing weapons. In addition, she could transform into a snow monster that she could use to bite off arms herself. Her ability to fly made her a serious opponent and spy.
She combined these physical abilities with her intelligence. Thus, she knew very well about Haki, which is why she could defend well against Haki enhanced attacks.


Monet and her sister Sugar grew up in terrible circumstances until Donquixote Doflamingo took them both in his gang. Their gratitude was a guarantee to him of their unquestioning loyalty. Monet was at this time seventeen years old. It was also from him that they first received their devilish powers.

Ten years ago, before Luffy & Co. came to Dress Rosa, Mone infiltrated the Riku family household as a servant. Meanwhile, when Doflamingo made sure that the entire kingdom hated King Riku by having him and his soldiers controlled by his devilish powers to attack the populace, Mone opened the palace gates and let in the rest of the officers of the Donquixote Pirates. When they were caught in the act by Princess Viola, Mone took her hostage, making the takeover of the palace a simple matter.

In order to keep an eye on Caesar, Doflamingo infiltrated Mone as Caesar’s assistant.
A year before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Punk Hazard, Mone was still a normal person. When Law arrived on the island, she was present during the conversation between him and Caesar. When Caesar asked her if Law could be trusted, she came up with the idea of using Law’s abilities to help the island’s immobilized ex-prisoners. However, to make sure no one betrayed the other, Caesar wanted Law to take Mone’s heart and give him his own in exchange. Mone seemed to agree to this deal. It was also through Law that she eventually got her Harpy form.


Emergence of the Straw Hat Pirates

Mone is watching the Straw Hat Pirates.

Mone was first seen watching Usopp, Luffy, Zoro and Robin from a safe distance after they defeated the dragon. However, Usopp spotted Mone, whereupon she immediately flew away. During her flight back to Caesar’s factory, she already had her suspicions about who the intruders were and found the turn of events on the island quite amusing. While Smoker fought Trafalgar Law, Caesar was furious as her hiding place might be exposed. Mone then revealed herself and told him that she had found out who the other intruders on the island were. She then showed Caesar the latest newspaper, which reported the reappearance of the Straw Hat Pirates. As Caesar was about to send his men to finish off the Straw Hat Pirates, Mone warned not to underestimate the Straw Hats. She explained how high the gang’s bounties were two years ago, and assumed that their true strength was surely well above that by now. Shortly after, Caesar heard how a squad of his men had already been defeated and robbed. As a result, Caesar sent Scotch and Rock, the Yeti Cool Brothers, out right away after all. When they received the hasty report from them that some Straw Hats had already been defeated, Mone wondered a little.

Capture the intruders

Mone lured Lawin into the trap.

In the end, however, it turned out that the Yeti Cool Brothers had failed. Caesar confronted Luffy and the Marine himself outside the lab to get rid of them. Mone, meanwhile, stayed in the lab, where she ran into Law, who by now had secretly allied himself with Luffy. Law wanted Mone to accompany him to a certain place where he needed her help. Since the harpy was bored, she agreed. However, Law collapsed midway and thus realized too late that Mone was luring him into a trap where he met Vergo. Vergo explained that Mone was planted in Caesar’s organization so Joker could keep an eye on Caesar. Shortly after, Law was knocked unconscious. A short time later, Law, Luffy, Smoker, Tashigi, Franky, and Robin were stuck in a cage guarded by Vergo and Mone. Both were waiting for Caesar, who was about to test his new poison gas Shinokuni outside the lab. Caesar also casually mentioned that he knew of Law’s intentions, as Mone had followed him unobtrusively, due to her abilities. Mone seemed to notice that Chopper was also in the lab, but did not reveal it.

Fights in the laboratory

Mone interferes in Caesar and Luffy’s fight.

After the Straw Hat Pirates was able to break free and reenter the lab with the Navy, fighting broke out in several places. Mone remained in the main lab with Caesar, who filled room after room with his poison gas. Eventually, however, Luffy managed to fight his way to Caesar and tried again to kidnap the mad scientist. Once again, a fight ensued between the two. However, just as the fight was in Luffy’s favor, Mone interfered and protected Caesar. She advised her master to back off as there was no point in the fight, which he did. In turn, she told Luffy that she couldn’t let anyone harm Caesar or she would be killed by Joker and blocked his way. When word came that Law was seen near the SAD room, Mone understood what the latter was planning. To further keep Luffy at bay, Mone trapped Luffy in a ten-story snow hut from which she said he could not easily escape. Luffy angrily declared that these senseless actions would do nothing against him. Mone admitted he was no match for him in a straight fight, yet he shouldn’t mistake victory for fighting ability. In the next moment, she embraced him, weakening his body with her coldness. Just before Luffy lost consciousness, he escaped her abilities by breaking through the floor. In the process, he fell into the trash room of the lab, and Mone said that even if he could fly, he wouldn’t be able to escape from there.

Biscuits Room

Zoro cuts Mone in half.

Afterwards, Mone confronted Mocha and the rest of the Straw Hats in the Biscuits Room, who tried to stop the giant children from eating Caesar’s “candy”. Mone made it snow all over the room with her devil powers, whereupon the cold only made it harder for Mocha to escape. Robin tried to stop the rest of the giant children, but was then attacked by Mone. Zoro then planned to take care of the snow harpy. Mone, on the other hand, planned to take out the weaker pirates first. Nami was initially able to fight back with her climatic tact stick as Mone transformed into a giant snow monster. After another exchange of blows with Zoro, the marines and Tashigi appeared. The latter injured Mone with a Haki attack and declared herself ready to take on the snow woman. After injuring Tashigi, Zoro intervened in the fight and cut Mone’s Logia body in half with a single attack. Although the swordsman did not use haki for his attack, it was so powerful that Mone, paralyzed with fear, had difficulty regrouping. When she tried to stab Zoro in the back, Tashigi again intervened and ended the fight with a well-aimed cut.

The last command

Mone receives her final order from Doflamingo.

With the last of her strength, Mone dragged herself to the Secret Room, where she contacted her captain via Den-den Mushi. After explaining the situation to him, Doflamingo ordered her to press the lab’s self-destruct button and thus die for him. Without hesitation, Mone accepted the order. Just before she pressed the button, she smiled and, in an inner monologue, said goodbye to her young master, whom she was sure would be the king of the pirates. At that moment, seconds before she could touch the button, Mone passed away as Caesar pierced her heart, believing he was going to kill Smoker.


  • She is the first female Logia user, aside from Honey Queen, who is only seen in the second theatrical film and therefore not part of the canon.
  • The shirt inscription “HAPPY” (ハッピー) represents a pun on “Harpy” (ハーピー), as the two words differ only slightly.
  • Her conflicted nature and snow fruit abilities are very much based on the Yuki-onna, a fictional character of incredible beauty in Japanese folklore who belongs to the Yōkai group. She is said to kidnap children who do not heed her warning.
  • Harpy are winged hybrid creatures of Greek mythology who also kidnapped children, namely those of Pandareus. They have appeared in myth both as beautiful women and as ugly light-haired demons.
  • Her name is spelled in Japanese like that of the famous artist Claude Monet. In the vernacular, “Monet” also refers to a woman who at first appears very attractive from a certain distance (Mone is very pretty), but who reveals herself to be extremely ugly up close (Mone’s snow monster figure), which is an allusion to Claude Monet’s most famous works, which he created in the advanced stages of his blindness (Mone wears glasses when writing and reading): these look good from a distance, but up close they are as blurred as the old painter’s vision.
  • Her favorite was Matcha.

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