Momonga of One Piece

Momonga is a Vice Admiral of the Navy and is among the five Vice Admirals who participated in the Buster Call on Enies Lobby. He is also a participant in the decisive battle in Marine Ford.


Momonga after the time jump

Vice Admiral Momonga has a mohawk haircut, with his hair hanging way down. Momonga’s hair color is dark red. His beard is the same color, pointed, and slightly wider than his face. In addition, he wears a white coat that every other vice admiral wears, with two medals attached to it. Momonga is a tall man. He wears a blue and white striped suit and trousers of the same color. Underneath he wears a dark blue shirt with a white tie. On his feet he wears plain black shoes. He has a scabbard strapped to his hip, in which he always carries his sword.


Vice Admiral Momonga is an advocate of absolute justice, which is why he participated in the Buster Call. Furthermore, he is fully behind the actions of the world government and became very angry when Boa Hancock refused to comply with the request to come to Marine Ford. Thus, he also takes pain to fulfill the order he received. He also accepts danger when it is unavoidable. Thus, he dropped anchor in the middle of the Calm Belt to wait for Boa Hancock. Although he stood alone in front of the entire Kuja crew, he was not intimidated. This was mainly because as a member of the World Government, he felt superior to the samurai.

Unlike the crew of his ship, he has great self-control and does not fall for Hancock’s beauty.

Skills and Strength

Momonga takes on a sea king by himself

As a Vice Admiral, Momonga is among the strongest and most powerful members of the Navy. His strength is also evidenced by the fact that he was one of the few chosen Vice Admirals to be called along to the Buster Call. He was also the only Vice Admiral sent to Amazon Lily. This proves the great trust the World Government has towards him.

In addition, Momonga is a strong swordsman. While his crew couldn’t do anything against a Sea King, he defeated him in a short time with his sword, even though his opponent was even bigger than his battleship. Even the Kuja warriors had to admit that he was strong when they saw the Sea King.

Also, when he fought Luffy in Marine Ford, he was able to give him a hard time with his sword skills and prove his strength. In this fight, he also showed that he is proficient in the Rokushiki techniques of Soru and Geppou when he skillfully dodged Luffy’s counterattack.

Momonga seems to have a great knowledge about his opponents. For example, he knew how to ward off Boa Hancock’s devil powers. As a Vice Admiral, Momonga is also proficient in armor and observation haki.


Momonga over 20 years ago

Even more than 20 years ago, Momonga was stationed at the naval headquarters. What rank he held at that time is unknown. He was also there when Garp and Sengoku set out to solve the problems with Shiki and Roger.


The Buster Call

Momonga’s ship fires on Enie’s lobby

When Spandam accidentally activated the Buster Call, Momonga, along with four other Vice Admirals and a large number of marines, was sent to Enies Lobby with ten warships. There he participated in the bombardment of Justice Island. He did not play a very large role there until the termination of the Buster Call by Admiral Aokiji. The ships, and Momonga among them, were forced to return to naval headquarters with heavy losses.

Mission on Amazon Lily

Momonga delivers the demand of the world government

While Monkey D. Luffy was on Amazon Lily, the execution of Portgas D. Ace was drawing ever closer. Since it seemed very likely that Whitebeard would try to free him, all the forces of the World Government were summoned to Naval Headquarters. This included the Seven Samurai, who were considered powerful pirates. Momonga was given the task of summoning Boa Hancock to the naval headquarters. However, the latter was not to be found at the moment, so Momonga’s crew had to drop anchor in the dangerous Calm Belt. While Momonga and his crew waited for the pirate empress to arrive, the naval ship was attacked by a sea king. The crew could do nothing against it, but Momonga cut the Sea King from the inside, saving the ship and its crew. The marines were visibly relieved, as the Sea King was larger than their own ship.

Meeting with the Snake Princess

Only Momonga survivesHancock’s attack

After some time, Boa Hancock’s ship appeared, but she was not to be found at first. Momonga carried the request to the navy, whereupon Hancock mounted the deck. She refused his request and moved on to Amazon Lily, having previously turned the entire crew of the Navy ship to stone and taken the cargo. Momonga, however, was able to distract himself by stabbing him in the hand and remained unaffected by Hancock’s devilish power. He insisted on carrying out his order and gave her two days to reconsider the decision, otherwise the contract with the World Government would be null and void and she would lose her office as Samurai of the Seas.

Trip to the deep sea prison Impel Down

Momonga meetsHannyabal and Domino

The following night, Boa Hancock and Monkey D. Luffy returned to the Vice Admiral’s ship aboard the Kuja pirate ship, having previously informed him of her decision using the Den-den Mushi. Only she alone, accompanied by her snake Salome, would be boarding the ship, which was to make a stop at Impel Down. Momonga reported to her that he had been able to persuade his superiors to accept this condition. Boa Hancock then boarded the ship and cancelled the effect of her devil power, which had turned the entire crew of the battleship to stone. Momonga then ordered the soldiers to take up their positions and set course for the Impel Down. After meeting with Ace, he left the prison again with Boa Hancock. On board the ship, he was told by Zotto that there had been a clash between Kaidou and Shanks.

The fight with the Whitebeard gang

Momonga hits Luffy with his sword

Momonga, like all the other Vice Admirals, was now to oversee Ace’s execution in Marine Ford. The Vice Admirals were among the first to intervene in the fighting. Later in the fight, Momonga and another Vice Admiral, who possessed devil powers, stopped Luffy. With their fighting techniques, they were able to force Luffy to the ground before he could even hit them. When additionally Kizaru appeared, the fight was over for Luffy for now. Later, he was seen visibly terrified as Luffy defeated his grandfather and hurled him off the bridge built by Inazuma. Then, when Luffy also managed to free Ace, he was very angry that Donquixote Doflamingo thought it would be best if they both escaped. When Shanks finally showed up in Marine Ford and Sengoku declared the war over, Momonga also cleared the battlefield.

Two years later

Momonga was present on New Marineford when the Navy intercepted a conversation between Emperors Big Mom and Kaidou. Angered, he took note of the communication.


  • His name translates to flying squirrel.
  • His naval code is G-1 00660.
  • His favorite food is Samosa.

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