Mizuta Madaisuki of One Piece

Mizuuta Madaisuki was the older twin brother of Mizuuta Mawaritosuki and once a member of the Rumba Pirates. He passed away about 50 years ago.


Mizuuta Madaisuki passed away as a young gentleman. When he was alive, he had longer blond hair that went up. He wore a light-colored dotted shirt, light-colored pants, and sandals to go with it. He had a sword strapped to his back with a belt.


Mizuuta Madaisuki was an admirer of Brook’s swordsmanship and asked him to teach him. As a member of the Rumba Pirates, he was also a cheerful person and music accompanied his daily life.


The two twins joined the Rumba Pirates over 50 years ago. When they crossed the Westblue, they met the little whale Laboon, who, lured by the music, accompanied them from then on. After passing Reverse Mountain, however, they left him at Cape Twins with Crocus, as the journey on the Grand Line would have been too dangerous for the little whale. After countless adventures on the Grand Line, however, their captain Yorki fell ill, leaving Brook in charge and separating from the gang to prevent the spread of infection.

Eventually, they encountered an enemy pirate gang that outnumbered the Rumba Pirates. The entire Rumba pirate gang was killed. Only Brook was able to come back from the dead, thanks to his Devil Fruit. Mizuuta Madaisuki died from a sword in his skull, having already endured several stabs to the abdomen.


Lepresentation in the manga
  • His name was not revealed until the SBS to volume 53.
  • In the anime, his skeletonized corpse was censored so that the sword was in his back instead of his skull.

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