Mizerka of One Piece

Mizerka is a star of the Beasts Pirates.


Mizerka’s outward appearance is heavily influenced by eating a gorilla smile, so her body is fused into the torso of a gorilla, with only her hips and both arms affected. She herself is of average height, but much taller due to the gorilla towering far above her. She has shoulder length hair that curls upwards at the ends and two horns on her head. Her torso is covered only by a bikini top and strings that crisscross over her stomach.


Mizerka seems to have a similar relationship with the gorilla that grew out of her thanks to the Smile fruit as Holdem has with Kamijiro. Thus, she yells at him for constantly dropping careless banana pieces on her.

Skills & Strength

As the star of the Beasts Pirates, Mizerka has authority over lower ranked members. In addition, she has eaten from a Gorilla Smile, giving her the powers of the gorilla upper body called Gorishiro (ゴリ四郎, Gorishirо̄). She has yet to be seen fighting, but has always failed to stop the invaders so far.


On the day of the fire festival, Mizerka was present on Onigashima and cheered Queen as he heated up the crowd, assisted by Apoo. In the process, she was shown to be one of the gifters. However, the celebration was quickly interrupted by Monkey D. Luffy, Eustass Kid and more, with Mizerka among others getting in their way. While at least Apoo was able to inflict damage on them, the intruders were not stopped.

Later, when Luffy was on the third floor with Jinbe, on his way to the top, Mizerka and Poker were informed. While Mizerka was arguing with her goon Gorishiro, Poker was already rejoicing, as despite their failure to stop the Kid, they now had another chance. If they caught Luffy with a bounty of 1,500,000 berries, he was sure they would ascend to the Flying Six. However, the two Straw Hats did not appear, as a ladder was built for them by some samurais, causing them to go a different way.

Later, Daifugo appeared and administered one of Tama’s millet dumplings to her. At Tama’s command, she fought on the side of the Rebel Alliance from then on.


  • Their name is probably based on the Polish card game of the same name, in keeping with the card game motif of the stars of the Beasts Pirates, see Mizerka (note: needs link).

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