Miss Monday of One Piece

Miss Monday belonged to the Baroque firm and was the partner of Mr. 8.


Miss Monday is tall and powerfully built and has a dark complexion. She has red hair tied up in two braids. In her baroque days she wore a red and white checkered dress with three green flowers as decoration, but at her first appearance she wore the robe of a nun.


Miss Monday seems to go out after the appearance of her opponents. So she told Mr. 8 that it would have been better to attack the “children” already at the harbor. She was all the more surprised, like Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday, that Luffy has a bounty of 30 million berries. With her, however, the well-being of the Baroque Works is not her first priority, as she sacrifices herself for Vivi and Igaram and wants to stop Mister 5 and his partner. However, this venture failed.

Skills and strength

Miss Mondays brass knuckles

Since she represented a high rank in the Baroque hierarchy, she is also correspondingly strong. Her physical strength is very high, as she has a very muscular build. This factor is further enhanced with brass knuckles, but she stood no chance against Zoro.


She joined the Baroque Company at an unknown date and was promoted to a Border Agent there.


Arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates – A celebration with consequences

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Whisky Peak, they were kindly received and a party was held. At this feast Miss Monday was dressed up as a nun. She was there with Nami in a drinking contest, but Miss Monday had to admit defeat.

After the Straw Hat Pirates fell asleep, Agents Mister 8, Miss Monday, Miss Wednesday, and their partner Mr. 9 met outside the shack where the party had been held. Mister 8 showed them the wanted poster of Luffy. The other border agents were shocked to see that he was worth 30 million berry. They were about to discuss their next course of action, but on a rooftop Zoro called attention to himself.

The fight against Zoro

Miss Monday was defeated.

The four of them wondered why he wasn’t asleep. He told them he had them all figured out as bounty hunters from the beginning. He knew about the Baroque Company because he had been hired by them once, but he had refused. Mister 8 ordered to kill him and the members of the Baroque Company attacked him. However, most of them were defeated by him. He climbed a building and Miss Monday laid hands on him herself. She threw a barrel at him, but he blocked it. Later, she attacked Zoro with a ladder and almost caught him. She took advantage of the moment Zoro was down and hit him in the face with her brass knuckles. Zoro, however, got back up and grabbed her by the head. He then dropped the defeated Miss Monday to the ground and the agents were shocked at the fact that she had lost.

Officer Agents in Whisky Peak

Miss Monday stands in the way of Mister 5 and Miss Valentine.

Mister 5 and Miss Valentine came to the island as they were tasked to eliminate the traitors of the Baroque Works. These were Vivi and Igaram who had sneaked into the Baroque firm under the names of Miss Wednesday and Mister 8. Just as Mr. 9 protected his partner Vivi, Miss Monday also stood in the way of the two officer agents for Igaram. Mister 5 did not hesitate and took down Miss Monday, just as Mr. 9 had done earlier.

Two years later

Miss Monday’s family.

Two years later Miss Monday was still active as a bounty hunter and had married Mr. 9 and fathered a child with him. Her husband was playing with that child when she read in the paper about the return of the Straw Hat Pirates.


  • Together with Mr. 9 and her child she has a cameo appearance in One Piece – Stampede.

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