Miss Friday of One Piece

Miss Friday and her partner, Mr. 13, are the weakest of the border agents, yet they are perfect at their job as informers. They were also called The Unlucky Ones.


Miss Friday is a female vulture with glasses and a pilot’s cap, who has a machine gun strapped to her back.

Skills and strength

The very fact that Miss Friday is one of the higher-ranking agents of the Baroque firm suggests a certain fighting ability. She fights with her machine gun attached to her back. Furthermore, her main task, together with her partner, is to punish other agents, which is why she receives her orders directly from Crocodile.


Punishment of two agents

The unlucky onesdrop the package

When Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday had lost their log port, they wanted to get it back from Nami, who had found it and taken it. The two still had to report to their boss, however, they then noticed the unlucky ravens flying towards them from above. Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday tried to explain that they wanted to report to the boss and didn’t commit treason, but Mr. 13 was already throwing a package at them, which detonated in a big explosion.

Adventures in Whisky Peak

In Whisky Peak, Zoro took out many billions of the Baroque Company, as they wanted the bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates. The unlucky ones were also present. Four billions were about to flee, however they were stopped and finished off by Miss Friday and Mr. 13. Seconds later, Officer Agents Mister 5 and Miss Valentine showed up. The unfortunates then fled.

Little Garden – The fight against Sanji

In Little Garden, Sanji had taken up residence in Mister 3’s wax house for a short time. There, Mister 3’s Den-den Mushi answered and when he picked up, Sanji found that Mister 0 was on the line. However, the conversation was unexpectedly interrupted by the unlucky ones. Miss Friday attacked with her submachine guns and Mr. 13 attacked the Cook with his claws. But Sanji dodged and kicked the otter’s back with his pick, which crashed into the wall. Shortly after, the straw hat finished off Miss Friday as well.

After the Baroque Works

Caught by the Navy

After Miss Friday and her partner were caught by the Navy, her partner was forced to create phantom pictures of Mister 3, Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine and Mister 5. Using these drawings, Hina managed to track down the latter three on Holiday Island.


  • Miss Fridays and Mr. 13’s aliases are a reference to Friday the 13th, as it is known as an unlucky day.

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