Miss Catherina of One Piece

Miss Catherina held the rank of million before the Baroque firm was dissolved. She belonged to the bounty hunters of Whisky Peak.


When all of Whisky Peak was fighting Zoro, she was wearing a nun’s robe. Whether she always wears it or only wore it at the time is unknown.


Like all the other residents of Whisky Peak, she belonged to the Baroque Company and therefore spared no criminal acts. Since she belonged to the bounty hunters, money was probably her motive here. With the help of her poison cross and her partner, she unscrupulously exploits the pity of her opponent, as she did with Zoro.

Skills and strength

The two attack with the poison cross.

Miss Catherina held the rank of Million, the lowest in the organization, which makes her therefore not a serious opponent. In the fight, she therefore uses a trick together with her partner, with which the attacker first wants to spare her, but Catharina stuns him at that moment with a poison cross.


In Whisky Peak, she was dressed as a nun and welcomed the Straw Hat Pirates along with the other residents. Later, when Zoro realized that something was wrong while the other Straw Hats were sleeping, he soon got the whole town as an enemy. Miss Catherina therefore also took part in the fight against Zoro. She pretended to be protecting a child, but who really was her partner Mr. Beans. She tried to stun Zoro with her poison cross, but it didn’t work. Instead, Zoro easily dodged the attack and took out Miss Catherina as well as her partner with the blunt side of his sword.

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