Minatomo (Wano) of One Piece

Minatomo is a legendary carpenter on Wano Country and master of his own guild. As such, he was responsible for the construction of Kaidou’s castle. Franky disguised himself as Franosuke and briefly became his apprentice to obtain the blueprints for that castle.

Minatomo is a relative of a carpenter who also goes by the name Minatomo and lives in the East Blue. The latter is a descendant of a person who left the land of the samurai a few decades ago and arrived in the East Blue by ship.


Minatomo is a small man who can be seen with a mostly grim expression on his face. He possesses a roundish head around which he has tied a rope. His left cheek is adorned with a small scar. In keeping with the culture of Wano Country, he wears a blue kimono, black pants, and sandals. Furthermore, he can even be seen with nails in his nose.


Minatomo appreciates good carpenters, but he expresses his praise in a rude way. Despite his strict manner, he allowed Franky to interrupt his work now and then because he was doing such a good job.

Skills & Strength

Minatomo is an exceptionally good carpenter and is a master of his own guild.


Minatomo once built Kaidou’s castle on Onigashima. Then, ten years before the current events, in 1514, Minatomo pawned the blueprints to a pawnshop.


After the Straw Hat Pirates’s arrival on Wano Country, Franky joined Minatomo’s carpenter guild under the alias Franosuke in order to obtain the blueprints of Kaidou’s castle on Onigashima. After some time, Minatomo approached Franky about said blueprints. However, to Franky’s annoyance, Minatomo had remembered that he had already pawned the blueprints to a pawnshop ten years ago. Enraged, the cyborg grabbed the carpenter by the collar and the two lashed out at each other. As a consequence for his behavior, Minatomo dismissed Franky from his guild, which he was planning to do anyway.

Later, he was present at the bathhouse when Nami, Robin and Shinobu were also taking a break there.

During the fire festival, Minatomo also celebrated and noted that after this festival, he again could not drink alcohol for a year.

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