Minatomo (East Blue) of One Piece

Minatomo-san is a carpenter, and originally a gag character Oda came up with in an early fanpost page to explain the repaired door of Makino’s bar. Since then, he’s made a few small appearances in the anime.

Originally, Minatomo-san is a descendant of a person who left the land of the samurai a few decades ago and arrived in the East Blue by ship. On Wano Country, a relative of Minatomo still lives, who also works as a carpenter and bears the same name.


Minatomo is a small man with a tanned complexion who is usually seen with a grim expression on his face. He possesses a roundish head around which he has tied a rope. His left cheek is adorned with a small scar. His work clothes are blue. He also often has nails stuck in his mouth.


Minatomo is a very irritable fellow and supposedly fixes every broken door he sees. The reason for this behavior is that Mr. Minatomo cannot stand to see broken doors. For example, he repaired the damaged door that Grizzly destroyed from Makino’s bar. For this purpose, he always carries a small box and a hammer.

Skills & Strength

Minatomo is an exceptionally good carpenter, as he was able to repair the door in Makino’s bar instantly.

Performances so far

  • In the Foosha Village, Makinos Bar
  • In Loguetown, he asks Sanji if he really wants to enter the cooking contest (filler).
  • On the departure of the Straw Hat Pirates from Warship (filler).
  • On Drum, he repairs the door that Dr. Kureha destroyed (only in the anime).

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