A royal army in battle with pirates

A military or armed force (軍, gun) is a hierarchically structured and armed unit of a country, or an organization whose task it is to ensure security and fend off attacks from the outside or to lead them. Many kingdoms and islands in the world of One Piece have their own armed forces. But there are also Paramilitary armies, such as the Revolutionary Army and other insurgent groups.

Global Forces

Naval forces – Navy


The Navy (jap. 海軍, Kaigun) is the largest naval force in the world and is under the control of the world government. Their main job is to maintain law and order in the world, which includes hunting down pirates and other criminals. This includes putting out bounties and spreading wanted posters. The Naval Headquarters is located on Marine Ford Island, on the Grand Line, and is connected by the Tarai to the other two major facilities of the World Government, Impel Down and Enies Lobby. It is also home to Grand Admiral Sakazuki, the Commander-in-Chief of the entire Navy.

The total troop strength of the Navy is unknown, however the Navy had a division of 10,000 troops stationed on Enies Lobby. In a Buster Call, ten battleships of 1,000 men each are dispatched, suggesting that at least 30,000 more troops are stationed at headquarters. In addition, the Impel Down was guarded by a fleet of a dozen naval vessels, each carrying 800 men. All these figures suggest that the headquarters alone had a troop strength of over 50,000 men.
In the wake of Portgas D. Ace’s execution, the Navy pulled together elite soldiers from around the world and assembled a force of over 100,000 troops at Marine Ford.

Other forces

During the course of the plot of One Piece, not much has been revealed to date about whether and in what form there are other forces besides the Navy. However, it is known that there is at least one higher military post above the Grand Admiral of the Navy, which is currently occupied by Kong. He is the general commander of all the forces of the world government, which could mean that there is a global army in addition to the global navy, for example.

Allied armies of the world government

There are over 170 member countries united under the world government and whoever messes with one of these countries automatically declares war on all the others. Many of these kingdoms have their own armed forces, which also ally against the enemy in times of war and combine their forces.

Royal Army of Arabasta

Chaka and the Royal Army

The Royal Army of Arabasta (jap. アラバスタ国王軍, Arabasuta Tenshigun) is under the control of the Nefertaris royal house. Their job is to provide security for the kingdom of Arabasta. The Army of Arabasta is one of the largest known forces in the world of One Piece to date, originally consisting of 600,000 soldiers, however during the rebellion around 300,000 men changed sides and some also died. After peace returned and the Straw Hat Pirates crushed the Baroque Company, the soldiers rejoined the King. Therefore, the exact size of Arabasta’s current force is not known.

The supreme command of the royal army is held by King Kobra and his two adjutants Pell and Chaka, the former being considered Arabasta’s strongest warrior. The commander of the royal bodyguard is Igaram. An elite unit within the bodyguard was the Tsumegeri Guards, consisting of the four warriors Arrow, Barrel, Brahm, and Hyota. Hoping to become strong enough to defeat Crocodile, they drank the Hercules Water, which eventually killed them.

Royal Army of Drum

Marimo and the Royal Army

The Royal Army of Drum (jap. ドラム国王軍, Doramu Tenshigun) was under the command of the then king, Wapol’s father, over 20 years ago and was tasked with keeping Drum safe. However, when the tyrannical Wapol came to power, he used it to oppress the people. During the Blackbeard Gang’s attack on Drum, King Wapol fled along with his army, simply abandoning the people. Only Commander-in-Chief Dalton remained and continued to care for the citizens. Under Wapol’s rule, the army was under his three advisors: governor Marimo, staff officer Chess, and garrison commander Dalton.

Nothing is known about the exact size of Drum’s army, but it can be assumed that it has always been far smaller than Arabasta’s, as the soldiers all fit on Wapol’s ship. After Wapol returned to resume his post as ruler of Drum, he was put to flight by Dalton and the Straw Hat Pirates, after which Dalton was named the new king and renamed the realm Sakura.

Royal Army of Germa

Some soldiers of the Germa

The “Kingdom of Science” Germa has a very powerful army, which is known all over the world for its military strength. The suits of the soldiers look quite futuristic, which underlines the progressiveness of this army. Due to the great scientific achievements of Germa, this army is equipped with the most modern weapons.

More than ten years ago, the Kingdom of Germa was already powerful enough to dominate virtually the entire Northblue. At that time, they wanted to expand their sphere of influence, which is why the army eventually set out for the East Blue and invaded the city of Cozia, for example. Eventually, however, the Germa soldiers were repelled, and their king, Vinsmoke Judge, had to raise a new force and devise a new plan.

Royal Army of Goa

The Royal Army of Goa

The Royal Army of Goa (jap. ゴア国王軍, Goa Tenshigun) is subordinate to the royal house and the nobles of the “High City”. The soldiers wear a uniform consisting of a gas mask, black boots and gloves, and a light-colored shirt on whose upper arm is the emblem of the royal army, a flower. They are armed with rifles. Nothing is known about the troop strength and hierarchy of the Goan army.

The Royal Army’s job, after the pirate Bluejam set the Gray Terminal on fire, was to eliminate the surviving homeless so that the kingdom would be cleaned up for the World Nobles and make a good impression. Also, when Sabo’s father was negotiating with Blue Jam, some soldiers were there as escorts. Nothing more is currently known.

Royal Army of Lvneel (400 years ago)

The Royal Army Executes Mont Blanc Noland

The Royal Army of Lvneel (jap. ルブニール国王軍, Rubunīru Tenshigun) was under the command of the King of Lvneel 400 years ago. In appearance, the soldiers were reminiscent of typical KnightThey wore iron armor, chain mail as well as helmets and were armed with bladed weapons. Nothing is known about the number of troops at that time.

Mont Blanc Noland held the rank of commander of the royal expedition ship North Heim at the time. When Mont Blanc Noland returned from a voyage and told the king about a city of pure gold (Shandora), the king took 2,000 soldiers and set sail. On the perilous voyage, 1,900 of his men perished and there was great disappointment when it was discovered that the said “Golden City” was no more. As a result, Noland was publicly executed on a scaffold by the royal army as a liar. Whether the Royal Army of Lvneel still exists today is not known.

Royal Army by Mary Geoise

The Royal Army by Mary Geoise

Almost nothing is known about the Royal Army of Mary Geoise (jap. マリージョア国王軍, Marījoa Tenshigun). Their job seems to be to protect the “Holy Land” Mary Geoise and the World Nobles living there. The guards wear heavy armor with pointed helmets. Among other things, Mary Geoise’s army was present during the World Conference, and there are also guards outside the city’s massive castle. In addition, they are always present as escorts at the World Nobles. Nothing is known about troop strength at this time.

Neptune Army

The Neptune Army

The Neptune Army (jap. ネプチューン軍, Nepuchūn Gun) is the armed force of the Ryuuguu Kingdom and as such is responsible for the defense of Fish Man Island. It is under the command of its namesake King Neptune. Direct commanders are the three princes Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi as well as the two ministers. The princes are also considered the strongest fighters of the royal army.

The normal soldiers, who are responsible for the protection of the royal palace, wear seahorse-like coverings that cover their entire backs and are each armed with a trident. For faster movement within the Fishmen’s Island, they use soap bubbles, which they can create anywhere with the help of special corals.

The Ammo Knights

A special unit within the Neptune Army are the Ammo Knights (jap. アンモナイツ, Anmo Naitsu). These wear shell armor on their heads and shoulders, as well as a black cloak. Their eyes are covered by tinted visors. They are also armed only with a trident, but compared to the normal soldiers they generally appear more powerful. The Ammo Knights accompanied the three princes to Mermaid Bay as reinforcements, in search of the Straw Hat Pirates. Their name is apparently a reference to Ammonoidea.

Both Jinbe, Aladine, and Hody Jones served in the Neptune Army for an unknown period of time. However, all three resigned their service to become pirates for different motivations. While Jinbe and Aladine continued to respect the authority of King Neptune, Hody Jones made it his goal to disempower the royal family. Nothing is known about the exact troop strength of the Neptune Army, but it appears to be relatively small. They were no match for the 100,000-strong pirate army of Hody Jones and his officers.

TT-Air Force

The TT-Air Force

Tontatta’s royal army is called the TT-Air Force. It consists exclusively of dwarves and is based on Green Bit. It was there that Usopp, Nico Robin, Franky and, at times, Zoro met the dwarf soldiers as they were about to fight their final battle against Donquixote Doflamingo and his gang. The TT-Air Force is under Leo’s command, though they equally follow the orders of the One-Legged Toy Soldier, as he is a member of the Riku royal family. Other members of the Tontatta Army known by name are Flapper, Bian, and Kabu.

Paramilitary associations

Rebel Army

The rebels

The Rebel Army (jap. 反乱軍, Hanrangun) were a grouping of resisters in Arabasta formed about five years ago when a tragic incident occurred. Larger quantities, of Nebelin powder, banned on the arid summer island of Arabasta, were accidentally spilled. This accident was blamed on King Cobra, who was usually known as a very popular and just ruler, whereupon some citizens turned against the king and formed the Rebel Army.

The main camp of the rebel army was Katorea, where the leader Koza, his right hand Kebi and the members Okame, Erik and Farafra were located. Originally, the rebel army’s troop strength was around 400,000, according to Vivi, but later another 300,000 royal soldiers defected to the rebels, bringing the troop strength to 700,000. In the end, the rebel army even reached about 2,000,000 followers, who attacked the capital Arbana. After Crocodile’s plot was uncovered and peace returned to Arabasta, the rebel army was disbanded.

Revolutionary Army

The revolutionaries

The Revolutionary Army (jap. 革命軍, Kakumeigun) is a group that has made it their mission to overthrow the world government. Active for about twelve years, they have only been considered a potential threat since the World Conference eight years ago. The revolutionary army is led by Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, the most wanted man in the world.

Their headquarters was on Baltigo before the attack of the Blackbeard pirates, but is now on the island of dreams Momoiro. It is from there that all operations are planned. The individual revolutionaries wear hooded cloaks, gloves, and hats with feathers or animal heads. The number of troops of the revolutionaries is currently unknown, but they have already achieved several successes, such as the capture of Centaureas or some victories in the Northblue.
This information comes from an anime filler.

Army of Occupation of Ruluka

Wetton, Flip and the Customs Squad…

Wetton’s Occupation Government (Jap. ルルカ政府, Ruluka Seifu; Eng. Ruluka Government) was most likely established when the pirate Wetton raided the island of Ruluka several years ago and subsequently appointed himself mayor. The soldiers wore purple-blue uniforms, bayonet rifles, and silver helmets with Wetton’s crest on them.

Nothing is known about the exact number of troops. Their job was to enforce all of Wetton’s laws and collect the taxes that were enacted. Since Wetton was very greedy for money, he issued a tax on almost everything to take money out of the citizens’ pockets. In command of the customs troops (徴収隊, Chōshūtai) were Wetton’s descendants Flip and Rake. However, the army posed no problem for the Straw Hat Pirates. It can be assumed that it was disbanded after Wetton’s capture by Rapanui Pasqua.

Other armed forces

Galz Force

The Galz Force bracelet

The Galz Force was the armed force of the military-led garrison state of Galzburg. Its most famous member is Douglas Bullet, later a member of the Roger pirate gang, who joined the ranks as an infant and was then trained as a soldier. The Galz Force was always at war and never knew peace. They even fought a war against Germa 66 at one point, but the exact outcome is unknown. The Galzburg Army is very ruthless with its soldiers, so children were used as expendable vanguards to spot minefields and other dangers early.

Also, the soldiers’ recognition and pride was defined solely in their military accomplishments, so there was an award for special service, but it was only presented to one soldier at a time: a medal. Douglas Bullet was once able to claim it for himself, but this demanded that one desist from his comrades and trust no one. Another important figure was former commander Douglas Gray, who was able to rise to the rank of general due to Bullet’s successes.

However, he also contributed significantly to the downfall of the Galz Force or Galzburg by entrusting Douglas Bullet, fearing his enormous power. As a result of this event, Douglas Bullet went berserk and destroyed the country as well as the army. Today, the former military nation is just history.

Germa 66

Some of the clone troopers

The Germa 66 is the private army of the Vinsmoke family, headed by Vinsmoke Judge, who is also the King of Germa. It is active in the underworld and is also known as a “warmonger”, which is why it does not accept the world government as an ally. Nevertheless, Judge built Germa 66 to ever greater strength over the years, though secretly so as not to lose his influence on the Levely.

What makes this military special is that it is composed of clone soldiers created by Germa’s preeminent scientists. These possess supernatural strength and can handle Germas’ state-of-the-art weapons. They have also been genetically altered so that they know no fear and cannot refuse the orders of the Vinsmoke family. The Germa 66 clone army is so notorious in the underworld that it even attracted the attention of Empress Big Mom.

God’s Army

Yama and the Divine Soldierss

The God Army (jap. 神兵, Shinpei) were loyal subjects of the self-proclaimed god Enel and lived on the Upper Yard of the sky island Skypiea. They wore white robes, pants, and wings on their backs, as well as a brown ribbon worn around the collar of the robe with a golden ring as a chain. For weaponry they used various dials, such as an Axe Dial or Impact Dial. They were something like the god’s simple foot soldiers. Below them stood only the normal “Holy Troop”, consisting of simple inhabitants of Skypiea who were forced by Enel to work for him.

The God’s warriors had a troop strength of 50 men. Their commander was corporal Yama, directly subordinated to him were the two vice corporals Hotori and Kotori, who were also the brothers of the priest Satori. They were defeated in the “fight for survival” by the Straw Hat Pirates and the Shandia. After the fall of Enel, the God Army was most likely disbanded.

Chess Army

The different soldiers

The Chess Army (jap. チェス戎兵, Chesu Jūhei) is the military force of Totto Land. It is part of Big Mom’s pirate gang and consists of uniformed homie soldiers. There are different types of soldiers named after chess pieces and dressed accordingly.

The classifications are: Pawn, Bishop, Knight, Rook and King & Queen soldiers. It appears that the soldiers are assigned different duties depending on the class. Accordingly, the Kings and Queens soldiers are higher ranked and perform more important tasks than the other soldier types. For example, a king brought the all-important photo of Mother Carmel to Big Mom’s table, while peasant soldiers performed simple checks on the islands, among other things.

Charlotte Mont d’Or was impressed that Luffy had defeated the Chess Soldiers even though he was already battered. This suggests that the soldiers have some strength. However, since the soldiers are homies created by Big Mom’s Soul Fruit, Brook was able to influence and easily defeat the soldiers through his own devil powers.

Yonta Maria large fleet

Some ships of the Grand Fleet

“Adventurer” Orlumbus, one of the participants in the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum, is introduced as an admiral of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet. This suggests, from the name, that this is some form of military. However, it is questionable how this fleet relates to the world government, as Orlumbus, as a participant in the tournament, is more likely to be classified as a criminal. His appearance is also more reminiscent of a pirate than an officer.

The Yonta Maria Grand Fleet seems to be very powerful, as it has a force of 4,300 members in addition to Orlumbus, as well as an armada of 56 ships. One of these ships, the flagship, is the Yonta Maria. It is so big that even giants can fit on it without any problems, which underlines the name “Grand Fleet” once more. After the events on Dress Rosa, they joined the Straw Hats as part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and switched to piracy.


  • The armies of the world of One Piece seem to be mostly based on real armed forces:
  • Some non-military organizations also use a name based on titles of armed forces, such as the Neo Marine or the Happo Navy.
  • Brook was also once part of a royal force before he became a pirate.

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