Mikazuki of One Piece

Mikazuki is captain of the Big Helmet Pirates, which was on Water 7 at the same time as the Straw Hat Pirates.


As for his appearance, it is generally very menacing. He has long white hair, a thick nose and is comparatively tall. Moonsickle’s most noticeable features are probably his lower canines, which stick up like a jag, as well as the mikazuki on his hat. His clothing is predominantly dark tones.


Mikazuki’s traits resemble those of a typical pirate. He refused to pay Paulie’s bill, for example. He also doesn’t seem to have much pride, since he works for loan sharks.

Skills and strength

He, like many characters in the world of One Piece, fights with a sword. His bounty of 36,000,000 is a testament to his strength, but he was defeated by Zoro in one blow.


In an unknown event, the pirate gang’s ship suffered damage, so he had to have it repaired at the Galley-La.


At the Galley-La – Pirates vs Craftsmen

In Water 7, Mikazuki had a conversation with Paulie. According to Mikazuki, the price Paulie quoted was usurious, and so he refused to pay for the repair of his ship. Iceberg and Kalifa were also present. Suddenly, Mikazuki was hit by a tree trunk and went down. His crew then drew their weapons, but stood no chance against the Galley-La staff and were defeated. To the cheers of the spectators, the defeated pirates were carried away by the shipbuilders.
This information comes from an anime filler.

Working for Loan Sharks – Duel with Roronoa Zoro

Zoro Shoots Mikazuki Away

Later, Mikazuki worked for a group of loan sharks. Since he hadn’t paid the shipbuilders, he had to pay off the Galley-La’s repairs in installments, and in order to afford that, he worked for that said group. So he was also hired for forcing the money from Aunt. At the secret meeting place of the money collectors, he was attacked by Aunt. She used her Bang Bang Tornado, but Mikazuki repelled the attack with a punch and Aunt fell to the ground. When Zoro arrived, he used the 72 Sense Phoenix against Mikazuki and Mikazuki was flung into the air as a result. What became of him is not known.


  • In the anime, Mikazuki is called Mikazuki, which is his original Japanese name.

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