Merry of One Piece

Lamb is the servant of Miss Kaya. It was he who designed the The Going Merry.


Merry is an already older man. As his name suggests, he has a hairstyle that strongly resembles a lambskin. So they are white and fluffy. On the top of these are more brownish hairs, which remind of horns. He also has a grey mono-brow. Most of the time he wears a dark blue suit with a tie and a white shirt as well as a kind of ruff, which has the same characteristics as his hair. After being attacked by Kuro, Kaya bandaged his entire upper body. He also wore a bandage on his forehead.

Personality & Skills

Lamb is a loyal servant who cares deeply for Kaya. He fired his gun at Usopp after he tried to kidnap the lady of the house, and yelled for her to flee when Beauregard attacked him. He is fond of Kaya’s character and often mentions what a sweet and kind child she is. He also showed remorse when Usopp didn’t turn out to be a liar, despite being chased away by them because of it, and gave the The Going Merry to the Straw Hat Pirates for stopping the pirates. He also seems to have mastered the skills of architecture, as he was responsible for designing the ship.


Merry makes first sketches of the Going Merry

Lamb seems to have been in the service of Kaya’s family for a very long time. 22 years ago he created the first blueprints for the later “The Going Merry”, which he dreamed of being able to build someday, which did happen later.

Three years ago, he also got a colleague, Beauregard, as a butler. Later, Kaya’s parents finally died, after which the butlers only took care of Kaya, who was ill from then on.


Kaya finds lamb

When the Straw Hat Pirates came to Syrop, Lamb was getting a pair of glasses that Kaya had ordered. They were to be a gift for Beauregard on his third anniversary with them. Later, Usopp suddenly appeared at Kaya’s house and wanted to warn her about Beauregard, saying that in reality he was the feared pirate Kuro and wanted to kill her. Since she didn’t believe him, Usopp tried to kidnap her. However, Lamb prevented this by pointing his gun at him and grazing him with a bullet. He eventually sent the equally enraged villagers after the all-knowing liar.

Merry gives away theThe Going Merry to the Straw Hats

In the evening of the same day, when Kaya was already asleep, Merry was talking to Beauregard. When Beauregard finally found his anniversary present, Merry said what a dear child Kaya was and even cried because of it. Beauregard, however, dropped the glasses on the floor and crushed them. After that, the butler, who was really Black, attacked Lambie with his cat claws. The latter, meanwhile, screamed for Kaya to run away and eventually fainted from the attack. In the morning of the next day Kaya found Lamb lying on the ground. The latter was able to pick himself up and revealed the truth to her. Afterwards, he sent her after Beauregard so that she could give him her fortune and the house. Thus he would have had no more reason to kill Kaya.

However, the Straw Hat Pirates and Usopp managed to defeat the Black Cat Pirates together. Kaya also returned safe and sound and treated Lamb. They decided not to tell anything about what happened, as it was better for the village not to live in constant fear of pirates. Finally, Lamb gave his ship, the Going Merry, to the Straw Hats for their services, and explained to Nami how to steer it. After they sailed away together with Usopp, he told Kaya about Usopp’s past, which is told in Syrop. She then said that she wanted to become a doctor, which Merry said was a good plan.

Two years later

Merry chases Kaya’sadmirer away

Two years after the events surrounding Kuro, Kaya was still studying medicine. She also became a pretty young lady over time, which is why Lamb had to chase away many of her suitors.


  • Merry came in 21st on Popularity Vote 1. In all the following ones he could not achieve a ranking.

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