Mekao of One Piece

Mekao is the master of the maintenance crew of Naval Base G8. He is also the father of Doctor Kobato. He was the one who first saw the The Going Merry fall from the sky.

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Sketches for Mekao

Mekao has grey, longer hair, as you would expect on an older man, with long sideburns and some stubble. He also wears sunglasses/sweat goggles on his head at all times. He wears an orange jumpsuit, which is the identifying mark of the maintenance crew, with the symbol of the Navy on the back. Underneath he has a blue t-shirt on. Around the coverall he has tied a Hatchan, from which hangs a bag with tools.

Because he does not wear a white navy cap, he can be easily recognized among the maintenance crew. He also usually carries a bottle of alcohol with him.


He does not behave appropriately towards his superiors and sometimes yells at them. For example, he yelled at Major Drake when he tried to capture Usopp in the dock. This was also noticeable during the interrogation after the The Going Merry landed in Navarone. There he tilted his chair and looked up at the ceiling in love. Later when his daughter was taken hostage, he didn’t worry about her because he knows when his daughter is screaming for help. He believes his alcohol and enough sleep works better than any medicine.


He seems to be a very experienced ship’s carpenter, as he can tell at a glance whether a ship is in good hands. This is also supported by the fact that he is the master of the repair docks. This allowed him to give Usopp some tips on how to repair The Going Merry.


Meeting with Usopp

After the Straw Hat Pirates ship was taken to the repair dock, Usopp, disguised as a cadet, found it and examined it. Mekao joined them and realized that the ship was in good hands. Shortly after, Major Drake, with a unit in tow, joined them. He immediately had the unitless cadet arrested. As his unit raised their sabers, Mekao roared off, for the dock is the maintenance crew’s area and weapons have no place there.

Investigation of the The Going Merry

Shortly after meeting Usopp, a few members of the repair crew were talking about Usopp and why he wanted to go to this ship of all ships, as there were several warships anchored in the harbor that would be better to escape. While there, Mekao examined the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship and Usopp’s repairs.

2nd meeting with Usopp

After the examination, Mekao went to the prison to talk to Usopp about the Going Merry. In doing so, he gave him a few tips on how to repair the ship. In addition, Usopp told him about the adventure in the Sky Islands. He also told Mekao something about a man who repaired your ship, but Mekao didn’t get to tell him that person’s name because he was dragged outside by Drake’s men.

Escape attempt

After Luffy and company arrived at the dock of the Going Merry and Mekao’s daughter Kobato was taken hostage, Mekao watched the spectacle. At this, however, he was not worried about his daughter. He then loosened the wedge under the ship, allowing the gang to escape into the bay on their ship. Shortly afterwards Major Drake accused him of having loosened the ship, the latter justified this by saying he wanted to help his daughter.

Meeting with Kobato

The Straw Hats meet Kobato and Mekao in the infirmary…

Next, the Straw Hat Pirates encountered Mekao when he was with his daughter Kobato to get medicine. She forbade him to drink his alcohol, as neither drinking alcohol nor smoking was allowed in the infirmary. Afterwards, he argued with Usopp, who said they needed the gold for the Going Merry, but Mekao wouldn’t believe a word he said, since he was a pirate. When his daughter believed them, however, he joined in her opinion. After that he showed them the way to Jonathan and gave them some hints how to get there. He then wondered why he was helping the Straw Hat Pirates, since the fortress would be closed if the gang escaped.

The escape

Mekao watched the escape of the Straw Hat Pirates together with his daughter. When he saw the ship, he just said that hopefully the gang didn’t damage the beautiful ship. He was visibly surprised when the ship flew out of the fortress.


  • He was called Dock Man by Luffy.

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