The Maxim Ark (マクシム, “Makushimu”) is a giant ship capable of flight. Enel had it built by Gan Fall’s former troops to fly to his dream world Fairy Vearth.

Construction and design

Structure Special functions


Luffy uses the golden ark Maxim to his advantage

After Enel and his priests entered the house of God and defeated the warriors loyal to Gan Fall, he overthrew Gan Fall from his throne and enslaved his subjects to build the Maxim Ark for him.

Enel needed a material that he recognized as “worthy of him” to build the Maxim. He found this material in gold, which effectively transmitted his electrical energy. Consequently, he had the gold brought from the golden city of Shandora for the construction of the Maxim.

The 650 enslaved warriors worked on the Maxim Ark for six years until it was finally completed, hoping to finally see their families and homeland again, but after Enel had no more use for them, he tried to wipe them out.

Later, however, the 650 enslaved warriors reappeared. Gan Fall had found them in the Upper Yard and brought them back to their families.

The final battle between Luffy and Enel finally took place on the Ark. After his defeat, the self-proclaimed god fled with the help of the Maxim towards the moon, which he worshipped as Fairy Vearth. In fact, he reached the moon aboard the Maxim Ark as well.

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