Max of One Piece

Max appears exclusively in the second TV special.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 2 – Open to the Wide Sea! One Father’s Huge, Huge Dream.


Max has black hair and an afro. He wears grey pants with red straps and a yellow sweater with an “M” on it, which is probably a reference to his name. He is also wearing orange sunglasses.


Max is a man whose own testimony is that gold is worth almost as much as his life. However, he also took good care of Amanda and her siblings.


In his past, Max had to work on Bayan’s ship against his will.


Escape from Zap’s ship

They’re escaping from Zap’s ship

At the beginning of the special, Bonney and Max were working in the storeroom, contemplating whether to escape from Bayan’s ship. Bonney, however, dismissed the idea because they had no money. Amanda drew their attention and promised them some of her father’s treasure. Bonney and Max went for it and fled Bayan’s ship in a small dinghy along with the three children.

Meet the Straw Hat Pirates

The cave

Together they later arrived on an island, and met the Straw Hat Pirates. They told them they’d been camping here for a month, but concealed the fact that they were in search of treasure. When Zap’s ship came into view, Amanda had run into the woods earlier because of a speech Usopp gave about adventures. However, she was found by Zap’s men and taken along with Luffy, who was about to storm the ship. Eventually, the remaining four had to tell of Amanda’s father’s treasure and showed the Straw Hats their small living residence, a cave.

Fight against Bayan and his gang – The secret of the treasure

Zap threatens Max

However, the idyll they had while eating on the Straw Hats’ ship was immediately disrupted as Bayan and his gang showed up. While Luffy fought the Straw Hat gang as he was controlled by Bayan’s choir, Max and Bonney snuck onto the conductor’s ship. However, the two were stopped there by Zap, who didn’t hesitate and summarily defeated Max. Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, and Usopp showed up. When Bayan went to the part of the ship where they were, he found that Zap had been defeated by them, which he was about to do as well. Max and Bonney, meanwhile, had found Amanda again. They offered to run away and live with her, after all, her siblings needed parents. Together, however, they studied the treasure map on Amanda’s back beforehand. It turned out that the island was actually a giant seashell with an equally large pearl inside. Whether Bonney and Max got their promised share of it is not known.

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