Mashikaku (Non-Canon) of One Piece

Mashikaku (Non-Canon), also known as “The Wall Man”, is a member of the Foxy Pirates.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Mashikaku (Non-Canon) is a powerfully built person to whom the nickname “the wall man” also very much applies. His face always shows the same neutral expression. His head is covered by a striped cap and he wears a black and purple t-shirt with an F on it, which stands for Foxy. Furthermore he wears white pants and like every member of the gang a black mask.


There’s not too much to say about his personality, except that he’s a quiet person who doesn’t talk much and, like all members of the Foxy Pirates, cheats in every game, so the Straw Hat Pirates takes disadvantages from it.

Skills and strengths

Thanks to his figure, he can easily stop anything that comes his way. Also, Luffy could have been crushed by him if he hadn’t used the gum-gum balloon.


Mashikaku (Non-Canon) has to fightagainst Nami

In the Davy Back Fight against the Straw Hat Pirates, the Roller Race was Mashikaku (Non-Canon)’s only play. There, he used his body weight to drop on Luffy, who couldn’t get off his roller skates, to give Porche a head start. Luffy, however, used gum-gum balloon and was rolled through the rink by Robin using their devil powers. Mashikaku (Non-Canon) then got in his way once more, but Robin made sure Luffy flew over him. Girarin prevented him from landing by using his blades and flinging Luffy into the audience. He then competed with his supernaturally large roller skates against Nami, who was of course faster than him. However, Porche used hypnosis so that Mashikaku (Non-Canon), despite his slow pace, easily finished ahead of Nami. He faced off against Jube in Robin’s race, along with Girarin, but she got past them.


  • Its name translates from Japanese to mean “square,” which is very fitting for its general appearance.

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