Marron of One Piece

Marron is a naval officer and participated in the attack on Delta.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Stampede (2019).


Marron is a young, slim woman with shoulder-length brown hair. She wears red heart earrings, otherwise the typical navy outfit, consisting of a navy cap, a sailor shirt with a blue neckerchief and dark blue trousers. Furthermore she wears an officer’s coat. In her right hand she also carries a saber.


Marron participated in the Navy’s attack on Delta during the Pirates Festival. In the city, she clashed with enemy pirates, but the fight was interrupted by Douglas Bullet, who merged with the island. When Marron and the rest of the marines, as well as the pirates, spotted this, they ran toward the coast.


  • Your name will only be mentioned in the credits.
  • Marron’s voice actress, Ron Monroe, is a Chinese model and singer. This was her first appearance as a voice actress in an anime.

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