Marineford Arc


Luffy, along with the prisoners, has managed to break out of Impel Down. With their captured navy ship, they sail towards Marine Ford, the battlefield of the Great War and the execution site of Ace. Meanwhile, the elite of the Navy has gathered there, including the three admirals, five samurai of the seas, and 100,000 marines.

To kick things off, Fleet Admiral Sengoku reveals some surprising news about Ace when Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, shows up with his band of pirates and 43 allied pirate captains and crews. The battle is already in full swing when Luffy and his companions join them. In the meantime, Luffy comes dangerously close to the scaffold on which Ace is to be executed, but is thrown back again. Still, he doesn’t give up. Will he manage to save Ace from certain death?

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