Marie of One Piece

Marie was a nurse from the Sabaody Archipelago, but she was then chosen as a wife by world aristocrat Charlos.


Marie is a young, pretty woman with brown eyes and black hair. At times as a nurse she wore white sandals and on her skimpy clothes was a red cross. She also wore the usual headgear for her profession.


She carried out her profession with care and did not leave the wounded man’s side, even though she was in the presence of a world aristocrat.


Charlos kicks the injured

She and some other people were about to take a wounded man to the hospital when Saint Charlos came by. Outraged by the people’s disinterest, he confronted them and eventually threw the wounded man off the gurney. Marie knelt beside it in horror until she was noticed by Saint Charlos. He chose her as his thirteenth wife and had her taken to the “Holy Land” Mary Geoise. When her fiancé interfered, Saint Charlos unceremoniously shot him.

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