Marianne of One Piece

Flagbearer of Freedom (jap. 自由の旗手, Jiyū no Kishu) Marianne, better known by the alias Miss Goldenweek, was the partner of Mister 3 and thus a special agent at the Baroque Company. She now works at the newly opened Spiders Café.


Miss Goldenweek is a young girl with big black eyes and pink cheeks. She wears her red hair, tied into two braids, hidden under a pink hat with green and yellow trim. On her upper body, she wears a navy-orange t-shirt and an open blue blouse with white clouds. She also seems to have a penchant for jewelry, wearing a jade-colored bracelet as well as an amulet of the same color around her neck as well as a gold necklace. Her legs are covered by a purple long skirt decorated with white. Always with her she carries her paint palette and a brush, which she uses in battle.


She’s pretty calm and collected, so she asked Mr. 3 on Little Garden if the Straw Hat Pirates wouldn’t take her capture seriously, even though they themselves preferred picnics to fighting Luffy & Co. She also loves picnics, so she held one on Little Garden, which Luffy also attended since he was controlled by her.

Skills & Strength

Luffy is controlled

Miss Goldenweek was the only Special Agent in the Baroque Company, besides Mr. 4, who had not eaten a Devil Fruit. Despite this fact, she was one of the twelve strongest fighters in the organization, even though she is still very young. She can use colors to force emotions on people by drawing them a sign in the appropriate color on their body or on the ground below them. Accordingly, she is armed with a palette of colors and a paintbrush. The following colors and combinations are known: Colors Trap: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Light Green and Rainbow.


Mission on Little Garden – Fight against the Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy is controlled and cannot help his friends

Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek were sent to Little Garden to take down Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates. Their own goal was also to capture the two giants Brogy and Dorry with a sneaky trick in order to collect the bounty on their heads of 100,000,000 each and thus get promoted. The “Wax Man” was able to capture the giants and the princess, along with their friends Zoro and Nami, thanks to his devilish power by setting them up on his Extra Large Candle Service Set and tying them up by their feet.

Although his friends were trapped, Luffy, who along with Usopp had also faced off against Agents Mister 5 and Miss Valentine, who were seeking revenge for their defeat at Whisky Peak, was not worried about their future as he was captured by Miss Goldenweek’s Colors Trap. Through instructions from Nami, who like all the other prisoners was about to become a wax figure, they were able to free Luffy from the agent’s color influences for the time being. However, the captain was painted again, after which it became clear that Luffy seemed to be inferior to his opponent.

The agent perceives the attacking Karoo

After the agent had forced Luffy to have a picnic by using a color combination, time ran out and his nakama became works of art of the genius Mr. 3. Luckily for them, he could finally free himself by an explosion of Mister 5, who had fought Usopp, because his T-shirt including the paint on it was burned by it. By a trick of Usopp’s, the supposedly dead members of the pirate crew could be saved, who in turn made short work of Mister 5 and Miss Valentine.

Through his instincts, the now normal Luffy finally managed to defeat Mister 3, who had been hiding in the jungle with dozens of other wax agents after his defeat, despite his wax armor painted by Miss Goldenweek. A few moments later Karoo caught sight of the fleeing agent. The latter now ran at full speed towards the fleeing agent and hit her in the head, defeating her as well.

Life after the Baroque Company

The agents reopen Spider’s Café

After the defeat at Arbana, all the Special Agents except Mister 5, Miss Goldenweek and Miss Valentine were taken to a naval prison, where they were by far the most heavily incarcerated. After Mister 2 and Mister 3 were also brought in by Hina, her friends, the only agents at large, broke into the prison and freed all their colleagues. Only their boss Crocodile and Daz Bonez aka Mister 1 remained behind.

They then opened Spider’s Café in an undisclosed location, where they can now live in peace.


The sign for Colors Trap
  • In Japan, the Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated every year. Golden Week is the week when the celebrations are held all over the country. Namely, from April 29 to May 5.
  • Her favorite tea is green tea. She likes to eat Senbei with it.
  • Her real name Marianne and her epithet “Flag Bearer of Liberty” suggest that the French national figure Marianne may have served as a model. In Eugène Delacroix’s paintingLiberty Leading the PeopleMarianne is depicted with a flag in hand, leading a revolt against the policies of Charles X. This would also fit with her appearance in her cover story, where she wants to free the former Baroque agents from prison.
  • The sign she always paints for her fighting technique Colors Trap is a variation of the letters “C” and “T” (for Colour Trap).

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