Marguerite of One Piece

Marguerite is an Amazon. She belongs to the Kuja people and never saw a man in her life before Luffy. Since the two-year time jump, she belongs to the Kuja pirate gang.


Marguerite is a beautiful woman with blonde hair. Like every other Amazon on Amazon Lily, she also wears a cape similar to that of a naval officer. She wears a brown fur bra with black spots on it, which she has fixed with a string. Around her waist she wears another piece of fur in the same color as her top. On her right leg she has a pair of black and white tights that reach up to her thigh. She has a small bag of arrows attached to it. She is also wearing black heeled boots. There is also a black and green striped snake coiled around her body that she uses for her attacks.


Marguerite is a kind and caring person. She likes ornaments and beautiful flowers, which is why she sewed beautiful flowers on Luffy’s blended clothes to give it a nice touch. The Amazon is very dutiful, so she still wanted to kill Luffy when she rescued him from the sea when he tried to escape from Amazon Lily on a homemade raft. Still, she is honest and faced Pirate Empress Boa Hancock when she asked Luffy how and what he was doing on Amazon Lily. Marguerite, knowing that Luffy really meant no harm, stood up for him and put the laws of Amazon Lily behind Luffy.

She is also quite curious about strange things. This was shown when Luffy stood naked in a cage in front of the Amazons and Marguerite asked what that “bag” between his legs was. After Luffy answered that it had his two golden orbs in it, Marguerite, and the rest of the women, wanted Luffy to take them out for them to gaze at his orbs of pure gold, which he refused to do under high protest.

Skills and strength

Attack Luffy with Haki Arrows

Marguerite is a very skilled and strong Kuja warrior. She can charge her arrows, which she always carries, with Haki to give them more strength and penetrating power, so that they can even break stone. When doing so, she uses her snake like a bow and cocks her normal wooden arrows. The arrows only retain the strength they get from the haki for a short time, as when Luffy took a closer look at the arrows, he was able to break them with ease. Charging arrows through haki can apparently be used by just about any Amazon, which is why the women on the island are particularly strong and unique.


A strange find

Marguerite discovered Luffy overgrown with mushrooms in the forest with Aphelandra and Sweet Pea. He had eaten of the mushroom-sprouting-from-the-body mushroom, which drains the life energy from Luffy. Mistakenly thinking Luffy was a girl, the three Amazons took him to the village for treatment. Later, she and Sweet Pea removed the mushrooms from Luffy’s body and washed him. They discovered another “mushroom” between his legs, whereupon it was revealed that their find was, to everyone’s horror, a man. Later, when Luffy woke up in a cage for the “protection” of all the women, he was watched by many Amazons who studied his every action, as they had never seen a man before. Marguerite had blended Luffy’s clothes and decorated them with flowers, which did not suit Luffy at all and he yelled angrily. Ready to attack, the Kuja pulled out their arrows and wanted to kill him because they considered him dangerous and would get trouble from their Empress Hancock. As the warrior women shot their arrows, the rubber man broke free, grabbed Marguerite and fled with her. However, he did not take her hostage as most thought, but took her with him to ask for his Vivre Card, as Marguerite had previously blended his clothes.

Talking with Luffy

Marguerite and Luffy talk

In a forest, a bit away from the village, she handed him the Vivre Card and told him something about the island. For example, that Amazon Lily is in the Calm Belt. Luffy told her that he is a pirate and desperately needs a ship so he can get back to the Sabaody Archipelago to meet his friends. Marguerite told her that there is also a pirate gang on Amazon Lily and their captain is Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. However, she then remembered that she was supposed to kill Luffy to avoid getting in trouble from Hancock. She shot an arrow at Luffy, but he managed to dodge it. At that moment, other Kuja warriors appeared and shot arrows at Luffy as well.

The petrification

Marguerite is petrified

Later, when Luffy was being held in the island’s battle arena, Marguerite defended Luffy a bit and apologized to Hancock with Sweet Pea and Aphelandra for bringing him to the village in the first place. At first it seemed like Hancock was being merciful to the three and not punishing them, however she did turn them to stone. Luffy couldn’t believe that the Amazons in the audience also thought Hancock’s act was right, who had fallen for the Empress’ beauty.

After the battle of Luffy, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold came to a surprising end, Boa Hancock transformed Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea back at Luffy’s request. Later, she was also present with Luffy at Nyon’s house to seek refuge from the Amazons. There she learned that Luffy’s brother is Portgas D. Ace and was to be publicly executed in Marine Ford.

After the two-year time jump.

Two years later, Marguerite is a member of the Kuja pirate gang, picked up Luffy with the other Kuja pirates from Rusukaina and brought him to Sabaody Archipelago. As Luffy & Co. made their way to Fishmen Island, the Kuja ship got in the way of a navy ship so the Straw Hats could escape. Marguerite managed to get a glimpse of Luffy’s crew that way, too, and said they all looked pretty funny.

After the events on Dress Rosa, she showed the creatures on Rusukaina the new profile of Luffy.

Then at the Levely, when The Seven Warlords of the Seas system was abolished and the Navy sent a unit to Amazon Lily, Marguerite was with them in the throne room at Boa Hancock.


left: manga, right: anime
  • Like all known residents of Amazon Lily, Marguerite’s name is derived from a plant. In her case, it is the Leucanthemum vulgare.
  • Since Luffy told her that the “2 balls” between his legs are his “golden balls”, she often asks him if she can get them.
  • There was a difference between the anime and manga in the bath scene where Marguerite removed and washed Luffy’s mushrooms. For example, she continued to wear her brown fur top in the anime, while it was missing in the manga. (see image)
  • In One Piece Green, an early concept for Marguerite is seen, with her originally eating from the cat fruit.(show hideimage )
  • Her favorite dish is gyoza, Japanese dumplings.

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