Manjaro of One Piece

Manjarō is a pirate and a member of the Fake Straw Hats, which posed as the real Straw Hat Pirates in order to recruit new, strong members. He assumed the identity of pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro.


Manjarōs size is close to that of his original, however he is much fatter than Zoro, also he has a much rounder face. His hair is similar to the original. He wears a polo shirt, as Zoro often does. Around his waist is a belt, to which his three swords are also attached. He wears short shorts with the number 34 on them.


Like the rest of the gang, he seems to be quite dishonorable and pretends to be Zoro. Contrary to the two originals, Fake Sanji and Fake Zoro get along quite well, which also amazes Chopper when he sees the two and tries to talk to them. He was also in favor of using Chopper instead of Fake Chopper, as it would be more authentic and more likely to get new people to join their gang.


Together with Fake Robin, Fake Sanji and Fake Chopper he met the real reindeer member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Since they would look much more authentic with this one, they wanted to kidnap him. However, in their attempt to lure Chopper with a pickle, they were ambushed by agents who kidnapped the fake Robin, as the agents mistook her for the real Nico Robin.

Chopper decided to rescue Robin on his own, so DeMaro Black sent Fake-Sanji and Fake-Zoro to capture Chopper. When they had already lost him, they ran into Luffy, who thought the two were the real deal. They took the straw-hatted boy to their boss. Meanwhile, the latter gave a speech to the recruited pirates. During this speech, the navy began an attack on the pirates. After DeMaro Black’s defeat of Sentomaru, the cheaters’ false game ended and everyone present registered that they had been cheated. As a result of this cheating, the entire gang of Caribou and Coribou was defeated. They were now to pay for their treachery.


  • His name was not revealed until One Piece Blue Deep.
  • His favorite dish is Miso.

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