Maidy of One Piece

Maidy is the Lady’s maid in the palace of Arbana, the capital of the desert state of Arabasta.


Maidy is a lady with brown hair. She wears a purple dress and a white cap on her head. Presumably, these are her working clothes. Furthermore, she has a pearl earring on both ears.


Maidy prepares Vivi

When Princess Vivi was supposed to address her people due to the victory over the Baroque Company and the end of the rebellion, she was assisted in dressing by Maidy and Terracotta, being interrupted once by Vivi’s father King Kobra and a second time by her bodyguard Igaram. Both were chased out of the room.

In fact, however, the princess later gave her speech not in front of the palace as planned, but via Den-den Mushi on a Sandy Island shore, so that she could say goodbye to her friends, the Straw Hat Pirates.Two years later, Maidy took Pell’s measurements because he needed new clothes for the upcoming Levely, the Conference of Kings in Mary Geoise.

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