Magellan of One Piece

Magellan was the head of the deep sea prison Impel Down until two years ago. He possesses the devil power of Doku Doku no Mi and became a poison man through this, who can produce extremely dangerous and unpredictable poison. Under his twenty years of leadership, there was only one escape in Impel Down’s history, but it was the biggest: that of Monkey D. Luffy and his alliance, as well as many of the important criminals who were imprisoned on Level 6.

After the time jump, he had given up his leader post to Hannyabal and was from then on only the vice leader of the Impel Down.


Magellan before the time jump

Magellan is a very tall man, about three times the size of a normal-sized man. His face resembles that of a baboon. His outward appearance, which is reminiscent of a devil, emphasizes the atmosphere in Impel Down, which is perceived as hell for the inmates. This is supported by his bat-like wings on his back, his goatee, and the horns on his head. His hands are not visible, as he wears gloves that strongly resemble those of the Blue Gorillas. Furthermore, he wears the uniform of the staff. Unlike the normal staff who are dressed in white, his clothes are in black. 22 years ago, when he was the deputy leader, he wore a beige uniform with a green shirt and a light green tie.

After the time jump, a prominent scar adorns the left side of his face. In addition, his left horn and wing are riveted with metal. Both of his armbands now have other symbols printed on them instead of Impel Down’s logo.


Magellan rests ten hours per day by locking himself in the toilet and doing his day’s work there. He also sleeps eight hours a day and works only about four hours (breakfast and breaks subtracted) in his office. He likes to eat soup with poison because, as a poison person, poison does nothing to him.

However, this fact is deceptive, because despite everything, you should not underestimate Magellan. According to Hannyabal, he can be fully relied upon in an emergency. During the Impel Down incidents two years ago, Magellan demonstrated his leadership skills and showed why he was the leader of Impel Down and kept his cool despite all the incidents. In addition, Magellan had several contingency plans. One of them was to temporarily release the condemned Shiryu.

Magellan is a tough but just man who doesn’t abuse his position and only kills the prisoners in exceptional situations. He takes his job very seriously and goes to extremes to defend the Impel Down, even if it costs him his own life.

Skills and strength

He was the head of the most secure prison in the world of One Piece, and thus had full command of the facility. Furthermore, he could execute any inmate of his prison on the spot himself, or have them executed as soon as he saw fit. Along with the other high ranks, he and those were called the Allstars of Impel Down by the prisoners. Before the imprisonment of the Warden Commander, Magellan and Shiryu were referred to as the “metal plates” that protected the Fortress of Hell. In his twenty years of service as Warden, no one had ever escaped from the prison.

It can be assumed that he must have a high physical strength, because as a leader he must be able to counter any resistance in the prison and put even the strongest prisoners in their place. He proved his strength several times. For one, he was able to put away one of Luffy’s attacks in Gear 2 and even win against the burglar. He was also able to block the gum-gum stamp, which also had Galdino’s wax on it, with one arm without much trouble.

Magellan poisons his environment – his colleagues are also in danger

Furthermore, he was given devil powers from a paramecia fruit, the poison fruit. He is able to produce different types of poison himself and manipulate it. The types of poison can vary in concentration and form. From poison gas, to viscous poison, to highly corrosive poison. The devil powers also give Magellan an immunity to other poisons. Because of this, he can eat poisoned food without poisoning himself. Unfortunately, this comes with disadvantages – stomach ailments. Another effect of the poison fruit is that Magellan exhales poison.

The Poison Man and his Hydra

Similar to Galdino’s Wax Fruit, he can produce an infinite amount of poison, but cannot turn into poison himself, which sets him apart from Logias. However, this does not make him any less dangerous. Completely encased in poison, Magellan is almost impossible to attack, as no opponent wants to be poisoned when they touch the Poison Man. It is possible to make an antidote to each of his poisons. Depending on how many poisons Magellan combines, it becomes increasingly difficult to impossible to make antidotes.

Fire seems to have a neutralizing effect on the liquid poison that Magellan produces. Also, Galdino’s wax seems to be resistant to most poison.

Magellan has developed his devil powers to the point where he can perfectly manipulate and control the poison he produces. The Hydra is the best example of this. After excreting vast amounts of venom from his body, he shapes it entirely to his liking. In this case, he shapes it into the form of a three-headed dragon, which is made of a poison that attacks the nervous system and can cause death. The hydra finds other uses as well, being used as a ‘road’ and Magellan coming back out at the mouth of it. This allows him to cover long distances quickly. Inserting a chloroball releases gas that irritates the eyes and nose when inhaled. Magellan’s most powerful poison attack is the Venom Demon: Judge of Hell. This Venom, which he has manipulated, resembles a giant skeleton and makes the same movements as Magellan. When an inmate is hit by the poison, it begins to decompose. Mr. 3 mentions that the poison spreads like a virus and wax or stone can’t counter it.


Magellan puts Shiryu

About twenty-two years ago, Magellan was the deputy chief, but that changed when the myth of the Great Prison fell with the outbreak of the pirate Shiki. What happened to the old leader is unclear. Magellan, however, began his service as chief exactly twenty-two years ago.

Some time ago, there was another power in Impel Down besides Magellan, his name was Shiryu of the Rain, the Commander of the Wardens. Both of them were referred to as the “metal plates” protecting the Fortress of Hell. However, Shiryu was the more dangerous of the two due to his cruel nature. He abused his post and slaughtered many prisoners for pure pleasure, as they were nothing more than trash to him. Since Shiryu was uncontrollable when it came to that, Magellan locked him up in the 6th level as a consequence.

Two years ago

Intruder Luffy

Magellan stands before the poisoned Luffy

When Boa Hancock arrived at the Impel Down with Vice Admiral Momonga, he welcomed the Samurai of the Seas into his office on the fourth level. Upon arrival, Luffy was smuggled into the large underwater prison by Hancock so that he could get to Ace. However, when the Straw Hat Captain was exposed, a report was made to the leader on the spot. Incensed that intruders were in his prison for the first time during his tenure, he immediately wanted to set out to stop them single-handedly. However, Hancock was able to use her feminine charms to convince him to take her to Ace first. After Vice Admiral Momonga and Samurai Boa Hancock left the prison again, Magellan learned that chaos had broken out in his prison. He had many precautions taken so that they would definitely catch Luffy and his companions (Bon Kurei, Buggy, and Mr. 3). When Luffy & co. reached level 4, Magellan stood in the way of Luffy and Bon Kurei. A fight ensued between Luffy and him, which the leader ended up winning. He covered Luffy with a vast amount of poison. His defeated opponent would go through 24 hours of pain before dying. There would be no way to cure Luffy. Magellan ordered Luffy to be thrown into the central tower of Level 5. At the same time, a guard reported to Magellan that there was trouble outside the gate to Level 3. When the leader appeared there, he was faced with a crowd of defeated guards and an equally defeated Hannyabal. When asked what had happened, the vice leader replied that Mister 2 had been the cause and ran to the third level. Magellan ordered the guards from level 4 to level 3 and under the command of Sady and the guard beasts to capture Mister 2. Impel Down was to be returned to the state it was in before Luffy broke in.

Chaos takes its course

Magellan Poisons the Blackbeard Gang

After the unconscious – Bentham and Luffy – were found by Inazuma on Level 5, Magellan sat straining on the toilet saying he had used too much poison in the fight against the intruder. A few hours later, he escorted Ace through the elevator from Level 6 to Level 1 so he could be taken away for execution. While Magellan had handed Ace over, events transpired. Deputy leader Hannyabal collapsed in despair. Luffy at level four, Buggy the Clown at level two, and Blackbeard at the main entrance.

Hannyabal saw no way to save the situation and was about to give up when Magellan suddenly contacted him via Den-den Mushi. He told Hannyabal that he had just ended the uprising on level 2 and was now heading to level 4. Hannyabal was to go there as well and hold off Luffy and co. until he got there. Blackbeard was to be taken care of by Shiryu, who had previously been held captive at level six. If he helped Magellan, his execution would be delayed.

When Magellan reached level four and discovered the gathering of felons and Blackbeard, he wanted to know what had happened to his freed commander. At the same time, a guard in the monitor room reported that all the monitors were out of order and the connections to headquarters were also cut. Out of the blue, contact with that guard also broke down, at which point Magellan immediately sent new people to the monitor room, wondering how it could possibly have come to this. Since Luffy was the greater evil, Magellan tried to stop him at level 3. In doing so, Magellan didn’t have much time to deal with Blackbeard and quickly covered him and his crew with a massive load of poison, knocking them out.

The biggest defeat Impel Downs

Magellan cannot prevent the escape of the prisoners

While walking past the poisoned pirates, he discovered Hannyabal lying on the ground, badly injured. He told Hannyabal not to die, for he was the only successor he had. He then shouted after Luffy that he would never let him escape alive. To buy Luffy time to save his brother, Ivankov stood in Magellan’s way. While Ivankov was able to injure Magellan, he was no match for the prison leader in the end. Next, Inazuma stood in Magellan’s way, but he too was quickly defeated.

Though on level 2, Buggy’s and Luffy’s Prisoner armies have since allied, but they were quickly reduced in number by Magellan. Just before Magellan could grab Luffy again, this time, to the surprise of everyone present, Galdino stood in Magellan’s way and erected a wax wall to stop him and pay his debt to Luffy. Magellan engaged in a brief battle with Galdino, Luffy, and a few prisoners, being the superior in this confrontation as well. His opponents decided to flee. Just before he caught up with all the fugitives at the main entrance, they still managed to escape from him at the last second. Then, just as the Gate of Justice opened for the escapees, the leader rushed into the control room, only to be horrified to discover that an exact replica of himself was there. Bentham stayed behind to give Luffy a chance to escape. At the same time, however, he sealed his own fate. Angered by this, Magellan took care of him.

On the brink of death

After the Battle of Marine Ford, Sengoku received the latest situation report from the Impel Down from Brannew. According to it, several prisoners had escaped from Level 6 and Magellan was near death. Nevertheless, he was willing to take full responsibility. Due to Magellan’s failure, Brannew was afraid that he might kill himself after he recovered so that he wouldn’t have to continue living with such shame.


Newly appointed vice-president

After the time jump, Hannyabal succeeded Magellan as head of the Impel Down when he resigned, presumably due to the great embarrassment and severe wounds of two years ago. Magellan himself returned to active duty after two years and was appointed as the new Deputy Head of the Impel Down, whereupon his former subordinates greeted him frenetically.

After Donquixote Doflamingo was imprisoned in the maximum security prison, Magellan took over his on-site surveillance. The prisoner suspected an assassination attempt on him because of the security measures, so that the secret Mary Geoises is not betrayed.


Magellan as a child
  • Magellan is probably based on the navigator Ferdinand Magellan. More information about Magellan’s naming.
  • He likes to just fall asleep and then accidentally poison others with his toxic breath.
  • He can remove the horns on his hat and use them as fighting claws.
  • His favorite dishes are poison soup and Sashimi (without removing the poison first).
  • In the SBS to volume 69, Magellan is seen as a child.
  • In the 7th popularity poll, which is the first global poll, Magellan reached 123rd place, having failed to rank in all previous ones.

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