Maelstrom Spider Pirates

The Great Strudel Spider Pirates is an established pirate gang of the New World. The captain of the crew is a strong pirate named Squard. Nothing is known yet about the individual members of the gang.


Squard had managed to make a reputation for himself in the New World with his former gang, however, his entire former crew was wiped out by Gold Roger and his gang, which is why he has a hatred for Ace, as he is Roger’s son. Later, Squard and his new gang formed an alliance with Whitebeard.


At the Great Battle of Marine Ford, among the allied pirate gangs was the Great Strudel Spider Gang. Whitebeard seemed to hold Squard in high regard, as he was about to hand over command of the alliance of 42 pirate bands to him When the battle was in full swing, Squard, who had disappeared earlier, suddenly appeared in front of Whitebeard, drew his sword, and stabbed Whitebeard’s stomach with it. He then explained that Akainu had told him that Whitebeard and the navy had made a deal, which was that Whitebeard would hand over the allied pirates to the navy if Ace’s life was spared.

After it was revealed that Akainu had tricked Squard, Whitebeard forgave Squard for the offense, and Squard broke down crying and angry with himself. At the end of the battle, when all the pirates were stuck on the Marine Ford, the Great Strudel Spider Pirates came with a ship to rescue the pirates.

They wanted to stay behind instead, but Whitebeard issued his final order. Everyone was to flee and he would stop the navy. After Ace’s and Whitebeard’s deaths, as well as the appearance of the redhead pirate band, Sengoku declared the war over and the Great Strudel Spider pirates left the battlefield.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit

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