MADS is the name of a former team of scientists who were active at least 24 years ago.


The first time Yonji Vinsmoke referred to this team of scientists was when he presented the Germa 66 clone army to Sanji. Their father, Judge, was a member of MADS with Dr. Vegapunk before his children were born, and together they researched weapons development. When the World Government learned that Dr. Vegapunk had decoded the blueprint of life, known as the stem genes, they claimed the research for themselves and disbanded MADS. After his arrest, Dr. Vegapunk became part of the Navy research team and made a name for himself there with many discoveries. Judge, on the other hand, escaped from the clutches of the government and continued his research on Germa alone. Using the strain genes, he created his clone army there and modified the genes of his children.

As revealed on Onigashima, Queen was also part of MADS.

Known members

PositionNameDevil Fruit
Member:Vinsmoke Judgenone
Member:QueenDinosaur fruit, model: Brachiosaurus

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