Madilloman of One Piece

Madilloman is a pirate and subordinate of Emperor Kaidou. He is one of the Gifters of the Beasts Pirates and works as such in the prison mine of Udon.


Madilloman is a very large man whose appearance is strongly influenced by the consumption of a Smile devil fruit. Thus, he grew the armor of an armadillo on his back, from which a long tail protrudes behind, as well as small hind legs. He has an elongated head shape with a bald head, but a very thick and wild chin beard. He also has a very large mouth. His upper body is only covered with a belt that runs across his chest and a small protection in the rib area. Furthermore he wears black trousers, which are fastened by a wide belt. This is decorated by a large belt buckle with an “A”. His knees are bandaged and he wears black shoes. His lower legs are completely covered with fur.

Skills and strength

Madilloman in his armor

Madilloman once ate from an armadillo smile, which changed his appearance. Due to the back armor, he has a very good defense and in addition, he can protect his face from the armadillo’s head, which can appear from the front part of the armor.

Furthermore, he can completely surround himself by the tank, again increasing his defense. However, this can also be used to attack by rolling against his opponents afterwards. To do this, he carries two pistols loaded with sea stone bullets for offensive purposes. However, he stood no chance against Monkey D. Luffy’s distinctive Observation Haki, as well as Hyogoro’s distinctive Armor Haki.


When Luffy and Grandpa Hyo faced several fighters in the ring for Queen’s entertainment in Udon, Madilloman and Alpacaman were also their opponents. However, Madilloman entered the ring with two guns, which the spectators thought was slow, but he countered that they should be quiet and that this was an execution after all. However, he was unable to hit Hyo as he was told which way to go by Luffy who could anticipate the attacks. When Luffy went to counterattack, Madilloman protected himself, but to his amazement, the Straw Hat did not attack at all. Luffy was merely training a form of armor haki. Madilloman then rolled completely into his armor and attacked the two, but again he couldn’t hit them. Finally, Hyogoro helped Luffy and he was able to knock Madilloman out of the ring after his partner Alpacaman had already been defeated.


  • His name is a reference to his Smile devil fruit, so the English word for armadillo is Armadillo. His name in Romaji (Majiroman) suggests the same (armadillo = Arumajiro).

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