Luffy, Zoro, Sanji & Chopper vs. Franky Family

After Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper find the unconscious and badly wounded Usopp outside the Franky family home, they set out to avenge him. As they stand in front of the house, a member of the family is just coming out. Luffy uses a gum-gum gun to propel him back inside, along with the door. The Frankys quickly recover from their initial shock and talk victoriously about collecting Luffy’s bounty.

Sanji attacks several members of the Franky family at once with this attack

A member of the Frankys gets in Luffy’s way and asks him to start the fight. The captain of the Straw Hats also immediately starts hitting his steel armor with a gum-gum gatling, but doesn’t hit it properly, so he is laughed at again. In return, his opponent lunges with his axe to slice Luffy, but that’s when Luffy’s true intent is revealed: with the Gatling attack, he merely focused his energy to now create a massive Gomu Gomu no Cannon. He punches a huge hole in the “indestructible” steel armor and his opponent is knocked out.

Raven hunting vs cannonballs

Again, the Franky family gets scared and tries to convince Luffy to settle the matter peacefully. In reality, they prepare cannons in the meantime, which they now fire at the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro runs towards the bullets and uses his Three Swords style with the Karasuma Gari attack, which he uses to slice all the iron bullets, keeping them away from his fellow soldiers as they now hit behind them. He also splits the cannon to prove that iron is no match for him. Panicked, the Frankys try to escape through the back door, but Sanji prevents them with his Party Table Kick Course attack.

Chopper Takes The Franky Family Onto The Antlers

The remaining members of the family see their last chance to escape in the windows, but this time Chopper intervenes. With a Rumble Ball and the Double-Hornpower form he eliminates the rest until only Zambai is left standing. He tries to save his skin by telling the straw hats that the money is no longer there, Franky has gone shopping with it and he doesn’t know where it is.

Franky House is destroyed.

But the four pirates are not only after the money, they actually want to avenge their injured friend, and so the fate of the Frankys is sealed. Once again they try with all means to defeat Luffy and his crew, but they do not succeed. To take revenge for Usopp, Luffy and the others destroy the entire Franky House.

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