Luffy vs Zoro

While Zoro stands in the way of the Baroque agents Mister 5 and Miss Valentine to protect Vivi, Luffy suddenly appears. Luffy is furious with Zoro and says he would run such ungrateful people into the ground. Zoro doesn’t understand. However, Luffy tells him that he woke up and found the unconscious inhabitants of the city. He asked a bounty hunter what had happened to them, to which the bounty hunter responded only by mentioning Zoro.

Since Luffy still thinks that only normal, good-natured people live in the city, he now attacks without letting Zoro get a word in edgewise. The swordsman still manages to dodge in time. Luffy smashes the wall of the house with his bare fist in return. Zoro, now also upset, asks if Luffy wants to kill him, which the latter only confirms. The swordsman immediately has to dodge another attack, a kick, which leaves another hole in the wall behind him. He has to dodge more and more attacks.

As they prepare to attack again, Nami ends the fight with a huge punch for both of them.

The Baroque agents want to take advantage of this and run towards the unprotected Vivi. But already the two brawlers reappear in front of them. Zoro kicks the still bullet-ridden Luffy away from him with all his might, catching Mister 5 and Miss Valentine as well, who end up in a wall together with the straw-hatted boy.

The agents are now furious as well, as someone keeps getting in their way. An explosion follows, destroying the entire house. From the cloud of smoke, Miss Valentine, using her devil powers, jumps out to attack Zoro. However, the latter doesn’t care a bit about the attacker, but awaits Luffy to continue the fight with him. At that very moment, the captain comes out of the rubble with a badly battered Mister 5, whom he drags beside him by one hand.

The real fight begins

Zoro tries again to explain to him that the inhabitants are all bounty hunters, but he doesn’t believe him. Zoro ties his headscarf around himself and draws his swords, while next to him Miss Valentine crashes into the ground. The swordsman had taken a step to the side while retying his headscarf.

They start now, Luffy with the gum-gum bazooka and Zoro with the three-sword style demon cut. They clash without either being able to seriously hurt the other and now don’t give an inch. Both now use even more force and are simultaneously slammed into walls of houses by the force of the other.

Both immediately pick themselves up and continue their battle. Meanwhile, Mister 5 and Miss Valentine have also managed to get back up and are attacking again. However, before they can make their move, they are only approached by the combatants not to interfere and are simply knocked out of the way.

Video of the Fight

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