Luffy vs White Berets

The Straw Hats were recovering at Angel Beach when suddenly the White Berets came to them with their leader McKinley.

This one not only framed the Straw Hat Pirates for being illegal immigrants, but also for other weird offenses. For example, they were not allowed to fish or even lie down and sleep on the beach. Usopp told Nami that the matter could be settled with money, but she saw red at 7,000,000 berry and rammed McKinley with the waver, so that he first went down bleeding. Now the White Berets attacked as their leader was finished off by the “invaders”.

The Cloud Police fired their arrows with Milky Dials, causing clouds to form. On these, they could skate towards Luffy and attack him with their knives.

They chased the captain of the Straw Hats along the cloud lanes, but he kept dodging them deftly. Finally, three of them lined up in a row and attacked him together. Luffy, however, grabbed a palm tree and pulled away. In mid-air, he then uses the gum-gum fireworks and defeated them all in one blow.

Only one still tried to attack Luffy with an arrow, but he was summarily defeated by Sanji and Zoro.

Video of the fight

Video of the fight

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