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During a fierce fight between Franky and Luffy, the craftsmen Rob Lucci, Kaku, Peepley Lulu, Paulie and Tilestone arrive at Dock No. 1, the scene of the action. Immediately, they interfere and give Luffy and Franky, who are preparing an attack, each a violent punch in the face. After this surprising intervention, Franky wants to know why they are interfering in his fight. But they immediately turn to Luffy and want to know from him why he made an assassination attempt on Iceburg. Luffy replies that he himself only found out about the assassination that day from the newspaper, but did nothing himself. But Paulie does not believe a word and attacks him immediately.

The fight

Paulie laces Luffy up with his Rope Action! Half Knot! Air Drive to the neck, and as Luffy gasps for air, Paulie slams him into a wreck. Franky starts yelling that it’s his fight and they shouldn’t interfere, but the Galley-Las are already getting into fighting position and drawing their weapons. Peepley Lulu fires his pistols, but Luffy is able to deflect their bullets with ease. While he is distracted, however, Peepley Lulu kicks him. Franky now gets pissed off and fires at the Galley-Las, repeating that it’s his fight. While they dodge, Kaku jumps over him and replies that they don’t have time for him.

Tilestone gives Franky a hard blow in the air with a log, where Kaku hurls him back towards the ground. Now Lucci intervenes and attacks Luffy with quick hand strikes, which he can easily fend off at first, but then he slams him into a wall with a massive blow.

Accusation of the Galley-Las

On this sequence of attacks by the Galley-Las, Luffy demands a reason for this fight. But Paulie wants him to give him a reason. He accuses them of breaking into Iceburg’s mansion and assaulting him. Luffy and Nami are quite shocked at what they are accused of. Franky is astonished when he learns that Iceburg was assassinated. Paulie goes on and says that Iceburg remembers two assassins and one of them was Robin. Franky inquires about Iceburg’s condition. Paulie tells him he’s not dead, for what reason they could attack him again to take him out for good. Luffy yells that they don’t know Robin at all and that he knows she wasn’t one of the assassins, but the Galley-Las don’t believe a word he says. The citizens of Water 7, who are watching this fight, grab Nami so she can’t escape. Paulie is willing to round up the whole gang.

Galley-La fights with all means

Paulie manages to grab Luffy’s arm with a rope and pulls him towards him with it, but Luffy tries to break free of the rope. Paulie asks why he doesn’t fight, to which he replies that he has no reason. Now Tilestone takes out a cannon, Peepley Lulu two saws and Lucci a big saw. Tilestone immediately shoots at Luffy, but he is able to dodge. Lucci immediately jumps after him and attacks him with his saw, which he also manages to dodge. Now Peepley Lulu rushes in with his saws, but the straw hat is also able to escape. Kaku finally throws his chisels at Luffy so that he is pinned to a wall and can’t move anymore, whereupon Tilestone fires his cannon at him and hits him directly.

Franky interferes

The citizens rejoice frenetically, as does Franky. But now he remembers that he wanted revenge on Luffy for attacking the Franky Family and prepares the air cannon. Paulie thinks he’s going to fire a cannon at them, but Franky retorts that it’s not bullets, just air, which is faster than the wind, however. With this attack he destroys the entire fighting area. In the chaos that now ensues, Luffy and Nami manage to escape. This ends the fight.

Video of the fight

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