Luffy Falls! Adventure in the Uncharted Ocean’s Navel

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 1 – In the Navel of the Sea.


The Going Merry is cruising along and Nami scolds Luffy for peeing in the water while fishing. Suddenly something bites and Luffy pulls the line like a wild man, so that the ship lands on a rock. There, the Straw Hat Pirates finds a treasure chest containing a skull with the inscription The treasure that fulfills every dream lies in the navel of the sea.

All of a sudden, a hole opens up in the ocean and Luffy is all over it again….Treasure Hunt. Nami, Usopp and Sanji go down in a barrel and are attacked directly by a giant squid. Luffy messes up again and so he and Zoro fall into the hole along with the ship. The ship lands on the squid, which is then knocked out. Sanji has to rest from the stranglehold of the monster first, so Nami and Usopp, guided by a talking bat, go to the treasure alone.

Luffy and Zoro arrive at a small fishing village and rescue the boy Hamu and the girl Meroie from a giant lobster. Meroie tells Luffy the tragic story of the place. Ten years ago, the pirate Captain Joke and his crew wanted to steal the sacred treasure of God’s Mountain. They devastated the entire place and only Hamu’s mother stood up to the pirates. No one knows what happened to Captain Joke. Since that time, giant demons of the gods roam the fishing village and the inhabitants live in fear. Hamu has therefore sworn revenge against all the pirates.

Luffy and Zoro want to go to the mountain of the gods to have a look. But then the giant lobster shows up again. Zoro takes on the Giant Lobster, but has a hard time as he only finds old rusty katanas as weapons. Eventually, he is able to defeat him with the help of Sanji.

Luffy, meanwhile, fights the last of the three god monsters, a giant urchin, in the Gods’ Mountain Maze, from which Nami and Usopp also flee. Little Hamu has secretly followed Luffy and is also harassed by the urchin. But Luffy is able to stop the urchin with his rubber body and break off all the urchin spines.

But that is not the end of the disaster. Captain Joke’s crew had betrayed him and scattered his bones. However, due to the death of the god creatures, Captain Joke’s bones are reunited. Captain Joke’s spirit lives in his bones again and he wants to get the treasure. Eventually, only Hamu can stand in his way. Luffy is exhausted from the fight with the urchin. Nami and Usopp are temporarily knocked out by Captain Joke’s machine gun.

Hamu speaks of his mother in the presence of the treasure, and that he is not facing Captain Joke alone as she did, but has friends with whose help he can defeat Captain Joke. As a result, the negative red energy of the god treasure turns into a bright blue light, blinding Captain Joke. Luffy, Nami, and Usopp are able to restrain Captain Joke, and Hamu defeats him with an ancient katana. The god treasure is then silenced.

The villagers live happily again and the Straw Hat Pirates sets additional sails that send the Going Merry flying out of the Navel of the Ocean. But the treasure of the gods now shines again with its negative red energy.

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