Lucky Roux of One Piece

Lucky Roux is a sergeant in Red Shanks’ pirate gang.


Sketches by Lou

Lucky Roux is a rotund man with rather short legs. While he is still a head shorter than Shanks in his first appearance, he is one of the tallest members of the gang in Marine Ford. His hair, if he has any, is covered by a green and white striped bandana. The same pattern is also found on his shirt. He wears light brown knee-length pants and red shoes, and has blue cloth tied around his stomach. In his second appearance, he wears an orange coat with a white fur collar and red pads around his shoulders.


Lou seems to be a cheerful person who enjoys life. So he always has a smile on his face. Like the rest of the pirate gang, he likes to have fun at parties. The cohesion of his pirate gang is very important to him and he always makes sure to get along well. He is also quite gluttonous, and is almost always seen with a piece of meat in his hand. He is also said to be quite a heavy drinker.

However, Lou’s cheerful nature can very quickly turn into the opposite. Should the life of a friend be in danger, he is not afraid to stand by him. He seems to be merciless, as he shot a mountain robber who threatened his captain without warning.

Skills & Strength

Since he is a high-ranking member in the pirate gang of Emperor Shanks, it can be assumed that he has some strength.

He uses a pistol in combat, as does his colleague Yasopp. He also seems to be quite fast, despite his obvious excess weight, as he stood next to a mountain bandit and shot him in an instant. Earlier, he managed to infiltrate a World Government ship and steal the Gomu Gomu no Fruit. The fruit was guarded by the CP9 agent Who’s Who, among others.

Brannew also reported that while Shanks had the lowest bounty of the emperors at 4,048,900,000 berry, the bounties of his most loyal subordinates, which also listed Lucky Roux, were all very high, and that the redhead pirate gang was perhaps the most dangerous due to its balanced members. All the members have made a great name for themselves.


Shanks’ Pirates in Foosha Village

Lou shoots down a mountain robber to protect Shanks

Lucky Roux is originally from the Southblue. He was one of the earliest members of Shanks’ pirate gang. 13 years ago, he managed to steal the gum-gum fruit from a World Government ship.

In Foosha Village, he partied with the rest of the pirate gang, drinking an entire barrel by himself. When young Luffy ate the gang’s treasure, the gum-gum fruit, in an unguarded moment, Lucky Roux noticed that the devil fruit was no longer in her chest and asked Luffy in horror if he had eaten it. After Luffy was kidnapped by the Mountain Bandit gang and Shanks sought them out with his gang, a bandit pointed his gun at Shanks for approaching the group without permission. But before he could pull the trigger, Lucky Roux was standing next to him and shot him in the head.

When they left, the redhead gave him his straw hat as a token of their friendship. The whole crew agreed: Luffy would become a great pirate one day.


Luffy’s first bounty

After Luffy defeated Arlong, Hawkeye delivered Luffy’s wanted poster to Shanks, after which Lucky Roux asked what was going on. Afterwards, Luffy’s first bounty was celebrated.

Message to Whitebeard

When Rockstar Shanks informed Mushi via a The Den that the message he was supposed to bring Whitebeard had been torn up by the latter, Lou asked what they should do. Over Shanks’ reply that it was time for a fight and they should get their best rum, he cheered along with his gang members.

The meeting of the emperors

A short time later, the two emperors met, which the world government wanted to prevent. However, Shanks did not come to fight, but to ask Whitebeard to stop Ace. Whitebeard then became enraged, and the battle of the emperors began. Lou was also present on the Red Force during the fight along with Shanks’ gang.

Appearance on Marine Ford

Shanks’ gang in Marine Ford

While Whitebeard and his gang went to Marine Ford to rescue their commander Portgas D. Ace, Kaidou, another of the Four Emperors wanted to attack him, but Shanks’ gang, thus including Lucky Roux, went to fight Kaidou as support for the strongest pirate in the world, so that Whitebeard could fully concentrate on the battle with the Navy.
After Whitebeard’s death, Lucky Roux showed up at Marine Ford with the rest of the gang to end the war, which they succeeded in doing. He asked Shanks if he would like to meet Luffy, since he hadn’t seen him in ten years.

After the battle, Shanks took the bodies of the two pirates and placed them with his gang, the Whitebeard pirates, and other pirates on an unknown island.


Lucky Roux in Romance Dawn
  • His name is strongly reminiscent of the Western comic book hero Lucky Luke, whose weapon is also a gun. (see information on Lucky Luke’s naming).
  • Lucky Roux has pirate predecessors in both prequels to One Piece who look like him, unknown by name.
  • His favorite dish is chicken legs.

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