Lord of the Coast of One Piece

The Stinkfish is a very small sea king that lives alone off the coast of Foosha Village, but is extremely dangerous despite its small size.


The body of the stinkfish is completely dark green. It has deep red eyes and huge, sharp teeth. It also has a very long neck, on which sits an elongated dorsal fin.


about twelve years ago, Luffy was kidnapped by Grizzly. He took Luffy out to sea and then threw him into the sea. Then suddenly the Stinkfish appeared and smashed Grizzly’s little boat, killing him. Now he turned to Luffy and wanted to eat him, but there came Shanks, who saved Luffy from drowning, but lost his left arm because of the Sea King.

He shooed him away with a sharp look, whereupon the stink-fish trembled with fear. Shanks now felt that he had sacrificed his arm for a new era.


Luffy’s gum-gum gun, which he trained for ten years.

After ten years of training, Luffy was finally about to set out on his pirate voyage and left the Foosha Village. Shortly after he cast off and was out on the open sea, he was attacked with his mouth open by the Stink Fish. But Luffy made short work of it and unceremoniously knocked him out with the gum-gum gun.


  • In the original, his name is “Lord of the Coastal Waters.”

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