Long Ring Long Land Arc

After the events on the Sky Islands, the Straw Hat Pirates lands back on the Grand Line. On the way to the next island they meet a ship that has neither sails nor a flag. On board are several pirates, who, however, steer completely uncoordinated into a huge wave. Arriving on the island, the gang discovers many elongated animals. Furthermore, they meet Tonjit, an older man who lives as a nomad on the island. However, after a short ride, his horse Shelly is shot by Foxy, the captain of the Foxy Pirates. The latter promptly challenges Luffy to a Davy Back Fight. A game in which two rival pirate gangs battle it out for their mates. Suddenly, it’s also clear what happened to the pirates who were traveling the sea without sails. Luffy accepts the challenge in a rage.

There are now exactly three games being played. Foxy is able to win the Donut Race and chooses Chopper as the new member of his gang. However, since Chopper would have to play in the next match, Zoro and Sanji are outnumbered and have to fight the cheating Foxy pirates in the second round, the knockout wrestling match. Despite some skirmishes between Sanji and Zoro, the two are eventually able to win the wrestling match, bringing Chopper back to their team. The final round pits Luffy against Foxy. On the Foxy pirates’ ship, a duel ensues, which Luffy, despite some nasty tricks, is able to win. After defeating the Foxy pirates, Luffy chooses the flag as his trophy, but since he doesn’t want the Foxy pirates to travel without a sail, he paints over their Jolly Roger. Before Foxy leaves for good, he vows revenge on Luffy for destroying his perfect winning streak in the Davy Back Fight.

After the Davy Back Fight, the Straw Hats encounter Admiral Aokiji, who initially only wanted to check on Nico Robin, but then gets orders from Marine HQ to take out the gang. After a brief struggle, the latter manages to freeze Robin. Luffy realizes that he and his gang don’t stand a chance against him, so he challenges him to a duel so that only he takes damage. The fight is short-lived, however, and Luffy ends up frozen as well. However, Aokiji saves Luffy, saying that he and the entire navy owe Luffy this after he took out the former samurai Crocodile. Despite difficulties, Chopper manages to unfreeze Robin and Luffy so that they do not succumb to their injuries. After the gang recovers, they make their way to the next island.

Differences between manga and anime

  • In the anime, the Straw Hat Pirates faces off against the Foxy Pirates in not one, but two Davy Back Fights.
  • The encounter with Admiral Aokiji takes place later in the anime and not on Long Ring Long Land.
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